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Knowledge Management General Links

bullet APQC's Knowledge Sharing Network™ (KSN™)
Online information resource for productivity and quality improvement. The system delivers research, best-practice information and serves as a central repository for knowledge and techniques for organizations of all sizes and industries
bullet Army Knowledge Online
The U.S. Army's worldwide intranet intended to transform the Institutional Army into an information-age, networked organization that leverages its intellectual capital to better organize, train, equip, and maintain a strategic land combat force.
bullet Buckman Laboratories Knowledge Nurture
Our goal is to establish a resource to help people learn about knowledge management. Our audience is not only our customers and our associates within Buckman Laboratories, but also the worldwide knowledge management community - practitioners, newcomers, academics, students, and thinkers.
bullet Building Community Collaboration and Consensus
The purpose of this site is to provide practical information for building collaboration and partnerships, locating assets and resources, developing and completing goals and objectives and achieving success.
bullet Business Processes Resource Center (BPRC)
The BPRC has identified Knowledge Management as one of the major themes for its future activities. Knowledge Management practices are seen as a crucial element of the ‘global business process’ within organizations and a major source of competitive advantage. The role of the BPRC is to promote academic-industry dialogue in this field and to develop research capacity.
bullet Business Rule Community
A vertical community for business rule professionals.
bullet Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
Collects and analyzes data from a variety of current and historical sources, including Army operations and training events, and produces lessons for military commanders, staff, and students. Disseminates these lessons and other related research materials through a variety of print and electronic media, including this web site.
bullet Collaboration and KM Resource Centre
One of the industry's most comprehensive indexes and directory sites for collaborative tools, knowledge management software, books, discussion groups and online articles.
bullet Collabovation - Innovation by Collaboration
Established to encourage innovation and growth by facilitating collaboration between individuals, firms, organisations and institutions.
bullet Communities of Practice Home Page of Fred Nickols
The materials found on this site were originally developed as part of helping a client roll out a company-wide knowledge management (KM) initiative. The materials have since been adapted for more general audiences.
bullet Community Intelligence Labs (CoIL) Home
Community Intelligence Labs stands for the cross-fertilization of ideas and inspirations among all transformational movements. We resonate with the spirit and work of the following groups and organizations as engines of transformation, and let them speak for themselves.
bullet Community Intelligence Labs (CoIL) - Communities of Practice
We, at CoIL, look at workplace communites, in general, and CoPs, in particular, as crucibles of collective intelligence. We are dedicated to provide them with the most powerful enabling infrastructures we can.
bullet CoWorking
Site dedicated to the exploration of collaboration - technologies, tools, techniques, social processes, best practices - whatever it is that brings people together to work effectively and productively as equals.
bullet cyNit Portal
This portal is a platform for knowledge discovery and knowledge sharing. It covers topics related to Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce.
bullet Department of Energy Lessons Learned Information Services
The development of the DOE Lessons Learned Program was the result of a Process Improvement Team (PIT) from across the Department of Energy. The momentum resulting from the efforts of the PIT has continued with the transition to the DOE Society for Effective Lessons Learned Sharing (SELLS). The information and links here are maintained by SELLS for all Department of Energy users.
bullet EDAMOK (Enabling Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge)
A project to develop research in information technology and software tools that support the Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge.
bullet ENTOVATION International
ENTOVATION® International serves as the hub of a world-wide network of expertise exploring new methods of Knowledge Innovation®.
bullet Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation
The Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation is a source of new knowledge and insights for management. We exist to discover and develop innovations in strategy, organization, and technology that deliver high value to business.
bullet Etienne Wenger's web site on Communities of Practice
Independent thinker, researcher, consultant, author, and speaker mostly known for work on communities of practice. Work focuses on social learning systems - trying to understand the connection between knowledge, community, learning, and identity. The basic idea is that human knowing is fundamentally a social act. This simple observation has profound implications for the way we think of and attempt to support learning.
bullet Federal CIO Council Knowledge Management Working Group CD on the Web
Compendium of knowledge management resources and tools developed and compiled by the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group, which is chartered under the Best Practices Committee of the Federal CIO Council.
bullet Foundation Knowledge Portal
Knowledge Management portal for facilities, infrastructure. and the environment.
bullet Gotcha!
Guide to Knowledge Management (KM). It is designed for those who are new to KM and still exploring its fundamentals, as well as for power users looking to expand their KM resources or understanding.
bullet Hubert Saint-Onge Toolkit
A support system for consultants, CKOs and individuals who wish to create a knowledge-focused strategy within organizations. The tools and methods included in the Toolkit are developed for conceptually agile people who are practical in their knowledge
management approach.
bullet ICASIT's Knowledge Management Central
ICASIT's (International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology) Collaborative Knowledge Management Repository.
bullet Information & KM Resource Center
Articles, lectures, magazines, consultants & vendors, courses & teaching material, associations & research centers, books, and case studies - web site initiated and maintained by Mihir Parikh, Assistant Professor of Management at Polytechnic University
bullet Innovation Network
Resources for building Innovation Communities regarding organizational innovation creativity strategic planning new product learning organization that delivers outstanding bottom line results.
bullet Institute for Intellectual Capital Research (IICR)
Institute for Intellectual Capital Research (IICR) is a research think-tank and consulting firm in the areas of knowledge management, intellectual capital, and organizational learing.
bullet ITtoolbox Portal for KM
ITtoolbox provides a knowledge network and support environment for the IT industry. This portal provides a knowledge management community for IT professionals. Focusing on business intelligence, communication, collaboration, document management, enterprise portals, and areas of knowledge management.
bullet KM.Gov
A resource for knowledge management initiatives in the Federal Government.
bullet KM Wiki - Denham Grey
Large collaborative KM repository on the web by Denham Grey.
bullet KMarea.com
KMarea.com is a window on the world of Knowledge Management. From news and forums, through to practical advice on Knowledge Management issues, KMarea is a resource you need to stay ahead in the fast moving world that is Knowledge Management.
bullet KMetaSite
KMetaSite offers all those interested in Knowledge Management a single entry point to the universe of information regarding this field. Whether a newcomer trying to make sense of the field, a specialist looking for the latest resources, a business looking for a solution or a student interested in KM reference material, this site offers an access point to specialized KM resources.
bullet KMTool -- KM Projects Planning Resource
A resource for planning knowledge management (KM) projects (i.e., projects that promote sharing and use of knowledge such as ideas, expertise, best practices).
bullet KMWorld Best Practices White Papers
KMWorld Best Practices White Papers combine the instructional and informational content from the industry-leading solutions providers with the editorial quality and objectivity of the industry-leading publications. The series of papers covers subjects such as Content Management, Portals, Relationship Management and Knowledge Management.
bullet KMWorld Knowledge Community
The Web site allows professionals in the field to ask KM-related questions, receive answers, connect with experts and share practical experiences. It also provides an environment to test new ideas, find timely assistance on KM projects and create opportunities for new business development.
bullet Knexa: Knowledge for Business
Knexa is the Knowledge Exchange Auction, where users may buy and sell their knowledge and experience online. Knexa.com is the global Internet knowledge marketplace, which provides for the commercial exchange of ideas and information by giving buyers and sellers an opportunity to set a fair market value on knowledge assets through an easy and enjoyable interface.
bullet Knowinc.com
A portal that supports organization development through applied knowledge management. Develop Web-based tools to support knowledge management initiatives. Advocates of technology to support knowledge management initiatives but consider the human network to be the most significant contributing factor.
bullet Knowledge Board
Portal for the European Knowledge Management Forum. KM articles, events, jobs, workshops, discussions, a who's who in KM, plus a fortnightly newswire.
bullet Knowledge Connections
Comprehensive web site on knowledge management strategy, guidelines, tools and resources and home of I3 Update. Site is maintained by David Skyrme Associates, a networked management consultancy specializing in advising senior executives and policy makers on how to create and implement successful knowledge-based strategies.
bullet Knowledge Management and Decision Support (KMDS) Website of the U.S. Navy
This site features information about SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare) Systems Center-San Diego (SSC-SD) knowledge management and decision support projects.
bullet Knowledge Management Center
A meeting place for business professionals who are interested obtaining information and knowledge on the current news, events, trends and developments in the areas of: Knowledge Management, electronic imaging, content management, and workflow.
bullet Knowledge Management for Training Professionals
San Diego State University site designed to give training professionals the information they need to apply their skills as a trainer to Knowledge Management initiatives.
bullet Knowledge Management Forum
The Knowledge Management Forum is a virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices collectively called - Knowledge Management.
bullet Knowledge Management Glossary
A Knowledge Management glossary compiled by the UK National Health Service's (NHS) National Electronic Library for Health for NHS organizations that are just starting out with the introduction and implementation of Knowledge Management principles and practices.
bullet Knowledge Management in the DoN
Knowledge Management site of The Department of the Navy.
bullet Knowledge Management News
A free email newsletter and information repository focused on the disciplines of Knowledge Management, Content Management, eLearning, and information management.
bullet Knowledge Management Primer
Modular sections designed as an introduction to the Knowledge Management field on the Knowledge Management Initiatives web site of the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto.
bullet Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) for Education
The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), in partnership with Best Buy Company, has developed and launched a Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) to disseminate knowledge and best practices. Our goal is to significantly improve student achievement by helping educators share and implement "what works."
bullet Knowledge Systems MetaCommunity
A group of entities interested in the development of knowledge systems. They have a common vision in the emergence of a global consciousness to which they deliberately and systematically contribute in management of knowledge systems practice.
bullet KnowledgeClicks.com
An Information Technology Related Portal that includes topics such as Knowledge Management and Data Warehousing.
bullet Knowledgepoint
Find answers to questions and solutions for your pressing knowledge management problems.
bullet Knowledge Research Institute (KRI)
The mission of Knowledge Research Institute, Inc. (KRI) is to assist organizations in building, organizing, utilizing, and safeguarding knowledge. Its goals are to promote the understanding, nature, and management of knowledge.
bullet Knowledgeshop
Intellectual Capital store, stocked with products and services that enhance knowledge and the development of tangible and intangible assets.
bullet KnowNet Initiative
KnowNet aims to popularize and facilitate knowledge networking in developing countries for overall human development through the amalgamation of Information and Communication Technology and remote volunteering.
bullet KnowNet Weaver
Online tool-kit to enable Communities, Non-Governmental Organizations and Individuals to host local knowledge on the Internet to catalyze the process of Knowledge Networking.
bullet LEO - Learning Exchange Organization
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge to individuals, business, and government.
bullet Melcrum Online
Melcrum Online is your update on hot topics in corporate communication, knowledge management and human resources. Each month we bring you a selection of articles by field experts, research findings, industry news and events.
bullet Meta KM
Knowledge management portal for practitioners, researchers, and solution providers.
bullet National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Lessons Learned
A web-based lessons learned (LL) tool designed to facilitate the sharing of information in a consistent and timely manner among headquarters elements and contractor and subcontractor entities. The sharing of LL can potentially reduce risk, improve efficiency, and enhance the cost effectiveness of NNSA processes and operations.
bullet Navy Knowledge Online
A knowledge portal for the U.S. Navy designed for the learning organization and builds the concept of communities. The portal is a common vessel for all learning to be channeled through in both push and pull contexts.
bullet Office of Environmental Management's (EM) Lessons Learned Program
Promotes the sharing of knowledge across the Department of Energy complex with specific emphasis on lessons learned relevant to environmental management business and functional areas. The result of which are improved efficiencies and effectiveness, reduced risk and waste, as well as acceleration of remediation project closure.
bullet Personal KM for the Individual and the Enterprise
Personal side of knowledge management and a survey of what others are doing in relation to Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).
bullet PROMOTE
A European project running in the IST-programme whose main goal is to develop a process oriented knowledge management system - named PROMOTE - embedded in the context of modeled business processes and to validate it with end users in the banking and insurance area.
bullet Storytelling: 21st Century Passport
World's leading thinkers explore the role of storytelling in business, storytelling in organizations, organizational storytelling, Why storytelling now, What role does storytelling play in the creation and sharing of knowledge-the role of storytelling in the 21st Century.
bullet Sveiby Toolkit
A s
upport system for consultants, CKOs and individuals who wish to create a knowledge-focused strategy within organizations. The tools and methods included in the Toolkit are developed for conceptually agile people who are practical in their knowledge management approach.
bullet The Business Louge - Knowledge Management Channel
The site provides a virtual noticeboard for professionals to share their thoughts and successes - a free and open exchange of ideas and issues.
bullet The KNOW Network
THE KNOW NETWORK is an international Web-based professional knowledge sharing network. Its principal aim is to help you create the best possible level of performance across your organization by building on the know-how and skills of world-class knowledge-based enterprises.
bullet The Knowledge Management Resource Center
Gateway to knowledge management resources including major KM sites, KM periodicals, KM news, KM forums, KM articles, more.
bullet The Silicon Valley World Internet Center
A global Knowledge Network for the advancement of eMarkets. The Center provides a physical and virtual forum for high-level collaboration among technology leaders and key end-users. The Center focuses primarily on the areas of eBusiness, eServices and wireless communication.
bullet Verna Allee Toolkit
A support system for internal and external consultants, strategists, CKO’s and individuals who wish to create a knowledge-focused strategy within organizations.
bullet WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management (@brint.com)
Knowledge Management Portal and Global Virtual Community of Practice for the New World of Business.
bullet Yahoo Knowledge Management club
A place for the beginner and expert to learn, exchange ideas, and increase understanding of Knowledge Managment topics.

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