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bullet CIO.com's Executive Research Center
CIO executive resources for professionals interested in the strategic application of technology. Including links to articles, discussion forum, and an executive career Q&A.
bullet CIO.com's Leadership Research Center
Leadership resources to help leaders become the best leaders they can be.
bullet Executive Excellence Publishing
Source of knowledge on personal and organizational leadership development. Features personal and executive performance systems, resource center, speakers bureau, and publishing services.
bullet Harvard Business Review
Written for the serious businessperson by leading business executives, specialists, scholars and consultants, this magazine is designed to help business leaders troubleshoot and solve problems. Exchanges of ideas and thoughtful analysis offer new insights into the changing and challenging world of business, and assist in planning for the future. Published by Harvard Business School Publishing.
bullet Harvard Business Online
Web site of Harvard Business School Publishing, a publisher of books, articles, cases, videos, and interactive multimedia that represent the best of contemporary thinking in business and management.
bullet Harvard Management Update
Monthly newsletter that assists in generating ideas, understanding management trends, and solving current business problems. Each issue helps answer the question, "How can I be more effective today?" Published by Harvard Business School Publishing.
bullet Journal of Organizational Change Management
Analyzes new approaches and research theories, including: adapting strategic planning to the need for change, leadership research, responsibility for change implementation and follow-through, psychology of change and its effect on the workforce, total quality management, organizational learning, consultation for organizational change, entrepreneurship.
bullet MIT's Sloan Management Review
Peer-reviewed journal covering all management disciplines, but focusing on strategy, organizational change, and management of technology. Published by the MIT Sloan School of Management.
bullet MIT's Technology Review
MIT's magazine of innovation that promotes the understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on business and society.
bullet Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management
An independently managed web site of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania whose missions is to: stimulate basic research and practical application in the area of strategic leadership and change management, enhance the understanding of how to build and develop leadership in and for organizations, and assist the leadership and change agendas of the school and its faculty and affiliates.

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