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Knowledge Management News & Views Archive
October 2002 - March 2003
(in reverse chronological order)

March 2003

SiteScape Provides San Diego with Citywide Collaboration Platform
SiteScape, a Web-based enterprise collaboration platform provider, has announced an agreement with the city of San Diego to install SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.0 collaboration software for 4,000 municipal employees of San Diego.
(March 28, 2003) <Back to top>
KM with a nice ring to it
PensEra Knowledge Technologies and iHello have combined technologies to develop the iHello-PensEra Gateway, the companies say, which allows attorneys to record billable hours and instantly leverage key information and insights about their cases, clients and practice by calling from any telephone.
(March 26, 2003) <Back to top>
Enterprise portals: Navigating the Seven C’s
Talk to any information technology, corporate communications, or eBusiness executive about their technology and marketing priorities, and you’ll likely hear an earful about enterprise portals. You’ll discover how these decision makers are building a portal for their company or how they wish they knew where to start.
(March 26, 2003) <Back to top>
North America's Leading Knowledge Enterprises
The finalists in the 2003 North American Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study, conducted by Teleos in association with The KNOW Network, have been announced. A total of 49 organizations - founded and headquartered in North America - have been recognized.
(March 26, 2003) <Back to top>
European Innovation Trends
The European Commission has published its 2002 trend chart report on innovation, which assesses Member States' progress towards the objectives set out in the EU's 2000 communication on innovation.
(March 26, 2003) <Back to top>
European Guide to KM Good Practice
In September 2002, the CEN/ISSS launched its first Workshop on Knowledge Management project. The workshop focus is on advancing KM by identifying and describing those practices and conditions which enable small -and medium-sized enterprises to leverage knowledge effectively.
(March 25, 2003) <Back to top>
An Enterprise Portal Strategy
Network Associates moves on a portal plan for customers, channel partners and employees; a look into the design and development phase.
(March 21, 2003) <Back to top>
Out-of-the-box collaboration
Intraspect has introduced a number of collaboration suites designed to be implemented faster and at a lower price, providing a much stronger return on investment and higher user adoption, than generic solutions. Incorporating best practices from more than 400 implementations with 200 customers, the solutions solution packages target high tech, financial services and project delivery/program management.
(March 19, 2003) <Back to top>
Next in line, please
Knexa has released SuiteResponse Advisor 2.1, a J2EE knowledge portal solution designed for the knowledge and information needs of customer- or citizen-service activity whether in a contact center setting or in a decentralized customer service organization.
(March 19, 2003) <Back to top>
Plumtree Releases Portal Market Research
Plumtree Software has released as a white paper the results of its fourth annual survey of the corporate portal market. The paper synthesizes the results of Plumtree's 2003 customer survey with major financial and industry analyst reports on the portal market, including data on market-size, market-share and the technologies most commonly co-deployed with portals.
(March 18, 2003) <Back to top>
Collaboration - Putting Document Management to Work
Interwoven, Inc. one of the key players in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has allied itself with iManage, a provider of collaborative content management software (iManage Worksite), to deliver a fully integrated, collaborative document management solution for the enterprise.
(March 17, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge managing
The technology to make KM work is available — now is the time to reconsider old implementation hurdles and reap the benefits of knowledge sharing.
(March 14, 2003) <Back to top>
Defining KM
It’s far more than just an application suite — a systemic view is crucial for knowledge management success.
(March 14, 2003) <Back to top>
Technical trends bode well for KM
Making knowledge more available gets easier with Weblogs, improved information sorting, better user connections.
(March 14, 2003) <Back to top>
Educational Advantage
E-learning helps companies capture the knowledge of retiring employees and gain competitive edge.
(March 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Software Combines Best Of Both Worlds
A new generation of tools is linking collaboration with knowledge management.
(March 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Navy gateway fosters career chats, learning
The new Navy Knowledge Online portal, at www.nko.navy.mil, em-phasizes career learning and collaboration skills.
(March 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Online Communities Trends
Jim Cashel of The Online Community Report, a free twice-monthly newsletter covering news and best practices in online collaboration, has some interesting comments about online communities.
(March 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge Management: Now More Than Ever
"Successful knowledge management treats knowledge as a resource by exercising selectivity, imposing order on information resources, adding structure to information to increase its value, and proactively capturing information that might be useful in the future." While some may quibble with the exact articulation of this definition of KM drawn from PriceWaterhouseCoopers "Technology Forecast: 2002-2004," it stands as a concise statement of what business and IT leaders in public and private concerns will need as we head into a challenging era of massive, constant, and pervasive data collection and outflow.
(March 7, 2003) <Back to top>
White Paper on Managing Knowledge in Pharmaceutical R&D
Biopharmaceutical companies are missing a significant opportunity to improve research performance through better knowledge management, according to a recently released white paper - Knowledge Management in Pharmaceutical R&D.
(March 7, 2003) <Back to top>
On roadmaps and pathways
Primus Knowledge Solutions now offers a program said to provide its customers with professional services support and a roadmap for implementing a successful knowledge management initiative.
(March 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Bullish about business-critical information
Financial management company Merrill Lynch is using a solution from The Relegence Corp. to access and manage crucial business information and news sources in real time. The company has deployed Relegence's FirstTrack and KnowledgeHub technologies in its institutional equity sales and trading group in New York and London.
(March 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Content Management Fails to Deliver
Jupiter Research has found that a majority of companies have overspent on content management platforms, and the tools in those platforms are under-deployed. Over 61% of the surveyed companies said that they still rely on manual processes to update their Web sites.
(March 4, 2003) <Back to top>
Wisdom from KM's Braintrust
Knowledge retention, harnessing customer bases for innovative inputs, industry benchmarking, communities of innovation and intra-organisational communication are key knowledge management requisites for 21st century organisations, according to leading KM practitioners who gathered recently in San Francisco for the Annual Knowledge Management World Summit hosted by the Institute for International Research.
(March 3, 2003) <Back to top>
Growing a Practical KM System
KM is less daunting when you start with organizing, locating and reusing actionable information.
(March 3, 2003) <Back to top>
Leveraging Pharmaceutical Knowledge
How can the pharmaceutical industry leverage knowledge to reconfigure the pharmaceutical value chain and more effectively harness the fruits of research and development? Can they become "knowledge factories?" How can a company innovate faster than its competition?
(March 3, 2003) <Back to top>
Process-Based Knowledge Mapping
A practical approach to prioritizing knowledge in terms of its relevance to a business or KM objective.
(March 3, 2003) <Back to top>
Down by the bayou
The state of Louisiana is implementing a portal solution to streamline access to information for its employees. MySAP Enterprise Portal from SAP is being rolled out initially to 45,000 workers. The portal is powered by SAP NetWeaver, an application platform designed to integrate people, information and business processes.
(March 3, 2003) <Back to top>
O&M India Launches Ogyani Portal
In a move aimed at creating a more effective process of knowledge assimilation and dissemination within the advertising agency, Ogilvy &Mather India has launched its knowledge portal - Ogyani - across all its divisions and offices in the country. The portal, which will function as a knowledge exchange space for the agency's employees, is a product of Ogilvy Discovery, the knowledge management cell constituted under the agency's 'Project Columbus' program.
(March 2, 2003) <Back to top>
Drucker on IT and KM
The famed business theorist Peter Drucker, now 93, had some interesting things to say about IT and KM at a recent Delphi Group conference held in San Diego. California.
(March 1, 2003) <Back to top>


February 2003

Premier 100: Managing knowledge at Wachovia
Four years ago, it was a traditional company with silos of people, processes, content and technology. Employees' talents and information weren't universally accessible; best practices weren't shared across business units; information was difficult to find; the corporate intranet was a hodgepodge of more than 1,200 Web sites; and information-sharing wasn't a cultural value. That's when the financial services company began to systematically build an increasingly sophisticated knowledge management process.
(February 26, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge Management: A Custom Affair
For pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, knowledge management can be a term difficult to define. Nevertheless, given the vast amounts of knowledge within life sciences organizations, in the form of raw data and human expertise, knowledge capture, organization, and dissemination is crucial to drug development.
(February 26, 2003) <Back to top>
An enterprising offering
AskMe has unveiled AskMe Enterprise 6.7, which is said to incorporates best practices garnered from customer to enable what it calls employee knowledge networks (EKNs).
(February 26, 2003) <Back to top>
Extraordinarily suite
Hyperwave has announced its new eConferencing Suite, which is said to combine a full-featured conferencing module for direct and synchronous Internet-based communication with additional collaboration and knowledge management functionality.
(February 26, 2003) <Back to top>
100 Companies that Matter in KM
KMWorld magazine has released its 2003 list of the 100 companies that matter in KM. The list was conceived as a way to identify some of the organizations leading the way in the knowledge economy.
(February 25, 2003) <Back to top>
Collaboration, confidently
Tacit has launched a significant new initiative with the release of ActiveNet, which is said to be a new enterprise software solution that proactively drives interactions between users across large, complex or information-intensive enterprises.
(February 24, 2003) <Back to top>
Making room for ECM
Just 90 days after the formal acquisition, Documentum has released eRoom Enterprise, which integrates eRoom’s collaboration product with Documentum’s full-featured enterprise content management platform.
(February 24, 2003) <Back to top>
US Navy Activates Knowledge Online Portal
The US Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), the Naval Education and Training Command's enterprise-scaled knowledge portal, is now generally available.
(February 20, 2003) <Back to top>
KM Project Failure
The US State Department has decided to end its knowledge management pilot project, which according to the department’s Inspector General had been poorly planned and implemented.
(February 20, 2003) <Back to top>
New KM Degree Programs
The University of Melbourne has introduced a Masters of Knowledge Management course to its 2003 curriculum. A graduate course and post-graduate diploma are also available, in addition to research-based masters and PhD programs, and commercial short courses.
(February 20, 2003) <Back to top>
Answerthink Introduces Business Process Intelligence Solution
Answerthink has announced the introduction of a new Business Process Intelligence approach and tools designed to dramatically enhance business performance and return on investment (ROI) from enterprise-wide technology solutions such as portals, data warehouses and knowledge management systems.
(February 19, 2003) <Back to top>
European KM Market
IDC has released a study which examines Western European knowledge management (KM) markets, both from a technology and a service point of view.
(February 19, 2003) <Back to top>
KM software for KM students
Malaspina University College in Nanaimo, British Columbia, is deploying knowledge exchange software to international students during the knowledge management component of their MBA degree. The college's new MBA degree programs are offered in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire.
(February 19, 2003) <Back to top>
Getting smart about business intelligence
The BI premise is simple. Enterprises are inundated with data about their businesses from multiple sources, and need tools to gain more insight and control over complex business operations.
(February 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Going pro
Kamoon is now offering an extended set of professional services for the development, implementation and integration of knowledge management strategies. The company reports that Kamoon Professional Services provides a series of tools, skills and techniques that goes beyond building a collaborative infrastructure and drives expertise sharing and management.
(February 12, 2003) <Back to top>
Growing with Knowledge Management
While the concept of knowledge management (KM) has been around since the early nineties, its acceptance as a tool to solve specific business issues has only recently been recognized. However, to many organizations, implementing a knowledge management strategy can initially appear to be a daunting and overwhelming task.
(February 11, 2003) <Back to top>
How Siemens Keeps KM Blooming
While Knowledge Management (KM) programs may seemingly sprout up out of cracks in the sidewalk, they are in fact tender plants that require cultivation, care and feeding. Siemens, the huge German conglomerate with 426,000 employees in 190 countries, knows this and nurtures its KM with hands-on management and constant tweaking.
(February 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Document Management ROI-Positive
83 percent of adopters have recouped investment, says Nucleus Research study; numerous direct and indirect benefits.
(February 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Tag—the portal’s it
Interwoven's MetaTagger 3.5 platform is the latest version of what it refers to as its “content intelligence” software. The offering is said to enhance the effectiveness of enterprise portals by providing targeted, relevant content to the right audience enterprisewide.
(February 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Putting the law in their own hands
A new York-based law firm is using portal technology to organize and maintain the large volume of information used in its practice. Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy has implemented a knowledge management solution from LexisNexis geared specifically for law firms. The tool gives Milbank attorneys and legal professionals one location to access the Milbank Research Portal, the Internet, and the firm's intranet, documents, memos and precedence database. Those resources can be searched at the same time through the portal's one-search capability. The portal is powered by Plumtree Software.
(February 5, 2003) <Back to top>
CA Pushes Deeper Into Business-Intelligence Portals
Looking to extend its reach into business-intelligence portals, Computer Associates is releasing a new version of its CleverPath business-intelligence, data-management, and portal software suite. The new software will expand the number of ways users can access and act on information.
(February 4, 2003) <Back to top>
BrainEKP Awarded Call Center Magazine’s Top Honor For Outstanding Knowledge Management Solution
TheBrain Technologies Corporation, a provider of comprehensive knowledge applications, today announced that BrainEKP for Customer Care has been named Product of the Year for Knowledge Management and Test Drive of the Year by Call Center Magazine.
(February 4, 2003) <Back to top>
In Pharma, KM Navigates the ''Perfect Storm''
The strong demand for robust knowledge management solutions in the pharmaceutical industry is due to a convergence of factors, a "Perfect Storm" of sorts, which is driving companies to get a grip on information and improve processes in order to survive.
(February 3, 2003) <Back to top>


January 2003

Open Text Offers Team Collaboration Suite
Open Text will offer its popular online meeting tool and a team collaboration application as a single package to support effective virtual teaming.
(January 30, 2003) <Back to top>
Building a body of knowledge
Who needs to manage knowledge? Certainly the Institute for Knowledge Management should practice what it preaches. Associated with The George Washington University, the Institute decided to implement software that would enable local and remote faculty and students to centralize knowledge, as well as provide a hands-on approach to knowledge management.
(January 29, 2003) <Back to top>
New Legal KM Study Project
The Legal Technology Institute at the University of Florida Levin College of Law has released a study prospectus, Knowledge Management: An In-depth Look into the Current Use and Future Trends of KM in the Legal Profession and an associated study questionnaire.
(January 29, 2003) <Back to top>
One for the road
Primus Knowledge Systems has launched its Remote Access solution, which provides field service representatives with the ability to download solutions for use when not connected.
(January 29, 2003) <Back to top>
Documents, dramatically
Correlate, the developer of visual document management solutions for team-based collaboration, has announced K-Map Solutions, designed to manage the documentation needs for regulatory compliance and project documentation.
(January 27, 2003) <Back to top>
2003 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Nominations
As of January 24, 2003, the following organizations have been nominated as 2003 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises...
(January 25, 2003) <Back to top>
IBM Named Digital Content Management Company of the Year
IBM has been named the Digital Content Management Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. IBM was recognized for its comprehensive portfolio, technology leadership and commitment to open standards.
(January 23, 2003) <Back to top>
US KM Deployment
MRG and Fuji-Keizai USA have issued a new report which uses the case study approach and looks at how and why a selected group of US companies in major industries, such as automotive, chemical, communication, construction, electronics, energy, financial, food, IT and pharmaceutical, have recently deployed knowledge management IT projects.
(January 22, 2003) <Back to top>
Toyota Named Japan's Leading Knowledge Company
The winners of the 3rd Annual Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) in Japan study, conducted by the Knowledge Management Society of Japan (KMSJ) in association with Teleos and The KNOW Network, are...
(January 20, 2003) <Back to top>
A meeting going on
SiteScape has introduced Forum eMeeting, a real-time, Web conferencing add-on to SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.0. The company reports the combination creates an integrated collaboration environment that enables users to host real-time meetings directly within the context of their enterprise collaboration environment and seamlessly capture all meeting information for further collaboration.
(January 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Healthy concern for content
To help meet accreditation mandates, a large integrated healthcare system in Nevada has implemented Stellent Content Management. Washoe Health System will use the software to comply with requirements of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), as well as to reduce costs and improve productivity.
(January 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Business Intelligence Trends in 2002-3
As this is my first contribution to these columns for more than a year, I thought I would start the New Year with my observations as to a couple of trends that have emerged during 2002, and which I expect to have an increasing impact this year. The first area that I want to consider is Business Intelligence.
(January 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Business-intelligence tools have a new mission: evaluating all aspects of a company's business
With this year's economic outlook still shaky, executives are increasingly turning their analyses inward--and they want business-intelligence tools to help them and their employees scrutinize business processes to cut costs and operate more efficiently.
(January 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Warehouse Worries
Data warehouses are still high-risk projects. Twenty percent of the companies surveyed by the Cutter Consortium, an IT consulting and market-analysis firm, say their data warehouses contribute no value, and only 15% call them a complete success.
(January 13, 2003) <Back to top>
The importance of a portal strategy
Companies are increasingly turning to portals to exploit internal information and increase productivity, and they are taking up an increasing share of software expenditure.
(January 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge Transfer: Manufacturing Case Study
A Purdue University professor who started out doing a research project on instituting flow manufacturing, has ended up confronting issues of how companies change essential processes and transfer important knowledge within their organizations.
(January 8, 2003) <Back to top>
C3i, Inc. Selects ServiceWare To Provide KM Capabilities For Major Pharmaceutical Clients
ServiceWare Technologies, Inc., a provider of Web-based Knowledge Management solutions for customer service and support, today announced that C3i has selected ServiceWare’s eService Suite solution to knowledge-enable its help desk services for major pharmaceutical clients.
(January 7, 2003) <Back to top>
KM and Asian Cultures
With only a few exceptions such as Nonaka, Takeuchi and Choo, many of the world's leading KM gurus are from the West -- Prusak and Davenport (US), Sveiby and Edvisson (Sweden), Snowden (UK) and Saint-Onge (Canada). While there are research institutes in non-Western countries researching KM, such as Nomura Research Institute (Japan) and Singapore Institute of Management (Singapore), those KM research institutes assuming the highest profile internationally are headquartered in western countries.
(January 5, 2003) <Back to top>

December 2002

Know-how emerges as asset
A small but growing number of foundations and nonprofits are trying to figure out how to make better use of what they know. Faced with increasingly complex social problems and a decline in traditional sources of support, philanthropies and charities are looking for ways to collect, sort, use and share knowledge – an emerging field known as “knowledge management.”
(December 30, 2002) <Back to top>
State’s troubled knowledge management program scuttled
The State Department has decided to end its knowledge management pilot, which the department planned and implemented poorly, the department’s inspector general said.
(December 30, 2002) <Back to top>
Entopia Creates Government Solutions Business
Entopia has established Entopia Government Solutions LLC in response to demand for its KM software and services in the government sector.
(December 25, 2002) <Back to top>
When Content and Knowledge Management Collide
A blend of content management systems and knowledge management tactics may provide just the combination a company needs. By examining the following points of overlap between content management and knowledge management, companies can leverage that overlap to boost immediate ROI.
(December 24, 2002) <Back to top>
Workplace Environment Hinders Knowledge Sharing
US-based Steelcase has released the findings of its latest Workplace Index Survey. The study offers insights into how the physical work environment impacts worker productivity and the ability to share knowledge throughout organizations.
(December 23, 2002) <Back to top>
Bayer Diagnostics uses IsaiX for e-learning
When Bayer Diagnostics needed a way for its employees to share information and build skills, they turned to Montreal-based IsaiX Technologies, for a solution. IsaiX specializes in e-Learning and CRM tools for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Increasingly, companies and organizations are using collaboration tools such as e-Learning to boost productivity and innovation.
(December 17, 2002) <Back to top>
They can manage
iManage has announced new partners to its iDevelop program, which brings together companies that have developed software applications that integrate with iManage WorkSite. The company also introduced a new Solutions Catalog listing more than 60 products now available to extend the capabilities of WorkSite. The comprehensive, integrated iManage WorkSite suite delivers document management, collaboration, workflow and knowledge management accessible through an integrated portal in a single integrated Internet solution.
(December 17, 2002) <Back to top>
Visualization and collaboration
Developed for the A/E/C, engineering, manufacturing and electronics markets, AutoVue 17 from Cimmetry allows multiple users to hold synchronous collaborative review sessions on virtually any document over an intranet, extranet or the Internet. AutoVue provides meeting control, co-viewing of a document, co-markup and built-in chat functionality.
(December 11, 2002) <Back to top>
From unstructured data, BI flows
Extracting competitive and business intelligence from vast and varied data repositories is crucial to Eastman Chemical, so it has turned to software from ClearForest for help managing its unstructured data.
(December 11, 2002) <Back to top>
Pocket KM
ServiceWare has introduced its Field Service software, which is designed for remote personnel looking to access customer service and knowledge using ServiceWare's offline application and/or a wireless device.
(December 11, 2002) <Back to top>
Your Say: KM in the healthcare industry
Healthcare provision is a knowledge-intensive business, and the consequences of an organization failing to make best use of the knowledge assets at its disposal can be severe. Simon Lelic talks to representatives from the American Heart Association, Cilip, Fujitsu Services, Jenny Stephany Associates and the NHS, and gauges the impact of knowledge management in the healthcare industry so far.
(December 9, 2002) <Back to top>
Sharing knowledge through collaboration tools
Miami-based Ryder System Inc. is a $5 billion transportation, logistics and supply chain management company with 30,000 employees on four continents. Three years ago, it began using collaboration tools as part of its corporate knowledge management program.
(December 9, 2002) <Back to top>
Corporate Innovation Index
The Conference Board of Canada's new Index of Corporate Innovation (ICI) gives Canadian companies an instrument to measure their capacity to turn knowledge into new products, processes and services.
(December 2, 2002) <Back to top>
Primus time
Primus Knowledge Solutions has introduced Answer Engine Version 3.0, which is claimed to be a scalable and easy-to-deploy solution with new capabilities for answering customer questions in Web self-service and assisted service environments.
(December 2, 2002) <Back to top>


November 2002

Teamwork Back in Today's Workplace
The 'do-it-yourself' era is over and teamwork is back in today's workplace, according to a recent survey of office workers conducted by the Xerox Corporation and Harris Interactive.
(November 29, 2002) <Back to top>
Baldwin Shelston Waters Manages Content
Baldwin Shelston Waters, a leading intellectual property law firm with offices in Australia and New Zealand, has deployed iManage WorkSite™ to link its professional staff and clients firm-wide.
(November 29, 2002) <Back to top>
Entopia Unveils Knowledge Builder Software
Entopia has unveiled the Entopia Knowledge Builder which enables users to migrate e-content to the knowledge base. The Knowledge Builder is a taxonomy discovery and content classification tool designed to facilitate collaboration and improve the location of expertise, documents and sources of existing enterprise legacy content.
(November 27, 2002) <Back to top>
Wipro recognized for global leadership in corporate-wide knowledge management
Wipro Technologies has received Information Today's KMWorld - KM Reality Award validating Wipro's leadership in Knowledge Management. This award recognizes Wipro Technologies' efforts in building and maintaining a successful corporate-wide knowledge management program. The award was presented at a recent ceremony, KMWorld and Intranets 2002, in Santa Clara.
(November 18, 2002) <Back to top>
Open Text launches Livelink for Clinicals
Open Text provider of Livelink, collaboration and knowledge management software for the global enterprise, has introduced Livelink for Clinicals, a solution for managing information and reports during the clinical trials phase of the drug approval process.
(November 18, 2002) <Back to top>
Knowledge Worker Investment Paradox
Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm, has released findings from its study The Knowledge Worker Investment Paradox.
(November 16, 2002) <Back to top>
Discovering expertise--digitally
Capturing memories through images is something that Eastman Kodak has specialized in. Now the company is counting on software from Tacit to help it capture expertise.
(November 13, 2002)
<Back to top>
Building knowledge
Entopia has released its new Knowledge Builder software, which the company says is designed to to enable users to easily migrate electronic content to the knowledgebase. Entopia describes Knowledge Builder as a taxonomy discovery and content classification tool that further facilitates collaboration and improves the location of expertise, documents and sources of existing enterprise legacy content.
(November 13, 2002)
<Back to top>
Human Capital ROI Study
A new study released by Deloitte & Touche reveals that effective human capital practices can create up to 43% greater market value between like companies. Human Capital ROI Study: Creating Shareholder Value Through People examined how human capital practices contribute to shareholder value in more than 200 US and Canadian organizations.
(November 12, 2002) <Back to top>
Tentative First Steps Into Knowledge Management For Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co. is making its first foray into knowledge management, but it's doing so carefully. The maker of digital-imaging technology and services is embarking on a 400-person pilot deployment of Tacit Knowledge Systems Inc.'s KnowledgeMail software to encourage better information sharing between engineering teams. The goal is to avoid duplicating problem-solving efforts.
(November 11, 2002) <Back to top>
KM Scouts Audi's Competition
Audi, which attaches enough importance to KM to have created the job of Knowledge Manager, will be using Open Text to power its Market Research and Competitor Knowledge Base (MARCO) as well as on internally-facing projects.
(November 10, 2002) <Back to top>
Open Text Introduces New KM Tools For Large Organizations
Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink, a collaboration and knowledge management software, has introduced solutions for Livelink that are designed to allow users to evaluate the quality of knowledge across a large enterprise, improve the precision of search results, and provide integrated expert identification.
(November 8, 2002)
<Back to top>
Content, collaboratively
iManage has released WorkSite MP 3.0, the latest version of its collaborative content management suite. The company says the new software WorkSite MP 3.0 enables centralized, secure management of all content and interactions to increase efficiency, productivity and business growth while aiding corporate accountability.
(November 6, 2002)
<Back to top>
Content management gets collaboration features
Dow Corning Corp. installed its content management system in 1996, using the software to manage everything from project documentation to material safety data sheets to technical reports. It also used the Documentum-supplied system for some light collaboration, such as document sharing, within the company.
(November 4, 2002) <Back to top>
Investing in market intelligence
To raise the most capital from its historical data, the London Stock Exchange is investing in new data warehouse technology. It's deploying a Teradata real-time data warehouse as part of its plan to enhance the financial market intelligence services it delivers. The solution will be deployed for the Exchange by Accenture, its system integration partner.
(November 4, 2002)
<Back to top>
Visualize knowledge in context
With new features such as advanced e-mail integration and instant authoring for one-step knowledge contribution, BrainEKP 3.0 is available immediately from TheBrain.
(November 4, 2002)
<Back to top>
The verdict: KM
PensEra Knowledge Technologies introduces the Knowledge Funnel for its TimeKM system, which is an offering for the legal profession that combines knowledge and time tracking in one process. It is said to be the only KM system for professionals designed to gather knowledge and insights from “non-document” daily work activities, such as conversations, meetings, e-mail and time recording.
(November 4, 2002)
<Back to top>
KM Certification Board Elects New Chair
Harry Tobin, KMCB Chairman since mid 2000, announced his resignation today and Jack Merklein, Director of Knowledge & Learning for Xerox Global Services was unanimously elected to replace him. “My new role as Chairman is to continue the KMCB legacy established in 2002 under Harry,” says Merklein, who is also a Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) and KM Instructor. The KMCB resolved to “follow as closely as possible both the NOCA and ISO Standards for Certification Programs in the near term, transitioning, when feasible, to complete compliance over the longer term, as those bodies complete their specifications work.”
(November 1, 2002)
<Back to top>
Navigating Peaks, Troughs and Slopes - An update on KM adoption from the Gartner Asia-Pacific Summit
KM practices and technologies, like other paradigms and fads, go through successive phases before they mature. They tend to be sparked off by a technology trigger, reach a peak of inflated expectations, then hit a trough of disillusionment.
(November 1, 2002) <Back to top>
Advancing in intellectual property
Many organizations claim that people are their biggest asset. The human potential is great because of the mind and what it can do. Inventing and innovating are some of the activities that take place.
(November 1, 2002)
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October 2002

PeerView introduces PubSTART Web suite
PeerView, a life sciences/IT company, has launched the PubSTRAT Web Suite, a group of Web-based workflow, team collaboration, and decision-support tools. According to PeerView, the Web suite is designed to accelerate the post-launch adoption of newly marketed drugs through enhanced pre-launch market-conditioning activities.
(October 30, 2002) <Back to top>
Hyperwave Launches Advanced Knowledge Management Platform
Hyperwave, a leading provider of collaborative knowledge management and e-learning solutions has released the advanced base platform IS/6 R2. The release of Hyperwave's IS/6 R2 platform enhances the ability to rapidly develop flexible collaborative knowledge management, portal and e-learning solutions.
(October 28, 2002) <Back to top>
BI Applications: Buy or Build?
The boom in business intelligence (BI) deployments is fostering the classic debate in both business and IT circles: which is the best route to take - build or buy?
(October 27, 2002)
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IntraLinks expands Workspace capabilities to speed clinical trials
IntraLinks has introduced new capabilities to its virtual workspace products designed to allow pharmaceutical companies to train, test and conduct investigator meetings through its secure and auditable digital workspaces. The workspaces, within IntraLinks' drug development hub, are designed to help trial managers reach a much broader audience and reduce the costs of training and testing hundreds of investigators. The newly enhanced workspaces are already being utilized by Aventis to speed clinical trials and cut costs.
(October 25, 2002)
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Knowledge management market steams ahead
Over the coming five years, the knowledge management (KM) software and services market will exhibit strong growth as more companies begin to understand how to apply KM practices for the improvement of enterprise value, predicts a new report from the research firm IDC.
(October 24, 2002) <Back to top>
SoftWatch and Siebel: Changing the face of pharma marketing
SoftWatch, a provider of Internet relationship management software and services for the global health and life sciences industries, recently announced it has successfully validated the integration of its SRS Enterprise Edition and SRS Pharma suite with Siebel ePharma and Siebel Marketing. The new joint solution, which was designed specifically to address the sales, marketing and service processes of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, extends the functionality of each company’s offerings to deliver a single product for coordinating, executing and measuring the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing campaigns.
(October 22, 2002)
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Call Center for knowledge
A large outsourced call center has improved the quality of its responses and call handling times through implementation of a new enterprise knowledge platform.
(October 21, 2002)
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Serving enterprise CM?
With its .Net and Web services capabilities, Microsoft believes its Content Management Server (CMS) 2002 provides a significant alternative to other enterprise CM offerings. CMS 2002 is part of Microsoft’s .Net Enterprise Server family, which also includes BizTalk Server, Commerce Server and SharePoint Portal Server. CMS 2002 provides deeper integration with .Net and support for industry standards, resulting in a more extensible, flexible and powerful Web content management solution, Microsoft claims.
(October 21, 2002)
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Pall casts Accolade globally
Pall Corporation will use software from Sopheon to capture and use the learning that emerges during the product development cycle. The company plans to deploy Sopheon's Accolade product development offering globally, which will entail 400 users initially in research and development, manufacturing and marketing.
(October 16, 2002)
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Accenture survey reveals traditional pharma model probably not the best for growing biotechs
A new Accenture survey of leading pharma and biotech executives concludes “biotechs must remain nimble and flexible or risk losing their innovative edge.” According to the group, biotechs are facing an emerging paradox that pits their strength for innovation against the growth that is critical to their futures.
(October 15, 2002)
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Knowledge management pays off for BAE Systems
It's one of those blue-sky goals to which many big companies only aspire: capturing the seemingly infinite amount of intellectual capital that's carried by tens of thousands of employees around the world and using it to achieve competitive advantage. But it's a flight that's well under way at London-based BAE Systems PLC, formerly British Aerospace, which is getting solid returns on a knowledge management intranet. Thousands of BAE engineers scattered across five continents in 110 offices are using the system to search for information that may be vital to big initiatives and to identify and eliminate redundant project work.
(October 14, 2002) <Back to top>
Innovation is the key to success
Here we are, at the beginning of the 21st century, and what do we know about innovation? Innovation is quite a tough concept to understand. In business it lies at the junction of behavioral, cognitive and management sciences, to name but a few.
(October 14, 2002)
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Asia's Leading Knowledge Enterprises Recognized
The winners of the 1st annual Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study, conducted by Teleos in association with The KNOW Network, are (in alphabetical order):
- Asahi Breweries (Japan)
- Fuji Xerox (Japan)
- Infosys Technologies (India)
- Kao (Japan)
- NTT Data (Japan)
- PCCW Ltd. (Hong Kong)
- Samsung SDS (Korea)
- Sony (Japan)
- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (Taiwan)
- Toyota (Japan)
(October 12, 2002)
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Lotus Releases Collaboration Products
IBM has released an array of Lotus software products that support new ways of working based on rapid advances in information technology and connectivity. According to IBM, the new products represent major steps forward in supporting dynamic work - collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing across organizational, geographical and technical boundaries.
(October 11, 2002)
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Rediscovering friends online
Reconnecting with old friends should be a little easier, thanks to knowledge management software from Verity. Classmates Online, a personal networking service that is said to have more than 31 million members, has implemented a three-tier KM infrastructure to help users search, find and connect with others. According to a recent press release from Verity, its K2 Catalog integrates the three tiers of KM: discover (search), organize (intelligent classification) and connect (personalization).
(October 9, 2002)
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Internal collaboration: a survival tool for pharma in a changing drug discovery landscape
With revenues from established blockbusters beginning to slip and the number of NCEs introduced each year in rapid decline, the pharmaceutical industry is facing an unprecedented challenge to optimize its R&D investments and find new ways to foster innovation in an increasingly difficult drug discovery landscape. A new report from IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV) concludes unless pharmaceutical companies improve internal collaboration across traditional boundaries within their organizations, they will be unable to maintain or recover the double-digit earnings growth their stockholders have come to expect.
(October 8, 2002)
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Knowledge Management - how seriously should we take this concept?
The concept of knowledge management has been around for about a decade. Many organizations now have a chief knowledge officer. Should we take the concept seriously? How is it practiced? In what direction is it going?
(October 4, 2002)
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Managing the knowledge worker
Whilst many organisations are slowly recognising the value that knowledge and insight can add to their business, many are still struggling with the management of the knowledge work force. We all know that the monster manager is likely to destroy any potential that employees, and subsequently the organisation as a whole, may have. But when you move up the food chain to the knowledge worker the problems become more complex.
(October 2, 2002)
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Open Text Introduces Enterprise Content Integration for Livelink
Open Text Corporation, provider of Livelink, a collaboration and knowledge management software for the global enterprise, has introduced Livelink Doorways, which is designed to allow users in Livelink to access and use content from other repositories within an enterprise. Livelink Doorways is the third recently announced content-centric initiative by Open Text intended to further integrate collaboration and knowledge management.
(October 2, 2002)
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