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Knowledge Management Event Presentations
(in reverse chronological order)

bullet Piloting Knowledge Management: Lessons Learned from the Small-scale Approach to Design & Implementation
May 2003
bullet Knowledge Management in Rolls-Royce
March 2003
bullet Measuring Learning for Innovation and Linking It to Performance slides
March 2003
bullet Knowledge Management Offerings and Lessons Learnt During Their Implementation slides
February 2003
bullet Performance Through Learning: Using a Knowledge Management Framework slides
December 2002

KM World 2002 presentations
October 2002

bullet InfoToday 2002 presentations
May 2002
bullet The Knowledge Management 2002 Conference & Exhibition presentations
April 2002
bullet KM World 2001 presentations
October 2001
bullet Holistic Development of KM with the KM Maturity Model
December 2000
bullet KM World 2000 presentations
September 2000

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