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Knowledge Management University Links

bullet Applied Knowledge Research Institute
The Applied Knowledge Research Institute is the Research and Development arm of Blackburn College. They work closely with business, specializing in the understanding, dissemination and management of organizational and individual Knowledge and they promote the use of Intelligent Systems in business and industry.
bullet Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
The mission of the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) is primarily to advance health care research and instruction through the collection, development, organization, preservation and dissemination of the world's health sciences knowledge base.
bullet Centre for Knowledge Management at University of Abertay
The Centre is part of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) within the School of Computing. It is a virtual entity that acts as a conduit for the Scottish Consortium for Knowledge Management. It is comprised of research and teaching staff interested in the area of KM, and is supported by extensive library and IT facilities. The Centre has links with other universities and research institutes (e.g. IBM's Institute for Knowledge Management) interested in 'knowledge' work.
bullet EC2 @ USC: Organizational Knowledge
Resources for the study and practice of knowledge management and organizational science, and contains products and services for the archiving and distribution of digital knowledge assets.
bullet George Mason University's Program on Social & Organizational Learning
A space for exploring the links between participative approaches to organizing and learning, that includes perspectives on organizational change and knowledge management.
bullet George Washington University - KM
Knowledge Management programs at the George Washington University. Follow the latest KM practices, interact in our online forum, share your knowledge and connect with other KM practitioners.
bullet Innovation, Knowledge and Organizational Networks (IKON)
A research unit based at Warwick Business School established to advance understanding of the interactions between innovation, knowledge and network - primarily from an organizational theory perspective.
bullet Knowledge & Innovation Network (KIN)
A network linking business practitioners and researchers in the area of knowledge management and innovation. It was established as a joint venture of Warwick Business School and the Management Centre at the University of Leicester.
bullet Knowledge Management at The University of Technology Sydney
A map of the key issues and processes in Knowledge Management.
bullet Knowledge Management Centre at University College London
The Knowledge Management Centre focuses on the significance for policy and practice of advances in information and communication technologies. This includes the use of distance methods of diagnosis and treatment in health care and the role of new technologies in research and collaboration at a distance.
bullet Knowledge Management Initiatives (KMI) at the University of Toronto
Educational programs and resources designed to help you understand and use the principles of knowledge management within your organizational setting.
bullet Knowledge Management Research Program at Monash University
A formal research group at the Monash University conducting studies towards a comprehensive approach to knowledge management for intelligent decision support.
bullet Knowledge Management Unit (KMU) of the University of Lausanne
The Knowledge Management Unit is one of the five units of the Institute for Information Systems and Organizational Management (Inforge), which belongs to the Business School (HEC) of the University of Lausanne. This unit is active both in teaching and research. interests are focused on two main directions: 1. Organization and Information Systems, and 2. Open and Distance Learning.
bullet Knowledge Science Institute (KSI) at the University of Calgary
The KSI was founded at the University of Calgary with a mandate to study all aspects of the knowledge economy. The KSI has a wide range of multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical research activities. For example, it: tracks social and economic trends involving information technology, develops operational models of knowledge processes in society, innovates in knowledge acquisition, representation and dissemination technologies, organizes scientific meetings concerned with knowledge processes, and collaborates with other research organizations concerned with knowledge systems.
bullet Knowledge Systems Lab (KSL) at Stanford University
The KSL conducts research in the core Artificial Intelligence areas of knowledge representation and reasoning, within the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. Current work focuses on design and development of knowledge servers; multi-use ontologies, knowledge bases and knowledge system modules; computational environments for modeling the structure, behavior and functionality of physical devices; compositional modeling; architectures for adaptive intelligent systems; and knowledge-based systems for science, engineering and defense applications.
bullet KnowledgeSource
A Knowledge Management research center at the University of St. Gallen that mainly covers three important parts: Competence Centers, Visiting Scholars, and Practitioner Network.
bullet Los Alamos National Laboratory - Research and Resources in Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management web site of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory managed by the University of California.
bullet Master of Knowledge Management (MKM) offered by Copenhagen Business School and Learning Lab Denmark
An executive master program offered by Copenhagen Business School and Learning Lab Denmark. Scheduled launch date: August 2003.
bullet Rutgers Center for Organizational Development & Leadership (ODL)
A general overview of information on ODL programs, publications and staff, and identifies Rutgers faculty and staff with expertise in the areas of organizational leadership, communication, and quality. Quality-related university programs, organizations, and a bibliography can also be found. The Center for ODL at Rutgers serves as a resource to the university community in support of efforts to create a more service-oriented culture. Emphasis is placed on relationship building and "teaching in all we do" - inside and outside of the classroom.

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