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Knowledge Management General Articles

bullet 11 Steps to Building a Knowledge Map
by Jason Bargent
bullet 2002 North American Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Study - Executive Summary
by Teleos - The KNOW Network
bullet A KM Oversight Structure
by Cynthia J. Odom, John F. Starns
bullet A Learning Organization
by Ron Bleed
bullet A Meta-Data Repository is the Key to Knowledge Management
by David Marco
bullet A Timely Notion Worth Considering: Idea Management May Help Validate Knowledge Management
by Tony Kontzer
bullet Analyzing KM Gaps
by Cynthia Odom and John Starns

Applying Knowledge Management to Oil and Gas Industry Challenges
by Paige Leavitt (with contributions from Cynthia Raybourn and Cindy Hubert)

bullet Art and Practice of Being a Revolutionary
by Verna Allee
bullet Becoming A Knowledge-Based Business
a conversation with Stan Davis
bullet Benchmarking Knowledge Management in U.S. and UK Law Firms
by Stuart Kay
bullet Better Understanding Knowledge for Personal and Business Success
by Steve Hales
bullet Beyond Knowledge Management: New Ways to Work and Learn
by The Conference Board

Beyond the Data Warehouse: Affecting Business Change
by John Ladley

bullet BI's Promised Land
by Erik Thomsen
bullet BSI (British Standards Institution) Position Statement on Standardization within Knowledge Management
by Toby Farmer
bullet Building a Better Knowledge Base -- A Primer
by Jason Compton
bullet Building a Business Rules System
by Barbara von Halle
bullet Building the Knowledge-Based Organization: How Culture Drives Knowledge Behaviors
by David De Long
bullet Building the Bases of Knowledge
by Jennifer O'Herron

Business Impact of Knowledge Management
by Robert S. Seiner


Business Process Intelligence
by Mark Smith

bullet Can You Measure Return On Knowledge?
by Kim Ann Zimmerman

Cashing In On Knowledge
by Tim Stevens

bullet Challenges in Locating Experts
by Ben Mowbray
bullet Checklist for KM Professional  Services
by K. Harris, J. Bair of The GartnerGroup
bullet Choosing Your Spots for Knowledge Management
by Peter Novins, Richard Armstrong
bullet Common Knowledge
by Salvatore Salamone
bullet Competing on Knowledge
by Michael H. Zack
bullet Computer Security Meets KM--Knowing When to Worry
by Judith Lamont
bullet Contemporary Content
by Katherine C. Adams

Content Management: What's In It For Me?
by Thomas Lites

bullet Context-Specific Intellectual Capital—The Next Link in the Knowledge Chain
by C. A. Singer
bullet Conversation as a Core Business Process
by Juanita Brown, David Isaacs
bullet Creating a Knowledge Culture
by Susanne Hauschild, Thomas Licht, Wolfram Stein
bullet Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture
by American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC)
bullet Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture
by David Gurteen
bullet Creating Knowledge Management Systems
by Andy Low Lock Yen
bullet David Brett on Issues in Knowledge Management
by Stephanie Dodge
bullet Demystifying Document Management
by Michael Bronder
bullet Designing Online Knowledge Communities: Developing a Usability Evaluation Criteria Catalogue
by Tobias Mueller-Prothmann and Carsten Siedentopf
bullet Determining Enterprise Portal ROI
by Colin White
bullet Developing a Business Case for Corporate Portals
by Dr. José Cláudio Cyrineu Terra
bullet Developing Knowledge Management Structures in Support of Best Practice in Patient Care Within a Health Community
Sandwell Healthcare NHS Trust - Community Project Pilot Report
by Jooli Atkins, Dr. Elizabeth Hughes, Dr. Andrea Mayne
bullet Developing Rewards and Recognition for Knowledge Sharing
by American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC)
bullet E-Learning: The Second Wave
by Craig R. Taylor
bullet Engaging Everyone in Contributing to a Knowledge Strategy
by Carole Nicolaides
bullet ENKE's (Enhancing Knowledge Management in Enterprises) Knowledge Management Framework
by Angela Dickinson, Donau-Universität Krems (DUK)
bullet Enterprise IP and the Quest For Value
by J. Scott Dinsdale, Dr. Jim Taylor
bullet Evaluating the Benefits of Knowledge Management
by Kingsley Martin
bullet Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Projects
by Markus Perkmann
bullet Evangelizing Knowledge Management
by David Gurteen
bullet Explaining and Capturing CoP Value
by Miguel Cornejo Castro
bullet Find The Experts
by Michael P. Voelker
bullet Five Reasons People Don't Tell What They Know
by Carol Kinsey Goman
bullet Five Tips to Reduce Knowledge Loss
by Brian Frank
bullet Framework and Guidelines for Human Factors Change Management in KM
by The European Knowledge Management Forum
bullet Future of KM: Business Roadmap
by Paul Riches, Jeroen Kemp, Patricia Wolf, Marc Pudlatz, Diane Le Moult
bullet Good Practices in Managing Knowledge
by Christian van 't Hof
bullet Happy Together: Knowledge Management and Collaboration Work Hand-In-Hand to Satisfy the Thirst for Information
by Kim Ann Zimmerman
bullet Holistic Development of Knowledge Management with KMMM®
by Karsten Ehms, Dr. Manfred Langen
bullet How to Build an Effective Knowledge Map
by Jason Bargent
bullet How to Get Your Company in the Know
by Henry Baltazar
bullet How to Use Portals as a Knowledge-Sharing Mechanism
by Chun Man Lam
bullet How Smarter Companies Get Results From KM
by Peter Murray
bullet How Things Change
by Sandy Kendall
bullet Imparting Knowledge Through Storytelling
by Tom Reamy
bullet Importance of Knowledge Capital
by Paul A. Strassmann
bullet Improving Knowledge Work Processes
by Tom Davenport, Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Mike Beers
bullet In Search of Experts: Pharmaceuticals Enters Next Phase of KM
by Kim Ann Zimmermann
bullet Information Technology for Knowledge Management
by Uwe M. Borghoff, Remo Pareschi

Insights from KPMG's European Knowledge Management Survey 2002/2003
by KPMG Knowledge Advisory Services

bullet Integrated Content Management
by Dmitri Tcherevik
bullet Integration is Key to Making the Most of KM
by Kim Ann Zimmerman
bullet Introducing the Knowledge City: A Proposed Metaphor for a Knowledge Interface
by Yesha Sivan, Judith Rosen
bullet IT Tools for Knowledge Management: A Study of the Current Situation
by Ruth Cobos, José A. Esquivel, Xavier Alamán
bullet Just-In-Time Knowledge Management: Part I
by Dave Snowden
bullet Just-In-Time Knowledge Management: Part II
by Dave Snowden
bullet KM and Human Resources Management
by R. Suresh
bullet KM: An Unnatural Act?
by Karen Winton
bullet KM Assessment Model and Tool
by The European Knowledge Management Forum
bullet KM Diagnosis and Prescription
by Cynthia J. Odom, John F. Starns
bullet KM in the U.S. Government Sector
by Alex Motsenigos and Jocelyn Young
bullet KM On The Go—Sales Force Automation Tools Drive Business
by Kim Ann Zimmermann
bullet KM Quick: A KM Tool for Government Practitioners
by The FAA Knowledge Services Network and The Federal KM Network
bullet KM Survey - A World First
by Bruce Harris
bullet Knowing me - Knowing you? (An organic KM solution to organizational change)
by Józefa Fawcett
bullet Knowledge Automation: Delivering On The Promise Of Knowledge Management
by Cadir Lee
bullet Knowledge City: a digital knowware - The construction of a knowledge-creating public space in Brazil
by Gilson Schwartz
bullet Knowledge Culture
by Don Tapscott
bullet Knowledge-enabled Competitive Intelligence: CI Across Business Functions
by Rachele Williams
bullet Knowledge Exchange
by Douglas King
bullet Knowledge Integration: Insight Through the E-Portal
by Darren B. Selsky, Dr. Floyd P. Eisenberg, Dr. William Hersh, Hans J. Buitendijk
bullet Knowledge Management 2002-2003: The End of the Beginning
by Eric Woods
bullet Knowledge Management and Information Systems
by Jouni Meriluoto
bullet Knowledge Management and Six Sigma: Exploring the Potential of Two Powerful Disciplines
by Paige M. Leavitt
bullet Knowledge Management as a Methodology Towards Intellectual Capital
by Gil Ariely

Knowledge Management Attracts Powerhouse Vendors
by Debra Logan, French Caldwell

bullet Knowledge Management Comes to Philanthropy
by Marla M. Capozzi, Stephanie M. Lowell, Les Silverman
bullet Knowledge Management for Clinical Decision Making
by Inigo Urkidi Diez and Itziar Alonso Urbistondo
bullet Knowledge Management for e-Business Performance
by Yogesh Malhotra
bullet Knowledge Management: From Nebulous To Necessary For Customer Service
by Jessica Jordan
bullet Knowledge Management in Acquisition and Program Management (KM in the AM and PM)
by Neal Pollock
bullet Knowledge Management Maturity Model of the VISION Project
by Ron Weerdmeester, Chiara Pocaterra, Mark Hefke
bullet Knowledge Management Model Guides KM Process
by Cynthia Taylor Small, Jean Tatalias
bullet Knowledge Management Needs Organizational Learning for Human Context
by Howard Rowley
bullet Knowledge Management, Response Ability, and the Agile Enterprise
by Rick Dove
bullet Knowledge Management Shepherds Drug Development
by Kim Ann Zimmerman
bullet Knowledge Management 'Standardisation'
edited by Jeroen Kemp, Frithjof Weber, Marc Pudlatz, Michael Wunram, Bernd Bredehorst
bullet Knowledge Management: The Art of Enhancing Productivity and Innovation with the Human Resources in Your Organization
by Stephan Kudyba
bullet Knowledge Mapping Aids Discovery of Organizational Information
by Ray D'Amore, Manu Konchady, Leo Obrst
bullet Knowledge Mapping Guides Organizations to Knowledge Within its Walls
by Vicki Powers
bullet Knowledge Mismanagement and Corporate Ethics
by Ben Mowbray
bullet Knowledge Processes: An Overview of the Principal Models
by Adriana Maria Ortiz Laverde, Alvaro Fdez. Baragano, Jose Maria Sarriegui Dominguez
bullet Knowledge Retention Captures Critical Knowledge Before Baby Boomers Walk Away
by Vicki J. Powers
bullet Knowledge Sharing Shifts the Power Paradigm
by Carol Willett
bullet Knowledge Strategy: Aligning Knowledge Programs to Business Strategy
by Peter H. Jones, Ph.D.
bullet Knowledge Transfer Networks
by Madeleine Butschler
bullet Knowledge Transfer Through Inheritance: Spin-out Generation, Development and Survival
by Rajshree Agarwal, Raj Echambadi, April M. Franco, MB Sarkar
bullet KUBE: A Knowledge Centered Way to Manage Projects
by Javier Finez
bullet Learning Management and Knowledge Management Integration
by brandon-hall.com
bullet Letting Go of the KM Profit Motive
by Paul A. Strassmann
bullet Leveraging Expertise to Build an Organizational Capability
by John Storck, Carol Gorelick
bullet Linking e-Business and Operating Processes: The Role of Knowledge Management
by L. Fahey, R. Srivastava, J. S. Sharon, D. E. Smith
bullet Linking Partners in the Supply Chain— KM helps manage the process
by Kim Ann Zimmermann
bullet Maintaining Intellectual Capital
by Michael Loria
bullet Management Education and Knowledge Ecology
by George Pór
bullet Managing Knowledge as a Strategic Resource for Electronic Government
by Gregoris Mentzas, Dimitris Apostolou, Andreas Abecker
bullet Managing Knowledge Without Tears
by Sultan Kermally
bullet Managing the Transformation to an e-Learning Organization
by Janet Simpson
bullet Mobilizing Knowledge Workers with Wireless Solutions
by Madanmohan Rao
bullet Next-Generation Knowledge Management Thematic Network
by A. Maedche, A. Abecker, M. Hefke
bullet Nurturing Interpersonal Trust for Knowledge-Intensive Work
by Lisa C. Abrams, Rob Cross, Eric Lesser, Daniel Z. Levin
bullet Orphan Knowledge: The New Challenge for Knowledge Management
by Ian Caddy
bullet Personal Knowledge Management Tools
by Knowledge Management Magazine (US)
bullet Personal Knowledge Publishing and Its Uses in Research
by Sébastien Paquet
bullet Portals Open Doors to Processes
by Penny Lunt
bullet Postgraduate Research Supervision: A Process of Knowledge Management
by Dr. Fang Zhao

Process of Knowledge Building in Educational Departments
by Abhijit Rao

bullet Prognosis Good for KM in Patient Treatment
by Judith Lamont
bullet Proven ROI Methodology for Today's Enterprise Portals
by Tim Nolt
bullet Rethinking Knowledge Management: This Time It’s Personal
edited by Stowe Boyd
bullet Rewards and Recognition in Knowledge Management
by American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC)
bullet Serving Knowledge - Seven insights about Knowledge Management in the IT service industry
by Kemal A. Delic
bullet Shaping Human Resource Management Within a Knowledge-Driven Enterprise
by Hubert Saint-Onge
bullet Sharing Knowledge Through Storytelling
by Deborah Sole
bullet Standardization in Knowledge Management - Towards a Common KM Framework in Europe
by Frithjof Weber, Michael Wunram, Jeroen Kemp, Marc Pudlatz, Bernd Bredehorst
bullet State of the Notion
by Steve Barth
bullet Storytelling in Organizations: The power and traps of using stories to share knowledge in organizations
by Deborah Sole, Daniel Gray Wilson
bullet The Future of Knowledge Management
by Ilkka Tuomi
bullet The Intelligent Organization
by Friedrich Bock
bullet The Knowledge Economy and Corporate eLearning: Current & Upcoming Developments in the U.S. Market
Proceeding of a Think Tank Session of The Silicon Valley World Internet Center
bullet The Knowledge Paradox: How to Manage Your Most Strategic Asset
by CIO Information Network
bullet The Mindset of “Job Security” Can Be Killing Your Company's Best Resource
by Carole Nicolaides
bullet The Outside-In Portal
by Grant Norris & David J. Duray
bullet The Role of Knowledge Management in New Drug Development
by Paige M. Leavitt
bullet The Role of Stories in Knowledge Management
by Rudy Ruggles
bullet The Role of the Knowledge Audit in Corporate Intranet Design
by Dr. Ann Hylton
bullet The State of KM
by Greg Dyer, Brian McDonough
bullet The Strength of Weak Ties You Can Trust: The Mediating Role of Trust In Effective Knowledge Transfer
by Daniel Z. Levin, Rob Cross, Lisa C. Abrams
bullet The Third Stage of KM Emerges
by Dr. Michael E.D. Koenig
bullet The Value Evolution
by Verna Allee
bullet The World Cafe: Living Knowledge Through Conversations That Matter
by Juanita Brown
bullet Tools for a Real Knowledge Management Payoff
by Maria Seddio
bullet Using Stories to Spark Organizational Change
by Stephen Denning
bullet Vigorous Knowledge Management
by Dr. Mirko Noordegraaf
bullet When Do Organizational Routines Work Well? - A New Approach to Knowledge Management
by Daniel Z. Levin
bullet Why Should I Trust You? - Predictors of Interpersonal Trust in a Knowledge Transfer Context
by Daniel Z. Levin, Rob Cross, Lisa C. Abrams
bullet Working Knowledge: Employees Contribute to the Enterprise as Knowledge Managers
by Katherine C. Adams
bullet Working With Tacit Knowledge
by Joseph A. Horvath, Ph.D.

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