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General Articles

bullet Alignment of Information Technology and Business
by Paul Strassmann, Danek Bienkowski
bullet An Organic Approach To Management
by Roger Lewin and Birute Regine
bullet Bringing Life to Organizational Change
by Margaret J. Wheatley, Myron Kellner-Rogers
bullet Change Management: A Must for Today's Organization
by Hemamalini Suresh
bullet Leadership in the New Economy
by Andy Hickford
bullet Lessons Learned in Six Sigma Implementation
by Paige Leavitt
bullet Quick Change Artists - 7 Secrets
by Stephanie Overby
bullet Revitalizing Six Sigma: What Matters Most to the Business
by Nadia Uddin and John Crager
bullet Servant-Leadership in the 21st Century
by Margaret J. Wheatley
bullet The Age of Social Transformation
by Peter F. Drucker
bullet The Challenges of Profound Change
by Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Art Kleiner, Charlotte Roberts, Rick Ross, George Roth
bullet The Leader of the Future
by William C. Taylor
bullet What is Six Sigma? - The Roadmap to Customer Impact
General Electric
white paper
bullet Winning at Change
by John P. Kotter

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