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"Community of Practice (CoP)" Articles

bullet An Introduction to Online Communities
by Helen Baxter
bullet Communities of Practice and Organizational Performance
by Eric L. Lesser, J. Storck
bullet Communities of Practice: Learning as a Social System
by Etienne Wenger
bullet Communities of Practice: Making the Most of Intellectual Capital
by Eric L.  Lesser, Kathryn Everest
bullet Communities of Practice, Social Capital, & Organizational Knowledge
by Eric Lesser, Larry Prusak
bullet Communities That Count: Adding Value Through Communities
by Frank Lekanne Deprez, Paulien Bakker, Angelique van der Gun
bullet Effective Virtual Teams Through Communities of Practice
by Chris Kimble, Feng Li, Alexis Barlow
bullet Evolving Communities of Practice: IBM Global Services Experience
by P. Gongla, C. R. Rizzuto
bullet How to Make a CoP Fly
by Diane Le Moult
bullet Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and Communities of Practice
by John Pierce, C. Eng
bullet Intellectual Stimulation - CoPs Contribute to Corporate Success Through Innovation
by John Harney
bullet Knowing in Community: 10 Critical Success Factors in Building Communities of Practice
by Richard McDermott
bullet Learning in Communities
by Etienne Wenger and William Snyder
bullet Leveraging Communities of Practice
by Cynthia J. Odom and John F. Starns
bullet Measuring the Success of an Online Community
by Joseph P. Cothrel
bullet Radical Innovation with Communities of Practice
by George Por
bullet Top Ten Trends for Online Communities
by Jim Cashel
bullet Twelve Lessons to Develop and Sustain Online Knowledge Communities
by Dr. José Cláudio Cyrineu Terra
bullet Utility, Value and Knowledge Communities
by Miguel Cornejo

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