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About This Web Site
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This web site is a dynamic and comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition. The site was built and continues to evolve in the true spirit of Knowledge Management: to share with others and help them succeed.



In the left column of each page, there is a vertical navigation bar for the Knowledge Management content of this site. There is a menu item for each home page of the major subject areas (e.g., KM Overview, KM Articles) in the top portion of the bar. When a selected major subject area (e.g., KM Articles) has subordinate pages, there are corresponding submenu items for these subordinate pages in the bottom portion of the navigation bar, below the line (e.g., Introductory, CKO). Note that the first item in the submenu list is the selected major subject area.
At the top of each page there is a horizontal navigation bar with buttons for functional and administrative pages of this site (e.g., Search Site, What's New). Note that the What's New archive pages can be accessed from the left column navigation bar's sub-menu when What's New is selected.
The top right of each page contains a drop-down box (Go To:) with a menu that lists every page on this site (similar to a site Table of Contents). Any page on the site can be directly accessed by clicking on a drop-down menu item. Major menu item (e.g., KM Articles Home) subordinate pages are indicated by an entry with a "..." prefix (e.g., ...Introductory, ...Collaboration).
The bottom of each page contains horizontal navigation links to the home page of each major KM subject area (e.g., KM Articles Home). Below these links are a second set of horizontal navigation links to the functional and administrative pages of this site (e.g., Search Site | What's New). In this latter group, there is also a link to the top of the current page (e.g., Back to top).

Clicking on "The Knowledge Management Advantage" banner at the top right of any page will return you to this site's home page.


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All downloadable articles and presentations on this site are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

This site is best viewed in a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Please note that the drop-down box for navigation on the upper right of every page and the in-line frame of Quotes on the site's home page do not work in Netscape browsers prior to version 6. 
 To get the Adobe Acrobat reader and/or the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software click on the corresponding logo below.


This web site was developed to share information about Knowledge Management (KM) with others and to promote KM. The articles on this site were obtained from other internet sites where they were available to the public for free. Rather than provide the hyperlink to an article, the articles were converted to Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format to avoid the problems that occur when web sites remove valuable articles from their sites. The source of an article is included in its content. Please visit the referenced web sites to explore other terrific information that may be of interest to you.


The design of this web site is based on an FP World™ template.

This web site is brought to you as a
public service
to assist professionals interested in
Knowledge Management.

KM Advantage, LLC
the original sponsor of this site
is no longer in business.
The founder of KM Advantage, LLC has
embarked on a new venture and formed:

The Provider's Edge, LLC

Optimizing patient care and business profitability through technology"

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