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Knowledge Management Publication Links

bullet @Knowledge magazine
@Knowledge magazine is an Internet zine and radio show which discusses Knowledge management.
bullet California Management Review (CMR)
California Management Review serves as a vehicle of communication between those who study management and those who practice it. CMR focuses on contemporary developments in the global economy, strategies for innovation, strategic planning, the management of technology, corporate culture, managing human resources, and business ethics.
bullet CIO.com's Knowledge Management Research Center
Articles, white papers, metrics, events, case studies, books and more on Knowledge Management including selecting and organizing the intellectual capital of a company, what corporate knowledge management projects seek to find, and presenting that knowledge in a way that helps employees comprehend and act on that information.
bullet CIO.com Data Warehouse Research Center
Data Warehouse resources including organizations, case studies, conferences, glossary of terms, white papers, and data mining/OLAP.
bullet CM Focus Magazine
A features and case study-based journal for content management professionals featuring articles from global companies, reinforced with contributions from leading academics. The journal is commercially rather than academically-focused, offering readers practical examples of content management best practice.
bullet Competia Magazine
Web-based monthly online magazine for competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and strategic planning professionals.
bullet Darwin's Knowledge Management Learning Center
Darwin magazine's executive guide to KM where you learn how to use your knowledge-based property to your best advantage.
bullet DestinationKM
Electronic format of previous print version of Knowledge Management magazine that was published in the United States.
bullet DM Direct - Business Intelligence Newsletter
Online newsletter that contains Business Intelligence articles, news and case studies.
bullet DM Review's Resource Portal for Knowledge Management
DM Review is a publication for Business Intelligence and Analytics. Their Resource Portal for Knowledge Management contains a collection of the latest resources to aid in the quest for competitive advantage with a focus on a knowledge management.
bullet EContent Magazine
Provides trend and strategy analysis in the Internet and enterprise content industry for content professionals and industry executives interested in performing industry research and gaining insight into the latest content technology, tools, and trends.
bullet e-doc Magazine
Dedicated to Enterprise Document Management at Work.
bullet GCN (Government Computer News) - Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management section (Hot Topics) of online version of GCN magazine.
bullet Government Document Manager
Journal for and about government document automation, records, printing, and archiving.
bullet Harvard Business Review
Written for the serious businessperson by leading business executives, specialists, scholars and consultants, this magazine is designed to help business leaders troubleshoot and solve problems. Exchanges of ideas and thoughtful analysis offer new insights into the changing and challenging world of business, and assist in planning for the future. Published by Harvard Business School Publishing.
bullet HBS Working Knowledge
A collection of cutting-edge management information that keeps you at the forefront of today's fast-changing business environment. You will find a wealth of resources and data that reflect the intellectual capital of Harvard Business School as well as insights from industry leaders worldwide.
bullet IBM Systems Journal - Special Edition on Knowledege Management
The IBM Systems Journal is a quarterly, refereed technical publication, featuring the work of authors from systems and software fields in information science and the computer industry. The papers in this issue of the IBM Systems Journal deal with various aspects of knowledge management: supporting technologies, products, and social aspects.
bullet IntelligentKM Online
Dedcated to Knowledge Management and its role in the extended, intelligent enterprise.
bullet Journal of Knowledge Management
The Journal of Knowledge Management offers you a shortcut to the tools, techniques, strategies and technologies necessary for the effective implementation of knowledge management. Inside its pages, you will find a wealth of well written, peer reviewed articles packed with actionable business solutions.
bullet KMWorld Magazine
KMWorld is an information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market. The information includes components and processes - and subsequent success stories - that together offer solutions for improving business performance.
bullet Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) - An International Journal
A quarterly peer-reviewed journal that provides an international forum for researchers and professionals to share their knowledge and report new advances on all topics related to knowledge systems and advanced information systems.
bullet Knowledge and Process Management Journal
Provides essential information to executives responsible for driving performance improvement in their business or for introducing new ideas to business through thought leadership. The journal meets executives' needs for practical information on the lessons learned from other organizations in the areas of: knowledge management, organizational learning, core competences, and process management. In addition to detailed case studies, the journal also publishes research papers containing new thinking from leading business schools as well as practical principles drawn from cross-company surveys.
bullet Knowledge Inc. Executive Newsletter
A Web-based resource for executives who are engaged in or exploring opportunities in knowledge and intellectual capital management.
bullet Knowledge Management Magazine (Ark Group - UK)
Knowledge Management Magazine, published by the Ark Group Ltd. in London, is a study-based journal covering all aspects of intellectual capital and information management.
bullet Knowledge Management Magazine (Bizmedia - UK)
Knowledge Management Magazine, published by Bizmedia Ltd., provides information needed to implement and manage KM procedures.  The web site and hardcopy magazine contain the latest news on what's happening in the KM industry and provides help and advice on implementing and maintaining a KM strategy in your organization. Among the issues covered every month are: developing a KM strategy, developing KM at board level, building communities of practice, analysis on using the latest IT and intelligent tools, and improving your competitive intelligence.
bullet Knowledge Management Magazine (US)
Source of information about enterprise knowledge-related initiatives and technologies as applied both inside organizations and among their network of customers, partners and suppliers. Published by Line56 Media of Los Angeles.
bullet KnowMap
The Knowledge Management, Auditing and Mapping Magazine is a bimonthly web-based journal targeted to the needs expressed by knowledge management practitioners for tangible tools and methods to ensure successful strategies and implementation of knowledge management initiatives.
bullet MIT Sloan Management Review
Peer-reviewed journal covering all management disciplines, but focusing on strategy, organizational change, and management of technology. Published by the MIT Sloan School of Management.
bullet Portals Magazine
A magazine that provides essential information that enables senior corporate, departmental, and IT executives, who are considered the "portal champions" within their companies and organizations, to successfully implement and maintain portal solutions. The magazine also services the needs of executives at leading portal technology solution providers including consultants, and the leading analysts overing these markets.
bullet Reflections - The SoL Journal on Knowledge, Learning and Change
Sponsored by the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL), Reflections aims to provide a public forum where researchers, consultants and managerial practitioners can learn together how knowledge and skill are generated, disseminated and utilized. Each issue features writings that bring coherence and encourage broad inquiry into the rich interdisciplinary field of organizational learning.
bullet Transform Magazine
Dedicated to reinventing business with content and collaboration technologies.

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