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Knowledge Management Products and Services Links

bullet 1stWorks Corporation
Products for Peer to Peer based secure and spontaneous collaboration, both inside and outside the enterprise, in Project teams, in Knowledge Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning applications.
bullet AccessKM
Focused on increasing the productivity of knowledge workers through benchmarking studies, educational workshops and advisory services, shows organizations how to identify, capture, organize, share and act on their internal and external knowledge assets.
bullet Acero
Acero is a knowledge discovery software company with a solution for eliminating the computational barriers to scientific research.
bullet Akiva
Idea Management software and services that help organizations connect ideas for results. Akiva’s technology and services enable enterprises to collect ideas from employees, customers, partners and suppliers to dramatically improve business performance through rapid innovation and reduced expenses.
bullet Antarcti.ca Systems
Visual mapping technology provides enterprises with superior data search and discovery, resulting in more effective and productive users.
bullet Applied Knowledge Group
A balanced portfolio of knowledge and virtual team collaboration services designed to improve business performance through building your knowledge sharing and collaborative capacity. Knowledge solutions focus on defining operational processes necessary to achieve business goals. Virtual Team Collaboration solutions build on an identified knowledge base and expand corporate ability to tap and apply worker know-how via technology regardless of geographic location.
bullet Applied Learning Labs
A consulting firm committed to improving organizational performance by advancing the art and practice of learning and knowledge collaboration. Develop customized learning and Knowledge Map tools that engage employees in a process to understand, support, and act on critical business issues and organizational change initiatives.
bullet Applied Semantics
Developer of solutions and tools that enable businesses, their customers, and their employees to create value by better organizing, managing, and retrieving unstructured information in enterprise, web-enabled, and e-commerce environments.
bullet Ariel Performance Centered Systems
Designs Knowledge Management systems that capture and integrate corporate knowledge directly into the business systems people use to do their work. Provides e-business strategy consultation, design prototyping, and system design services.
bullet AskMe Corporation
Builds software that enables companies to create and manage Employee Knowledge Networks™. These networks deliver employee expertise, directly to other employees blocked on critical tasks, exactly when they need it most.
bullet Bamboo Solutions
Develops and distributes a software platform for mobile enterprise collaboration. This platform is for rapidly designing and developing collaborative data, document and drawing management applications. It enables today's mobile workforce to exchange and manage information via any web, workstation or wireless device.
bullet Bawany Associates
A Knowledge Management consulting firm that helps companies and business leaders face the organizational challenges presented by today's rapidly changing and evolving knowledge-driven global economy. They design and implement tailor-made strategies that greatly improve their client's performance, increase market value and enhance organizational capability.
bullet BCI Knowledge Group
Provides process based knowledge integration services. Additionally, markets and supports a proprietary knowledge integration tool.
bullet Business Objects
Provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, which lets organizations access, analyze, and share information internally with employees and externally with customers, suppliers, and partners. It helps organizations improve operational efficiency, build profitable customer relationships, and develop differentiated product offerings.
bullet Cadenza
Professional services firm specializing in merging business processes and technology to develop solutions which cause paradigm shifts in how corporations operate their business. Introduces new business processes that are only possible with technology enabling. Experiences include full-lifecycle project management: requirements gathering, specification writing, prototyping, data modeling, architecting, coding, testing, implementation, training and support.
bullet CAT*ASI
A measurement application service provider with experience in developing, administering, managing, and maintaining online testing programs that provide the tools and services to design and implement customized programs supporting an organization's knowledge standards and organizational performance initiatives.
bullet Citrix Systems
Software and services that enable workers at home, at remote locations and in transit to access and effectively utilize the same information resources that previously were confined to the main office.
bullet Collaborative Strategies
Management services firm focusing on collaborative technologies and knowledge management.
bullet Corporate University Xchange
Provider of corporate education intelligence in the enterprise learning marketplace, offering research on learning best practices, consulting services, events, publications and membership communities.
bullet Correlate Technologies
Correlate’s mission is making the Correlate K-Map an integral part of all leading enterprise portals and document management systems. This enables users to "KnowledgeMap" their projects, employee communications, customer information, best practices, sales kits, financial reports and more.
bullet Delphi on Knowledge Management
Delphi Group has defined the market and set the benchmark for Knowledge Management advisory services to the Global 2000 through its groundbreaking events, consulting methods, and research.
bullet Digital AV
A consulting firm specializing in Knowledge Management utilizing virtual technologies, messaging and collaborative architectures, and e-business development.
bullet Divine
Combines solutions in collaboration, interaction, and knowledge that enable companies to stretch the edges of the enterprise into new territory, increasing profits through greater revenue, productivity, and customer loyalty.
bullet Documentum
Provides enterprise content management software solutions that allow businesses to intelligently create and manage all types of content — documents, Web pages, XML files, and rich media — using one common content platform and repository.
bullet Domain Knowledge
Domain Knowledge's technology and process integrates an organization’s internal expertise with its processes, strategy and infrastructure. This integration provides the clarity, discipline and focus necessary to meet demanding business goals – helping to deliver better results with less.
bullet Edna Pasher Ph.D. & Associates
Management consulting firm specializing in designing and facilitating strategic renewal processes in companies and organizations. The firm is a leader in knowledge and intellectual capital management as key factors for growth.
bullet eGain
A provider of eService software for the Internet that helps businesses transform their traditional Call Centers into multi-channel eService networks. eGain solutions for email management, interactive Web collaboration, intelligent self help agents, knowledge management and proactive online marketing can measurably improve operational efficiency and customer retention - resulting in significant return on investment (ROI).
bullet Endeavors Technology
Builds secure collaboration networks on top of existing Web infrastructure. Its focus is peer-to-peer.
bullet Entopia
Software products and services for locating valuable enterprise information - enterprise applications for the collecting, collaborating and capitalizing of information.
bullet Ernst & Young Center for Business Knowledge®
Center for Business Knowledge® (CBK) was established to make knowledge management a reality and to bolster Ernst & Young's capacity to create and share their intellectual capital on a global scale.
bullet eRoom Technology
Collaborative application used to help organizations across multiple industries build a better workplace—one where the work, the tools and the workplace come together.
bullet Epicentric
Portal technology designed not only to quickly produce corporate portals, but to create and deliver Web services within a best-of-breed, multi-vendor environment.
bullet EXSYS
Software and services that enable firms to capture knowledge in expert systems built by a company's own experts. These systems can be run from a Web site, intranet and stand-alone computers to provide automated online advice and support in product selection, CRM, HR, diagnostics, technical support, regulatory compliance - any area where consistent, logical decisions are needed.
bullet FileNET
Develops and delivers solutions designed for both the enterprise content management and collaborative commerce markets, enabling organizations to realize increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability by empowering customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees to engage in business processes and exchange relevant content.
bullet Financial Times Knowledge Dialogue
Quickly and conveniently link top executives with the leading business Thought Leaders in the world. Offers executives an on-call business brain trust by combining advanced technology with the global intellectual assets of more than 70 of the world’s most influential Thought Leaders.
bullet Gartner Focus Areas: Knowledge & Content Management, Collaboration & E-Learning
Gartner is a research and advisory firm that helps clients understand technology and drive business growth.
bullet Groove Networks
Desktop collaboration software for sharing files and working with others on documents, tasks, projects and decisions.
bullet Gurteen Associates
Knowledge Management consultancy and KM resource web site.
bullet Haven Knowledge System
Helps companies use the Internet and Knowledge Management techniques to improve their performance. Services include: eKnowledge design, eCommerce analysis, content development, project management, development, and usability engineering.
bullet Hylton Associates
Consultancy with emphasis on helping the business to secure all the knowledge within through Knowledge Equity Management and Knowledge Audits.
bullet Hyperwave Information Management
Integrated knowledge management/eLearning product suite of applications including, content and document management, search and retrieval, workflow, collaboration and e learning. Also includes a portal product, which gives a single personalized point of access to all information, integration with other systems, and enables collaboration on projects
bullet IBM's Portals, Knowledge and Content Management
IBM's Workplace, Knowledge and Content Management services include both consultative and implementation services around four major areas: Dynamic Workplaces, Portals, Content Management and Knowledge Management.
bullet iCohere
Collaboration software, groupware and knowledge management tools to create communities of practice, build learning communities, and deliver online conferences and blended e-learning programs.
bullet Imaginatik
A software development and professional services firm specialized in enterprise innovation management. Their focus is on the areas of high strategic value for medium to large organizations, namely management of innovation and ideas.
bullet ImagineWare
Designs, develops and markets software that connects people, knowledge and ideas to create innovation, sustainable competitive advantage and superior performance. Provides corporations, universities, nonprofit organizations and individual entrepreneurs access to a wide range of venture services, including objective idea evaluation, business plan analysis and development, and management and technical assistance.
bullet iManage
Collaborative content management solutions.
bullet Innovation Associates
Helps companies become powerful learning organizations. Offerings include: consulting services, public training programs, customized on-site programs, train-the-trainer and licensing programs.
bullet Interwoven
Complete solution for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The products manage all assets, such as documents, XML/HTML, rich media, application code and operational data; all contributors, from the business user to the developer; all processes from discovery and creation to packaging and distribution; and across all applications, such as CRM, portals and document management, with solutions that scale from a few users to an entire global enterprise.
bullet Intraspect
Combining the best of enterprise collaboration and knowledge management technologies, Intraspect's communications-centric solutions enable people to collaborate using email, web browser and desktop applications to share knowledge, build closer business relationships, and get work done.
bullet ITI Associates
A consulting firm that assists client organizations to effectively capture, share, and leverage what they know.
bullet Kamoon
Technology that drives increased productivity for sales forces, service professionals, channel partners, and employees across the enterprise by enabling them to find and interact with the right person who can deliver critical information when it is needed. The technology matches inquires to the right expert, facilitates the right interaction process through its action-oriented workflow, captures the questions, answers and behavior, and provides measurement tools for enhancing the question & answer process.
bullet Kanisa
A customer service automation vendor that offers a software and services solution that enables enterprises to deliver online Knowledge Empowered Customer Service Automated Solution Centers.
bullet KAPS (Knowledge Architecture Professional Services) Group
A group of knowledge architect consultants experienced in delivering real, practical knowledge management. They offer a range of services from taxonomy creation to information architecture to developing a complete knowledge architecture for a business.
bullet Karomi Technology
Offers a suite of applications designed specifically for Enterprises who want to build a Collaborative Knowledge sharing network. These Web-based solutions streamline business processes to help maximize revenue opportunities and enhance client service.
bullet KMtechnologies
Developed and markets a rapidly deployed suite of team collaborative applications for people in organizations who need to work together to deliver services, improve taskforce efficiency and execute critical tasks.
bullet KMWorld Buyers' Guide
List of leading vendors, offering real solutions to knowledge management dilemmas that will help users gain and maintain control of their enterprise environment.
KNETMAPTM is a Web-based online tool that creates a visual representation of an organization's knowledge network.
bullet Knowledge Associates
A global web-centric knowledge management consulting and technology organization that focuses solely on Knowledge Management. The organization provides thought leadership, education, strategy, consulting, software solutions, web-based implementation and support for knowledge management.
bullet Knowledge Interspace
A consulting firm specializing in the designing, building and implementing of information and knowledge management information environments.
bullet Knowledge Management - A Standards Australia Portal
Standards Professional Services, a division of Standards Australia, was formed to deliver knowledge management services. The division’s aim is to assist clients of Standards Australia to implement wider knowledge management systems based on international best practices. These best practices are being captured in the ongoing development of our KM Methodology.
bullet Knowledge Management Inc (KMI)
Design practical systems that solve the real business problems associated with environmental, health and safety (EHS) management. Help corporations meet environmental regulations, achieve environmental excellence through knowledge management, achieve cost savings, and act as role models for the corporate community. Offers solutions that are designed in direct collaboration with users and are built using cutting edge technology.
bullet Knowledge Management Software
Provides knowledge management solutions for a wide range of business applications ranging from desktop through to management of the total intellectual capital of a corporate enterprise. Implementations include help desks, call centers, customer relationship management, e-learning, intranets, enterprise information / knowledge portals and web portals.
bullet Knowledge Management Toolkit
Ovitz Taylor Gates' "how-to" guide for building an enterprise knowledge management system.
bullet Knowledge Media
Provides instructional development, strategic web knowledge management, e-commerce, e-learning, and performance support systems development for federal agencies, universities, nonprofits, and fortune 500 companies.
bullet Knowledge Partners
A consulting firm specializing in Information Architecture and Business Rules. Their niche is data - data quality, data warehousing, data strategy and data architecture. In addition, their expertise is in Business Rule principles and their practical application delivered through their Business Rule Systems Development Methodology and their Legacy Rule Mining Methodology.
bullet Knowledge PlatformTM
e-learning solutions in support of rapid organizational change, with special emphasis on e-business transformation, finance industry, telecommunications, transport and logistics. Deliver customized and generic solutions with any combination of course design, content management services and community management services. Team combines skills and expertise in instructional design, visual thinking, web design, learning solutions design, training and development, knowledge management, IT systems design and integration.
bullet Knowledge Street
A small consultancy specializing in Knowledge Management and Communications. Services include: Knowledge Inventory, KM Strategy, Stakeholder Analysis, Communication Program Design, and Communications Toolkit.
bullet Knowledge WorkerTM
Software that delivers Electronic Document Content Management, Knowledge Management, Business Workflow, Knowledge Base, Project Collaboration and a Search engine to the Enterprise. Deployed either over the Internet or company's Intranet, Knowledge WorkerTM leverages the scalability and low cost of ownership of web technologies.
bullet Knowledge360
Assists organizations in leveraging tacit and explicit knowledge for performance improvement and competitive advantage. They link an organization's knowledge management initiatives to tangible business outcomes. Their approach, products, methodology, tools and techniques enable their clients to quickly realize tangible business results.
bullet KnowledgeAdvisors
A business intelligence software company with an expertise in training measurement and performance improvement.
bullet KnowledgeBase.net
An enterprise-level Knowledge Management application that enabales a business to create, maintain, and share company knowledge.
bullet KnowledgeFarm
Knowledge Management training and consulting services for organizations implementing knowledge management or e-commerce solutions, as well as services for technology vendors.
bullet KnowledgePlanet
Software solutions that enable organizations to assimilate performance-driven learning into their culture and focus individual and organizational performance on business objectives.
bullet Know-Net
Total Knowledge Management Solution developed by a European Consortium of leading edge KM consultants and tool developers.
bullet Kofax
Develops and markets products designed to manage the conversion of electronic and paper documents into electronic information. Focuses on the process of scanning large volumes of documents, extracting both image and textual information from them, and then introducing the electronic information into workflow systems, content and document management systems, and storage and retrieval systems.
bullet KPMG Consulting Knowledge Management
Provider of end-to-end technology integration services, including Knowledge Management.
bullet K-Solutions
Knowledge Management solutions providing products and consulting services.
bullet K-Sphere
Creates an atmosphere of increased knowledge sharing through real time technologies. Provides an organization with a comprehensive tool for connecting people and answers.
bullet Kuczmarski & Associates
Management consulting firm specializing in helping companies to accelerate growth through innovative new product and service development and branding, positioning and marketing strategy.
bullet Learning Mastery
Supporting collaboration and learning in high-performance organizations and networks.
bullet Level Best Consulting
Cultivating human collaboration: taking organizational performance to the next level, by the best approach.
bullet Lotus for Knowledge Management
Knowledge-empowering software that can help uncover employees' brightest ideas, pinpoint areas of expertise, and leverage intellectual capital.
bullet MarketingPilot Software
Provides an integrated software application that automates the marketing process and helps marketers plan, budget, define markets, select media, order media, spend; manage campaigns, tasks and schedules; and analyze response and marketing performance. Also, enables marketers to make immediate, informed marketing decisions.
bullet McDermott Consulting
Helps companies improve the way they develop, apply, and share knowledge. Their thinking, writing, teaching and consulting focus on four dimensions of knowledge organizations: developing knowledge business strategies, designing knowledge work processes, designing systems for stewarding knowledge, and developing communities of practice.
bullet Meridian Knowledge Solutions
A provider of online learning and knowledge management products and services. Their flagship product provides a dynamic online learning and knowledge management infrastructure that integrates courseware delivery, administrative documentation, classroom resource management, knowledge mapping, collaboration tools, knowledge capture, and performance support.
bullet mGen
A leading developer of advanced distributed knowledge, human capital and learning management systems. mGen's solutions are based on the philosophy that learning, collaboration and knowledge transfer are most successful when facilitated in a blended environment, supporting classroom-based learning, e-Learning, news and information and knowledge communities.
bullet Microsoft Office Productivity & Knowledge Management
Technology to help connect employees to information and deliver higher levels of customer service. Increase organizational IQ through collaboration, by integrating content management, collaboration, tracking, and analysis systems.
bullet Mindjet
Mind mapping software that enables business users to organize information into visual maps, revealing relationships among discrete pieces of information. Results: improved project management, process management, knowledge management, organization, decision making, learning, presentations, and planning.
bullet Monitus
A consulting firm that develops solutions that help small and medium sized businesses make significant improvements in the following areas: e-commerce, internet strategy, and Knowledge Management.
bullet myActions.com
Group collaboration tool for issues, actions and knowledge base management. It allows an organization to: create and maintain knowledge bases, manage work, and create an audit trail.
bullet NX Knowledge
The next frontier in knowledge, products, services and learning happens when people talk and work together. This consultancy works in partnership with their clients to ensure that their clients are in touch with both what's next and what matters.
bullet Obtree Technologies
A provider of Enterprise Content Management Systems for Web, WAP (Wireless Access Protocol), digital and interactive TV. The software products give everyone the power to create, share, personalize and manage content, regardless of geography, skill set or language. The content is available in real-time, so that decision-makers have the information they want when they need it.
bullet Odyssey Development
Software used in portal and e-commerce solutions where full text retrieval and an accurate search engine are of paramount importance. Offers network and internet based software for successfully data-mining of structured and unstructured data.
bullet Online Community Toolkit
An online repository from Full Circle Associates of articles, case studies, resources and musings on online community, virtual community, online interaction and online facilitation.
bullet Orbital Software
Software that provides scalable, person-to-person, Q infrastructure for Internet and corporate portals. The software brings people and information together, creating an environment in which users can ask questions, find experts and share knowledge. Creates online communities that boost web site traffic, improve customer satisfaction and foster user productivity.
bullet Open Text - Livelink®
Comprehensive collaborative platform for the development of Web-based intranets, extranets and e-communities. It enables a business to bring together the best minds in the company—and connects them to their business partners, suppliers and customers, to streamline efficiencies, gain first mover advantage and save money.
bullet OpenAir
Develops and sells software that helps organizations increase profits by better managing critical business functions and identifying, measuring, and improving upon the key metrics that drive profitability. It provides sales force automation, project estimating, resource planning, project management, project accounting, knowledge management, time and expense tracking, purchase orders, client billing and business intelligence in a single, integrated, Web-based system.
bullet Opencola®
Helps organizations harness the power of collective intelligence by creating secure virtual knowledge networks for company-wide information discovery, expert identification and knowledge sharing. Opencola® provides unified search results from the Internet, news, local drive, shared drive, Intranet, email as well as shared desktops of other users.
bullet OutSights
Manages the Knowledge-Centered Strategies team for the Consortium for Service Innovation -  works with organizations to implement eServices strategies enabled through knowledge.
bullet Participate Systems
Develops and markets enterprise software and provides management services that captures experience-based knowledge and best practices from top sales professionals and puts this information to work for an entire sales force.
bullet PensEra Knowledge Technologies
A software development and consulting company specializing in building portal solutions and knowledge tools for the legal profession.
bullet PlaceWare
Provides Web conferencing services for delivering live online business communications. Used to hold interactive meetings and presentations over the Internet with remote audiences anywhere.
bullet Primus Knowledge Solutions
Software that enables companies to deliver great service and increase customer satisfaction by accessing, analyzing and improving information.
bullet ProActivity
Software platform and related products for capturing, analyzing, sharing, and optimizing business process knowledge across the enterprise.
bullet Process Edge
Designs and supplies information and knowledge systems, re-aligns key departmental processes and helps to develop new organizational structures.
bullet Quiver
Develops and markets categorization and taxonomy software for enterprise and online content.
bullet Raging Knowledge
Software that enables organizations to harness, manage and utilize their knowledge resources more effectively through the creation of knowledge bases, whether in text form, spreadsheets, web pages, e-mails, documents or even ‘tacit‘ knowledge, the knowledge contained in the heads of their employees. This knowledge can then be made more accessible to employees and customers.
bullet Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) - Knowledge Management
Consulting practice with comprehensive approach to knowledge management, tailored to clients' business objectives. Introduces structured processes for learning before, during and after tasks; a knowledge architecture that ensures managers and staff have access to the most relevant and powerful insights; and targeted deployments of leading edge technology.
bullet Semio
Provider of information categorization solutions that enable organizations to gain critical competitive advantage by providing the needed infrastructure to optimize the value and usability of their unstructured information. The application range is wide and includes customer service, research and development and on-line publishing.
bullet SER Solutions
Developed technology that analyzes, understands, and responds to information with human-like intelligence, empowering people and businesses with the knowledge required to make fast and informed decisions. This technology forms the foundation for SER's knowledge-enabled software suite.
bullet ServiceWare
Provider of Web-based knowledge management solutions for customer service and support. Delivers a comprehensive, integrated family of eService solutions that enable organizations to easily provide customers with fast, accurate answers to inquiries across all touch points - Web, e-mail, phone or in-person.
bullet SiteScape
Provider of Web-based, business-to-business collaboration software, hosting, and services.
bullet Smith Weaver Smith - Cultural Changemakers
Identifies, incubates, and launches social ventures. In the role of project manager, interim executive, or trusted advisor, works with clients to integrate the four primary components of organizational capacity: culture, knowledge, process, and technology.
bullet Sopheon
Provider of software and services that enable companies to access internal and external information more efficiently and use it to innovate and to improve key business processes. Creates software applications that are pre-loaded with industry- and process-specific content and expert services.
bullet Stellent
A global provider of enterprise content management solutions for scalable business Web sites.
bullet Step Two Designs
A Knowledge Management consultancy that tackles the whole problem.
bullet Straits Knowledge
An independent consulting firm based in Singapore, focused on Knowledge, Innovation, and Learning.
bullet Sveiby Knowledge Associates
Consultants supporting organizations and global corporations in their process to transform themselves from a traditional Industrial Era business approach to one that creates value from Intangible Assets.
bullet Tacit Knowledge Systems
Products that automatically and continuously inventory the skills and talents of an entire organization, so people can dynamically find and connect with the expertise they need - when they need it to make decisions, solve problems, and serve customers.
bullet TeamShare
Web-based change management, bug and defect tracking software for development, technical support, quality assurance and help desk teams.
bullet TFPL
Information and knowledge management recruitment, training, consulting. Recruits and trains knowledge managers, information professionals and undertake information audits.
bullet The Innovation Group Consulting
Innovation management think tank that provides training programs, keynote speeches, workshops, and facilitation services. They give their clients the tools and techniques to foster higher levels of innovative thinking and decision-making. They go beyond the concept of creative thinking to include strategic thinking and transformational thinking (the "human side" of innovation, such as effective ways to overcome resistance to change and provide ongoing support for innovation).
bullet The Knowledge Agency
Independent research, analysis, and advisory agency specializing in information-based enterprise strategies and value-creation.
bullet The Knowledge Company
Professional services focused on designing and deploying best-in-class e-powered knowledge-centric strategies. Deliver the key research, analysis, counsel, benchmarking, education and implementation to both leverage opportunities and make a competitive difference in client’s business.
bullet TheBrain Technologies
An Enterprise Knowledge Platform that collapses the time to resolution of mission-critical goals by delivering the right information, in the right context, when employees need it. This solution links disparate data sources into a collaborative workplace accessible through a dynamic, visual interface. Unites an organization’s information systems to create a knowledge map that enables the capture and sharing of the company’s business processes and best thinking.
bullet ThoughtWeb
Infomediary technology that facilitates the rapid growth and implementation of group intelligence by linking the knowledge and ideas of individuals seamlessly and immediately.
bullet Tikal Knowledge
Provides an organization with a comprehensive tool for connecting people and answers. Auto-profiling technology that incorporates dynamic profiling update, content awareness, knowledge networking, concept based match engines, and incorporating agents to provide a complete solution for knowledge management.
bullet TimeKM™
A browser-based knowledge and time tracking system designed to capture knowledge from activity. Combines knowledge gathering with streamlined time entry as one cohesive process.
bullet Tomoye
Technology platforms for Communities of Practice.
bullet TopQuadrant
Helps enterprises envision, architect and plan knowledge-based solutions. Provide services and tools to transform business vision and strategy into solution architectures and implementation roadmaps. Offer services key to enabling distributed development for project management, offshore partner selection, architecture and requirements specification.
bullet Total Knowledge Management
Offers a portfolio of products and services, including: consultancy on knowledge management based organization development and change management, management development programs on knowledge management, IT-based products, services and solutions supporting knowledge management systems, research and publications on knowledge management, and knowledge management portal on the internet.
bullet Ultimus
Development of flexible end-to-end workflow solutions that enable companies across industries to enhance revenues through improved worker productivity. Workflow suite enables users to graphically design, test, simulate, implement, monitor, measure and administer simple or complex business processes without any programming, scripting or macros.
bullet Verity
Portal infrastructure software with three-tier foundation of search, content organization and social network technology. Powers corporate, e-commerce and B2B market exchange portals by connecting people with information, products and each other.
bullet Verna Allee Associates
Consultants and researchers with expertise in a variety of industries. Understanding of new business models and knowledge strategies comes from research and applied practice in the fields of organizational change, psychology, adult learning and living systems theory. Helps companies achieve long-term success by increasing the ability of people to learn, to change, and to achieve their highest capability.
bullet Viant
Business and technology consultancy, helps clients successfully realize the value of their intellectual assets for better business performance
bullet VisionCor
Designs and develops user-centric text, video, and graphics; anytime, anywhere e-learning solutions; and solutions that leverage knowledge assets.
bullet VistaPortal Software
A software and professional services company that provides solutions for knowledge management and intelligent decision making within the enterprise.
bullet Wherewithal
Provider of software that empowers people to form collaborative knowledge communities.
bullet Wizdom Systems
Provides clients with innovative Business Process Reengineering (BPR) solutions. Integrated software, training and consulting gives improved enterprise-wide business process and enables the organization to communicate, plan and execute a unified corporate strategy. Helps companies grow by aggressively pursuing new opportunities and employing the best business practices.
bullet Xansa
A company that transforms the business capability of its clients, by harnessing knowledge of selected industries and business processes with proven skills in applying technology, across the world.
bullet YellowPen
Develops research management solutions that help people work together to turn raw information into useful knowledge.

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