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KM Leaders Articles

bullet Mover & Shakers 2001: Verna Allee, Michael Burtha, Baruch Lev, David Owens, Ray Ozzie, Ash Sooknanan
by the Editors of Knowledge Management Magazine
bullet Verna Allee on Rethinking KM
by Steve Barth
bullet Tom Davenport & Larry Prusak on "Working Knowledge"
interview by @BRINT
bullet Steve Denning on Storytelling
Steve Denning's web site
bullet Kent Greenes: World's Leading Moneymaker in KM
SAIC's Chief Knowledge Officer on SAIC web site
bullet Baruch Lev on Intangible Assets
by Alan Kay
bullet David Owens on KM and Profits
by David Owens
bullet Ash Sooknanan on KM in the Public Sector
by Michael Robins
bullet KMís father figure: Robert Buckman
interview by InfoWorld
bullet The Knowledge: Karl-Erik Sveiby - Reflections on how the discipline has evolved, and what the future has in store
by Simon Lelic
bullet Who's in Charge? - Choosing the right leader for knowledge initiatives is a crucial first step
by Wayne Rash

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