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August 2003

Knowledge management failures central to Shuttle disaster
Knowledge management systems failures played a major role in February's Columbia space shuttle disaster, the final report of an official investigation has claimed.
(August 27, 2003) <Back to top>
New application for contact collaboration
Contact Network has announced the latest version of its flagship application, which allows organizations to better leverage their extended network of employees’ contacts and use their collective relationship capital within a secure, private internal network.
(August 26, 2003) <Back to top>
European Innovation Project
A pan-European project, supported by the European Commission, is currently developing a multi-media innovation training tool to boost the competitiveness of  small businesses.
(August 26, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge management in an unordered world
David Snowden, Director of the Cynefin Center for Organizational Complexity, told attendees at the recent eyeforpharma Knowledge Sharing Strategies for the Pharma Lifecycle conference that their knowledge management initiatives will only be successful when those initiatives include a new set of tools and techniques for unordered domains. “If you carry on using ordered techniques for unordered systems, you are doomed to repeat the knowledge management failures everybody’s been going through for the past eight years or so,” Snowden warned.
(August 20, 2003) <Back to top>
CH2M Hill captures, shares knowledge
Communities of practice are helping CH2M Hill recapture its small-company culture from the early days when employees could connect with an expert in one or two phone calls.
(August 20, 2003) <Back to top>
Knowledge management has gone from pie-in-the-sky promises to more-realistic applications
This just in from the knowledge-management front: Whatever your company is doing in this area, and it probably should be doing something, don't call it knowledge management.
(August 18, 2003) <Back to top>
Specialists Offer Their Essential Knowledge-Management Ingredients
Knowledge-management practitioners share what they consider the essential elements of a company program.
(August 18, 2003) <Back to top>
I.T. Manifesto: Know What People Want
Knowledge management and Karl Marx share the same initials. Sure, it may just be coincidence, but that doesn't stop consultant Bijoy Goswami from describing knowledge management as too often ending up as the "communism of the enterprise."
(August 18, 2003) <Back to top>
Collaboration Nation
Companies carve out new and improved ways to share. Collaboration is a great word. Enough syllables to sound important. Common enough that everyone knows what you mean. And it seems like it should lend itself so well to technology.
(August 18, 2003) <Back to top>
Ultimus, the leading provider of complete workflow automation and business process management (BPM) solutions, today announced that it has appointed Jeff Smith to the position of Chief Process Officer (CPO). In his new role at Ultimus, Smith will be the first CPO from a BPM vendor who will be available to consult with customers at the same time he accelerates his company’s own use of BPM.
(August 18, 2003) <Back to top>
Strategic: Military Works With What It Knows
A Navy team is building an engine that will capitalize on shared knowledge for the Fleet Information Warfare Center, which is responsible for developing IT tools.
(August 15, 2003) <Back to top>
Software Tracks Down the Experts
Visible Path and a similar startup Spoke Software mine computer networks to determine who in a company knows whom in the world, and how well. But a big question is whether people will reject these technologies as too intrusive.
(August 13, 2003) <Back to top>
Hyperwave Brings Collaborative Knowledge Sharing and Elearning to Wealth Management Market
In the current global equities market, most financial services institutions have seen a dramatic shift in their revenue stream from a transaction-based model to one based on relationships. As these firms seek new ways to train and certify their staff in new products and legislative requirements, technology has become more critical than ever in deepening the relationship between advisor and client.
(August 11, 2003) <Back to top>
Asia's 2003 MAKE Finalists Named
The finalists in the 2003 Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study, conducted by Teleos in association with The KNOW Network, have been released. A total of 27 organizations -founded and headquartered in Asia - have been recognized.
(August 10, 2003) <Back to top>
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - the present value of the likely future income stream generated by an individual purchaser - is becoming an important aspect of managing customer knowledge.
(August 8, 2003) <Back to top>
Put email at the heart of your knowledge management activities
We are awash in a sea of email but we don't have the tools to manage or exploit this resource. On average, an employee in a large organization sends 10,000 emails a year internally and externally. People can spend up to two hours a day creating and replying to email. Emails carry the information lifeblood of the organization and yet we don't exploit this information. The information contained in an email is important but equally important is what the emails tell us about the complex network of email communications in the organization.
(August 7, 2003) <Back to top>
M&S rolls out knowledge management network
High-street retailer Marks & Spencer will, next month, complete the rollout of an information-sharing portal across its 600 strong IT department.
(August 7, 2003) <Back to top>
Mobile 'KM'
Students from the University of Birmingham's school of engineering are testing a new mobile 'knowledge management' system developed by BT’s research, technology and IT operations business - BT Exact.
(August 6, 2003) <Back to top>
Homeland Security Drives US Government KM Spending
The US government's need to gather and share intelligence as part of America's expanding homeland security efforts will propel spending on knowledge management software and services, according to a report issued by the market intelligence firm INPUT.
(August 5, 2003) <Back to top>
Multi-tenant-enabled CCM
iManage has released what it calls the only content management and collaboration platform designed for shared service and application service provider (ASP) models while minimizing physical infrastructure investments.
(August 4, 2003) <Back to top>
IDC Releases Portal Vendors Market Study
Service providers are rushing into the enterprise portal services (EPS) market, breathing new life into knowledge management (KM) offerings, notes IDC in its new study Worldwide Enterprise Portal Services Competitive Analysis, 2003: 18 Players Shaping the New Face of Knowledge Management. According to this new report, growth in the worldwide EPS market is outpacing the growth of most IT services markets.
(August 1, 2003) <Back to top>
A Slow Turning
Law firm Winston & Strawn turns to CRM for knowledge management, because who you know is as important as what you know.
(August 1, 2003) <Back to top>

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