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Knowledge Management News & Views Archive
April 2003 – July 2003
(in reverse chronological order)

July 2003

Sweet collaboration at Nektar
With its work force increasing in two years from about 200 to almost 1,000, Nektar Theraputics faced some challenges. Because of its rapid growth, the drug delivery technologies company had no standard development platform or means to collaborate across three locations in two countries. Running at 87% uptime, the server often crashed, causing enormous losses in terms of data and productivity.
(July 30, 2003) <Back to top>
A room with a view
Documentum reports eRoom 7.0 delivers a completely scalable, enterprise-grade collaboration offering with new project and program management capabilities.
(July 30, 2003) <Back to top>
KM Ranks Third in Bank Investment Plans
Technology spending by North American banks will remain flat for 2003, based on a recent survey of CIOs by Giga Information Group, part of Forrester Research. IT budgets will be spent on initiatives that concentrate on improving regulatory compliance, risk management and increased productivity.
(July 29, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge Workers Suffer Productivity Decline
Knowledge workers spend some 32% of their time helping others resolve questions, resulting in significant productivity losses, according to a Collaborative Strategies LLC study commissioned by ePeople.
(July 29, 2003) <Back to top>
University Intellectual Capital Transfer
Innovations from academe are shaping industry and the world at a faster pace than ever before. And based on recent survey results released by the association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Office of Technology Transfer is recognized as one America’s best at putting intellectual capital to work.
July 28, 2003) <Back to top>
Case study: Cultivating knowledge through collaboration
Knowledge needs to be circulated in order to grow and evolve into innovation. Recognizing the valuable role collaboration plays in cultivating knowledge, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Roche), a leading healthcare and pharmaceutical company, began searching for an information-sharing solution to support the full lifecycle of its global team projects; a solution which would strengthen processes and add significant value to development projects.
(July 22, 2003) <Back to top>
Inxight white paper: A research engine for the pharmaceutical industry
Next to laboratory work, information gathering and analysis are the most time-consuming—and mission critical—activities in pharmaceutical research and development. Advances such as high throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry have revolutionized the laboratory end of the process. But, the researcher’s tools for locating and analyzing information remain fundamentally unchanged despite waves of cosmetic updates to user interfaces and expanded access to content via the Web and online libraries.
(July 22, 2003) <Back to top>
What Knowledge Management Isn’t
Knowledge management isn’t CRM or content management, but a way to acquire, retrieve, adapt, and reuse information that in turn improves the bottom line.
(July 21, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge is Power: KM Remains Vital to Firm Success
Knowledge management became a buzzword in law firms throughout the world in the 1990s. As firms learned how acquiring and leveraging knowledge effectively within client organizations contributed to their successes, many firms began to embrace KM with full force. But in the current weakened economy, law firms are cutting back on KM initiatives in order to control expenses. Despite the retreat from the knowledge management arena, many firms still recognize that KM is not just a passing trend — it is an integral information-management tool for law firm operations now and in the future, according to a recent informal survey.
(July 21, 2003) <Back to top>
Hosted, secure DM
Said to deliver enhanced document management capabilities, improved workflow, collaborative tasks and reminders, as well as numerous usability enhancements, WebWorkZone 7.0 has been released by SiteScape. The company claims the new features will make the product make it easier for distributed teams to bring people, information and resources together to increase revenue, drive profitability and enhance customer satisfaction.
(July 21, 2003) <Back to top>
One-stop content for 7-Eleven
Speed and cost efficiency are two of the features sought by convenience store chain 7-Eleven in implementing a new content integration system. The technology the retailer chose will enable store operators and employees at 5,800 locations in the United States and Canada to access vital reports, nuggets of knowledge, documents, images and other data across its information delivery system.
(July 21, 2003) <Back to top>
Power for attorneys
LexisNexis has unveiled Total Search, what the company describes as an integrated search application that enhances knowledge sharing within a law firm by providing access to both internal and external content in a single search using the lexis.com user interface. Total Search provides access to internal content such as briefs, pleadings and memoranda while simultaneously searching the content available from LexisNexis.
(July 16, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge search and discovery
New search and categorization software will help employees of Rabobank, a large retail bank in the Netherlands, find what they’re looking for.
(July 16, 2003) <Back to top>
World’s Leading Knowledge-Driven Enterprises Named
Organizations dedicated to growth through innovation and knowledge management create shareholder value twice as fast as their competitors, reports Teleos in the 2003 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Study. The 6th annual Global MAKE Winners are …
(July 14, 2003) <Back to top>
Entrieving information
A new software implementation will help the U.S. Army develop and deploy taxonomies across its communities of practice to enhance information sharing and retrieval.
(July 14, 2003) <Back to top>
KM at US Homeland Security
Technology is playing a major role in national security, enabling the new US Department of Homeland Security to collect, analyze and share information and knowledge that could help anticipate or respond to an attack.
(July 11, 2003) <Back to top>
McKesson Enhances Clinical Knowledge Management Strategy
As the next step in its strategy to utilize industry-standard tools for clinical knowledge management, McKesson Information Solutions announced today that it will incorporate solutions from SNOMED(R) International and Health Language, Inc., into its Horizon Clinicals(TM) suite. Horizon Clinicals is McKesson’s next-generation, integrated offering for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians across a variety of care settings.
(July 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Ken and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Is KM as easy as… riding a bike?
(July 10, 2003)
<Back to top>
Stellar Web content management
Stellent rounds out its content management suite of products with Site Studio, a new Web content management application. With the new offering, Stellent’s Web content management provide universal content architecture and includes document management, collaboration, records management and digital asset management.
(July 9, 2003) <Back to top>
CoCreate Collaborative Suite
OneSpace offers meeting, document sharing, engineering collaboration toolset for $120 per month; connects project teams and outsourcing partners.
(July 8, 2003) <Back to top>
SiteScape Introduces Collaboration Modules
SiteScape has created three more collaboration solution modules built on its SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.0 platform. SiteScape is offering Forum Proposal Collaboration, Forum Partner Collaboration and Forum HR Collaboration.
(July 7, 2003) <Back to top>
Why doesn’t knowledge matter?
Ask most people in business today the question ‘does knowledge matter?’ and the answer would probably be a resounding yes. But, maybe, the question we should be asking is ‘does knowledge matter in our organization?’ If we asked this question, I think we’d receive a very different response.
(July 7, 2003) <Back to top>
Intellectual Property Guide
Ogilvy Renault, one of Canada’s leading law firms, has published Intellectual Capital, Real Benefits, a guide to help business leaders develop and implement successful intellectual property management strategies.
(July 3, 2003) <Back to top>
Portal Delivers 237% ROI for McGuireWoods
According to an independent analysis conducted by Nucleus Research, a Massachusetts-based firm that evaluates financial returns on IT assets, McGuireWoods LLP has achieved a 237% ROI on its Hummingbird Portal ™ 5 deployment. The five-month payback period was based on improved service opportunities due to enhanced access to knowledge assets, streamlined internal processes and increased employee productivity.
(July 2, 2003) <Back to top>
New Software Provides Knowledge Workers with Web-Based Productivity Solution
Stratabase announced the 1.0 beta launch of its new hosted web-based knowledge worker productivity solution, Relata.com™. The new knowledge worker productivity application is a first for the industry, and is being offered on a monthly-subscription basis, through a standard web browser.
(July 2, 2003) <Back to top>
Behind the scenes at Wipro: How a KM vision became reality
Wipro Technologies’ knowledge management initiative has its roots in a quality assurance system that the company developed over a decade ago. Although relatively new to the IT business at the time, Wipro sought to benchmark its performance against top international standards.
(July 1, 2003) <Back to top>
KM rushes to SARS cure:Canadian effort enhanced by “virtual home” Web site
In the rush to find a cure for SARS, a major initiative funded by the government of British Columbia is applying KM technologies to share information and collaborate among a global team of scientists trying to develop a vaccine for the respiratory syndrome.
(July 1, 2003) <Back to top>


June 2003

KM Critical to Healthcare Customer Service
A study of healthcare executives, sponsored by KANA, has examined future eCRM purchasing decisions. Some 65 percent of the participants cited the addition of proactive and personalized marketing solutions to improve the overall services offered to members as their next e-service implementation. These proactive marketing solutions are seen as a cost effective way to build upon previous CRM deployments, including knowledge bases and e-mail
(June 26, 2003) <Back to top>
Walking through workflow
To maintain its self-proclaimed status as #1 in the car rental industry, Hertz knows its business processes must flow smoothly. Effective, streamlined operations keep the company on its toes competitively and better able to serve its customers.
(June 25, 2003) <Back to top>
Content in concert
Offering software for imaging, workflow, collaboration and records management, Optika has formed a partnership with Percussion Software, which claims to be the first ECM vendor to provide cost-effective, multichannel delivery for efficient content reuse.
(June 25, 2003) <Back to top>
Bruce Power plugs into knowledge management tool
Bruce Power is now looking to deploy its knowledge repository across all business units. For instance, a worker assigned to do maintenance on a piece of equipment could not only find out what repairs were last done on that equipment, but also who did the work and what their particular experiences were that might be relevant.
(June 23, 2003) <Back to top>
2003 Asian MAKE Nominees
As of June 20, 2003, the following Asian founded and headquartered organizations have been nominated for the 2003 Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Award …
(June 20, 2003) <Back to top>
Online Social Networks Grow in Power
"As knowledge management and access to information have become central to all of our social and economic well being, so it has happened that social networks have grown in power," states Will Hutton, Chief Executive of The Work Foundation.
(June 19, 2003) <Back to top>
NetBank, Inc. Begins Implementation of Enterprise-wide Electronic Document Management System
NetBank, Inc. parent company of the country’s first commercially successful Internet bank, NetBank(R), announced today it’s implementing an enterprise-wide electronic document management system to help capture, organize and disseminate information across all business units.
(June 19, 2003) <Back to top>
Interactive Web-Based Knowledge Applications Provide Leaders With Just-In-Time Information And Tools To Manage Today’s Business Complexities
Nxknowledge Corporation, specializing in transforming the power of people and their performance into effective results, introduces the first two in a series of online knowledge applications.
(June 18, 2003) <Back to top>
KM Makes Gains in Legal Sector
A well-managed, enterprise-wide program of legal research and knowledge management will yield at least a 5% savings on an average corporate legal services budget, and $1 million in savings for each $4 million spent on legal research, according to the results of the ‘2003 Knowledge Management Study.’
(June 18, 2003) <Back to top>
TFPL launches knowledge and information skills toolkit
TFPL Ltd has launched its Knowledge and Information Skills Toolkit – a web enabled diagnostic tool designed to help individuals and organisations identify and assess the skills they have and need to operate successfully in the knowledge economy.
(June 17, 2003) <Back to top>
Working together improves health
A large healthcare organization in New Mexico has deployed enterprise content management software to improve organizational effectiveness and reduce costs. The new application at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center’s will provide a collaborative environment for users to create, store and retrieve documents.
(June 16, 2003) <Back to top>
Construction giant boosts knowledge management
Construction firm John Laing is embarking on the first stage of a company-wide knowledge management strategy, rolling out a content management system to allow employees to access information from any location.
(June 16, 2003) <Back to top>
Packing more punch
Designed to allow customer service and support agents to continually capture, create and refine answers to customer problems within their workflow, eServer 5.2 from Primus Knowledge Solutions will be released later this month.
(June 16, 2003) <Back to top>
Help for Sarbanes-Oxley
With its launch of a corporate governance platform for its flagship product Livelink, Open Text says it gives companies a single system to manage critical information and collaboration in the face of Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.
(June 16, 2003) <Back to top>
Global giant extends grip on knowledge
Motorola is expanding its use of the collaboration and knowledge management software that is the foundation for its global intranet called Compass.
(June 11, 2003) <Back to top>
Insider Cyber Attacks Threaten Collaboration
Most Website terror attacks within the next two years will be financially or politically motivated, according to a new Gartner research study. Enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing are especially at risk.
(June 11, 2003) <Back to top>
Salesforce.com goes K-Bus
To allow users to instantly locate, view and connect enterprise content relevant to a salesforce.com record, the CRM firm, and Entopia, which calls itself an enterprise knowledge infrastructure provider, have partnered to extend CRM service. Entopia used its standard development tools, combined with the Web services provided by salesforce.com, to rapidly integrate its K-Bus Knowledge Locator.
(June 11, 2003) <Back to top>
Management Tools & Trends Survey
According to the new Management Tools & Trends study released by Bain & Company, knowledge management strategies and initiatives are found in 62 percent of the companies surveyed – placing it in 15th position in Bain’s Top 25 list of tools.
(June 10, 2003) <Back to top>
2003 Global MAKE Finalists
Teleos, in association with The KNOW Network, has announced the 49 Finalists in the 6th annual Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study.
(June 9, 2003) <Back to top>
Pan-Canadian Health Informatics Collaboratory
A group of leading Canadian universities, health information associations and companies are in the final stages of creating a first-of-its-kind knowledge management and collaborative e-learning platform for Health Informatics.
(June 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Below the Surface
How Intec Engineering evolved, developed and analyzed the right KM system to uncover tacit knowledge within the organization.
(June 5, 2003) <Back to top>
KM to speed SARS vaccine
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Accelerated Vaccine Initiative (SAVI), a project recently funded by the government of British Columbia will use Knexa’s technology to help co-ordinate research activities such as vaccine formulation, genomics and immunology.
(June 4, 2003) <Back to top>
Georgia on its mind
The state of Georgia hopes to get the most from its intellectual capital through implementation of search and categorization software at its Web site, which now includes multiagency, online resources for residents, businesses and institutions.
(June 4, 2003) <Back to top>
Raytheon Forms Solutions Division
Raytheon, a leading US aerospace and defense manufacturer, has formed an information solutions division which will focus on four areas within the US government IT arena. The new division has been created to deliver large-scale information technology and knowledge management solutions.
(June 4, 2003) <Back to top>
Knexa Partners with Leading Knowledge Management Consultancy
Knexa Solutions has signed a partner agreement with the Brazilian consultancy TerraForum Consultoria S/C Ltda., www.terraforum.com.br. TerraForum will market Knexa’s software and services to its client base in the private and public sectors and Knexa will leverage TerraForum’s extensive consulting expertise.
(June 3, 2003) <Back to top>
A Decade of KM
A report on "Real-World Best Practices" from American Productivity and Quality Center’s 8th KM conference.
(June 3, 2003) <Back to top>
Petróleos de Venezuel SA
In 2002 and again this year, Petróleos de Venezuel SA (PDVSA) was recognized by the Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study as South America’s leading knowledge-driven company.
(June 2, 2003) <Back to top>
A Measurable Proposal
He’s back—and Tom Davenport’s betting on a new, big idea: knowledge workers are people too. Can their processes be quantified? Can we help their plight? This might just be the new reengineering.
(June 1, 2003) <Back to top>

May 2003

Human Capital Reporting
David Ticoll, a Canadian business adviser and author, has some interesting comments regarding intellectual capital statements in company annual reports.
(May 29, 2003) <Back to top>
US Army Adds mGen to Portal
mGen has integrated mGen Enterprise, its learning and knowledge management system used by the US Army’s Battle Command Training Program (BCTP), to the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) portal.
(May 29, 2003) <Back to top>
Glazed with sweet success
Doughnut creator Krispy Kreme is using KM technology to help keep its business operations running in pace with the rising popularity of its product.
(May 28, 2003) <Back to top>
Tacit ships ActiveNet 1.0
Tacit Knowledge Systems has released ActiveNet, its much-anticipated new enterprise software product developed with extensive input from Tacit’s customers over a 12-month cycle of focused product innovation. ActiveNet is said to represent a breakthrough for collaboration and information sharing in large or complex organizations. The software reportedly ensures that workers always know whom they should be talking to and what they should be talking about, continuously driving and coordinating the most valuable collaboration and sharing activity.
(May 28, 2003) <Back to top>
North America’s Leading Knowledge Enterprises
Organizations dedicated to growth through innovation and knowledge management create shareholder value twice as fast as their competitors, reports Teleos in the 2003 North American Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Study.
(May 27, 2003) <Back to top>
EU KM Forum
The European Union Knowledge Management Forum – KM Forum – is helping Europe to build the critical mass of knowledge required to ensure that it meets the Lisbon objective of becoming the world’s most competitive knowledge-based economy by 2010.
(May 26, 2003) <Back to top>
GE invests in collaboration tools
GE Industrial Systems is using browser-based collaboration tools to speed up the development of its products.
(May 21, 2003) <Back to top>
‘Knowledge Management’ Label – No Consensus
From the movement’s outset, many practitioners have been unhappy with the term ‘Knowledge Management.’ The usual criticism is that knowledge cannot be managed. An informal survey has been conducted of KNOW Network members to see where they stand on this issue.
(May 15, 2003) <Back to top>
Roche streamlines development with Livelink
At the LiveLinkUp Paris conference, Open Text Corporation announced Roche has implemented Livelink at its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and rolled it out across its global organization.
(May 14, 2003) <Back to top>
KM Critical to Long-Term CRM Success
In a new ‘spotlight’ report, The Case for Knowledge Management in CRM, Gartner analysts note that KM has been slow to develop in CRM processes. Currently most CRM products that claim to support KM include mostly knowledge-base (k-base) management. While these k-bases do improve internal productivity and even provide customer value in self-service environments, they rarely offer competitive process design or distinguished service capabilities.
(May 13, 2003) <Back to top>
PeopleSoft University Measures ROI
PeopleSoft has deployed KnowledgeAdvisors’ Metrics that Matter(tm) software to measure learning investments within the company’s corporate university. PeopleSoft’s corporate university trains a workforce of 8,500 employees.
(May 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Talking about mGen
mGen, known as a developer of advanced distributed knowledge, human capital and learning management systems, announced First Responder, a new software solution said to allow government organizations to build teams based on competencies, demographics, surveys and other employee information.
(May 7, 2003) <Back to top>
The lights are on, but nobody’s home – what are we really telling customers with our CRM tools?
The only thing worse than not having the right CRM tools to build strong relationships with your customers is sending the wrong message through them: that you just don’t care. A recent study conducted by the Customer Respect Group, an international research and consulting firm focused on how corporations treat their customers online, paints a pretty bleak picture when it comes to communications between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their customers online.
(May 6, 2003) <Back to top>
KM Down Under
Communities of practice are emerging as a key KM tool for a wide variety of organizations ranging from the private to public sector in Australia; community performance metrics and inter-organizational knowledge linkages will be strong focus areas, according to KM professionals who gathered in Melbourne recently for the Knowledge Management Challenge 2003 conference hosted by Standards Australia.
(May 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Ultimate DM
Ultimus, a well respected Web-based workflow automation software provider, has partnered with Hummingbird in a deal designed to integrate the strengths of business process and document management.
(May 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Looking Into Content Management?
Before you sink $1.5 million into a content management system you’ll scrap a year later (don’t laugh: one company did), do your planning and needs assessment first.
(May 1, 2003) <Back to top>
To Collaborate or Control?
Control-oriented content management promises security, whereas collaboration software promises productivity.
(May 1, 2003) <Back to top>
KM Promise Award winner Kamoon Connects to process management
Effective human capital management (HCM) is one of the most elusive goals in enterprise management today. Equally difficult—and closely related—is the successful exploitation of tacit knowledge. Kamoon has taken on the challenge of making inroads into both domains. The company won KMWorld’s Promise Award in 2002 based on its ability to provide an innovative technology solution for implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into its business processes. Its Kamoon Connect series of products are designed to manage the human side of information exchange. They allow users to locate experts and share knowledge, as well as support the development of a repository that captures tacit knowledge.
(May 1, 2003) <Back to top>


April 2003

Appian’s US Army Portal Recognized
Appian, a provider of real-time, enterprise web solutions, has received the Digital Consulting Institute’s (DCI) 2003 Best Internal Portal Award for the design and deployment of the Army Knowledge Online (AKO), the US Army’s enterprise knowledge management portal.
(April 29, 2003) <Back to top>
LPSL LLP Selects West km
Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP will implement West’s new knowledge management service, West km, which enables legal professionals to meet their clients’ needs by providing access to the collective and historical experience and expertise from across the firm.
(April 29, 2003) <Back to top>
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