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The ehrCentral Web Site Quick Guide

This web site is a dynamic and comprehensive Electronic Health Records information resource for healthcare providers striving to achieve superior quality patient care and maximum business profitability by using technology tools and applying process improvement techniques. The intent of the site is also to promote and facilitate the successful EHR journey of healthcare providers.

EHR Subject Matter Content

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Electronic Health Records Overview
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including Case Studies, Implementation, Introductory, Online Books, Reports, and Primary Sources
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Electronic Health Records Transformation
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Electronic Health Records News and Views
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Electronic Health Records Events
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Source of Articles

Among the purposes of this web site are to share information about Electronic Health Records (EHR) with others and to promote/facilitate the movement of healthcare providers to an EHR environment. Articles on this site were obtained from other internet sites where they were available to the public for free. Rather than provide the hyperlink to an article, the articles were converted intact and with no alterations to Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format to avoid the problems that occur when web sites remove articles from their sites or change their location on the site. The source of an article on this web site is included in its content. Please frequently visit the referenced web sites to explore other terrific information that may be of interest to you.


The design of this web site is based on an FP World™ template.


All links on this site are for information purposes only and do not constitute any endorsements.

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