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Knowledge Management Organization Links

bullet AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) International
A global community for users and suppliers of Enterprise Content Management.
bullet American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) - Knowledge Management
APQC is a nonprofit organization supported by nearly 500 companies, government organizations, and educational institutions. It is a resource for process and performance improvement for organizations of all sizes across all industries. APQC provide the tools, information, expertise, and support needed to discover and implement best practices in a variety of areas including: benchmarking and best practices, knowledge management, customer-focused systems, organizational effectiveness, performance measurement, shared services, and k-16 education.
bullet ARPA's Knowledge Sharing Effort (KSE) Public Library
The Knowledge Sharing Effort is a consortium to develop conventions facilitating sharing and reuse of knowledge bases and knowledge based systems. The goal of the effort is to define, develop, and test infrastructure and supporting technology to enable participants to build much bigger and more broadly functional systems than could be achieved working alone.
bullet Association of Knowledgework (AOK)
The Association of Knowledgework is a virtual home where people from every specialty cross professional, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn about knowledge together.
bullet Canadian Institute for Knowledge Management Research (CIKMR)
Helps Canadian organizations stimulate innovation, collaboration and intellectual capital, by delivering a complete roadmap and supporting documentation to enable Canadian organizations to Define, Plan, Implement and Measure enterprise Knowledge Management programs in a bilingual culture.
bullet Center for Knowledge & Information Management
Research dealing with the transformation of business practices through information technology, and the creation, management, and deployment of knowledge and information.
bullet CIO Information Network (CIN)
Online community of CIOs, IT directors and other enterprise IT execs, and managers.
bullet Consortium for Service Innovation
A non-profit alliance of customer service organizations that are working together to solve industry-wide challenges. The Consortium is dedicated to improving the whole experience of customers, employees and partners through the development of innovative strategies, business models and industry standards.
bullet Creation of Innovation through Knowledge Management (CIKM)
A research project funded by the European Commission’s IST program. They search for a methodology to measure the interrelation between Knowledge Management and Innovative Performance.
bullet Data Warehousing Institute
Provider of in-depth, high quality education and training in the data warehousing and business intelligence industry. Dedicated to educating business and information technology professionals about the strategies, techniques, and tools required to successfully design, build, and maintain data warehouses. It also fosters the advancement of data warehousing research and contributes to knowledge transfer and professional development of its Members.
bullet Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)
A "network of networks" with a diverse membership base comprising public, private and not-for profit organizations from both developed and developing countries where all people are able to have access to and use knowledge and information to improve their lives.
bullet Henley Knowledge Management Research Institute
Builds new value- creating synergies between businesses, service providers and researchers. Many forms of support are provided to organizations helping them to make the most of their knowledge assets through an integrated approach that takes account of their people, business processes and technical infrastructures.
bullet IBM Institute for Knowledge-Based Organizations (IKO)
A global consortium of member organizations committed to understanding and developing tangible business value from knowledge management. IKO conducts action research aimed at advancing the discipline of knowledge management. An international community of over 30 member organizations representing industrial corporations, service firms and government agencies is actively engaged in setting research direction and participating in projects.
bullet IKM (Innovation and Knowledge Management) Practice of the Conference Board of Canada
The Conference Board of Canada is an independent, not-for-profit applied research organization in Canada. The IKM Practice helps Canadian organizations to prosper through innovation, knowledge and technology by providing strategic networks and independent analysis.
bullet Information & Knowledge Management Society (iKMS)
A non-profit organization in Singapore aimed at serving information and Knowledge Management (KM) professionals. It serves its members by making information on KM easily available through a wide array of resources such as seminars, conferences, networking opportunities, books, journals, and group discussions.
bullet Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)
An EDUCATION THINK TANK committed to helping schools and colleges identify, distill, and harness information for institutional and student success. Partners with K-16 institutions to transform their knowledge capital into more effective practices in learning and instruction, assessment and quality standards, administration and management, and information management.
bullet Kaieteur Institute For KM
Think Tank for the advanced study of knowledge, e-knowledge markets, knowledge exchanges, knowledge pattern recognition, knowledge-based business models, the enterprise ideas economy, and knowledge enabling software.
bullet KM Lab
An initiative of the KM Research Program that is a Virtual Laboratory to support research, research training and teaching in enterprise knowledge management.
bullet KM Research Program
A formal research group conducting studies towards a comprehensive approach to knowledge management for intelligent decision support. Proposed a model to support a task-based knowledge management which helps people to explicitly recognize existing and to create new knowledge while performing a task.
bullet Knowledge Management Alliance
An interactive community of organizations and individuals existing to increase competitive advantage through the unrestricted flow of practical client knowledge.
bullet Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association™ (KMBA™)
Brings together Knowledge Management professionals from a variety of companies. KMBA™ conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the effectiveness of Knowledge Management activities.
bullet Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB)
An independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to set professional standards and provide certification for Knowledge Management professionals.
bullet Knowledge Management Professionals Association (KMPA)
An organization of customer service and support professionals who gather to exchange, leverage and promote the best practices of knowledge management.
bullet Knowledge Management Society of Japan
The Knowledge Management Society of Japan is taking action, proposing activities and organizing consortiums to ensure that the "collaboration of knowledge" takes root as a cultural tradition among industries in Japan. We have done so in the belief that there is no other way of breaking though the current economic stagnation. We sincerely hope that our society will further develop as a "place for exchange" for this purpose.
bullet Knowledge Management Society of Southern Africa (KMSSA)
An organization committed to providing a network for anyone interested in knowledge management in South Africa.
bullet Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
A purpose-built showcase lab housing some sixty researchers, technologists and designers. KMi creates and studies near-term future technologies for the ultimate benefit of Open University students, staff, industrial sponsors, and a mixture of local and global learning communities. Our research addresses fundamental questions at the core of learning and knowledge.
bullet Learning Innovations Laboratories (LILA)
A learning community of organizational leaders who choose to learn at the frontiers of research and practice. This community seeks to understand how theories on human learning, innovation and organizational intelligence can enhance business strategies.
bullet Mitre
In partnership with government clients, MITRE is a not-for-profit corporation working in the public interest. MITRE's corporate KM framework fosters a common understanding of an integrated KM approach and illustrates the knowledge processes involved. Together these processes build a learning organization -- one skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge and at adapting its actions to reflect new insight and innovation.
bullet NetAcademy on Knowledge Media
The NetAcademy on Knowledge Media is striving to provide a Virtual Research Universe on Knowledge Media, i.e. a global platform for the generation, distribution, and consumption of knowledge. We investigate the new media and their contribution to innovative knowledge management. Our actual research interest focuses on the technical and methodological concepts supporting the development of knowledge media.
bullet Queen's KBE Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
Researches the management of knowledge-based enterprises. Activities focus on : Knowledge production (gaining an understanding of how best to manage knowledge-based enterprises); knowledge transmission (sharing this knowledge with others through academic and practitioner channels); and knowledge diffusion (assisting both the public and private sectors in effectively transferring this knowledge into practice).
bullet Society for Effective Lessons Learned Sharing (SELLS)
A volunteer organization comprised of members from various Department of Energy (DOE) programs, Operations Offices, sites, and contractors that share the common goal of improving information exchange across the DOE complex, as well as between the Department and other public and private organizations.
bullet Society for Organizational Learning
SoL is a global learning community dedicated to building knowledge about fundamental institutional change. We aim to help build organizations worthy of people's fullest commitment, and are committed to any institution and individual that is committed to SoL's purpose and principles. To meet this goal, we discover, integrate, and implement theories and practices for the interdependent development of people and their institutions.
bullet Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)
A global nonprofit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge. Their mission is to enhance the skills of knowledge professionals in order to help their companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.
bullet The World Bank Group: Knowledge Bank
The World Bank Group embarked on a new vision in 1996—to become a Knowledge Bank that spurs the knowledge revolution in developing countries and acts as a global catalyst for creating, sharing, and applying the cutting-edge knowledge necessary for poverty reduction and economic development. To this end, we have restructured ourselves and invested in knowledge networks, communities of practice, and information technology within the organization to enable better internal and external knowledge sharing. We have launched several new global knowledge initiatives in partnership with the private sector, international and bilateral agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and others to tackle the key social, financial, and technological challenges of the new knowledge economy.
bullet WARIA (Workflow And Reengineering International Association)
A non-profit organization, WARIA's mission is to make sense of what's happening at the intersection of Business Process Management, Workflow, Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce and reach clarity through sharing experiences, product evaluations, networking between users and vendors, education and training.
bullet WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
An international organization dedicated to helping to ensure that the rights of creators and owners of intellectual property are protected worldwide and that inventors and authors are, thus, recognized and rewarded for their ingenuity. This international protection acts as a spur to human creativity, pushing forward the boundaries of science and technology and enriching the world of literature and the arts. By providing a stable environment for the marketing of intellectual property products, it also oils the wheels of international trade.

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