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Electronic Health Records Products and Services Links
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Note: All links are for information purposes only and do not constitute any endorsements.

bullet A4 Health Systems
Offers electronic medical record, medical practice management software and other computer based patient record solutions.
bullet Abbey Associates
Technology services to hospitals that includes software applications related to patient instructions, medication, clinical computing, and JCAHO Information Management compliance.
bullet Acrendo Medical Software
AImed by Acrendo is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management software for small-medium sized medical offices. This highly customizable, all-in-one system is both easy-to-use and affordable. Includes auto patient dialing and electronic faxing.
bullet Accudata Systems
Sales, installation, training, and customization for all aspects of speech enabled applications.
bullet AcerMed
Complete workflow medical office solutions for EMR and medical practice management in solo practices through multi-physician, multi-location groups in all specialties.
bullet AllMeds
A provider of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & Practice Management solutions for use in Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, and Ophthalmology physician practices. AllMeds’ solution delivers out-of-the-box clinical content, which promotes a much greater compliance with E&M coding requirements. AllMeds’ content, combined with its enhanced workflow capabilities, makes the practice's staff more efficient, increases the practice's revenue, reduces the practice's administrative overhead, and provides a good return of investment (ROI).
bullet Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
Provider of point-of-care decision support solutions, for physicians, that can eliminate medication errors, reduce lost charges, and improve workflow.
bullet AltaPoint Data Systems
Practice Management Software for Medical, Dental, Vision, and Chiropractic Offices.
bullet American Medical Software
Medical billing software, medical management software and electronic records patient charts for all specialties.
bullet Amicore
Provides software solutions and quality services to physicians by combining its expertise with the performance, technological innovation and reliability of its founders (Pfizer, Microsoft & IBM) to offer physician-friendly, easy-to-use, fast and mobile solutions. Helps the entire practice to improve workflow, quality care, physician/patient relationships and profitability.
bullet athenahealth
Provides medical practice management software, medical billing software, physician practice management and medical collection services.
bullet Axolotl
Provides advanced Web-based products and services that automate health information exchange and management between HIM departments, hospitals, clinics, labs, and physician offices. By connecting the healthcare community, their technology increases efficiency, cuts the cost of information exchange, and improves the quality of care. Thousands of healthcare professionals nationwide are using Axolotl for electronic health record creation, health information access, exchange, and management, and transcription services.
bullet CareScience
A provider of care management and clinical access solutions for healthcare providers throughout the country. Develops and implements clinical technology solutions designed to reduce complications and medical errors, optimize patient flow, identify causes of problematic outcomes, and enable the secure exchange of clinical information within an enterprise or across a community. Provides the technology and expertise, through training, integration, facilitation and management services, required to achieve change in clinical processes and practices - improving clinical, operational, and financial performance.
bullet CCA Medical
Offers Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records software.
bullet Centricity Information Systems
Forms the backbone of the digital healthcare solution, improving clinician productivity and patient safety by providing information across the continuum of care. The suite of products encompasses radiology, cardiology, and clinical information systems which provides a complete package of workflow automation, clinical documentation, decision support, and quality assurance tools.
bullet Cerner
A provider of health care information technology systems delivering health care automation solutions, clinical information systems, computerized patient records and computerized physician order entry technology.
Software and service offerings for Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management applications for group practice physicians.
bullet CliniCare
Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, and eHealth application software.
bullet Collaborative Medical Technology Corporation (CMTC)
A software platform company that develops, sells and implements electronic workflow solutions that allow health care providers to leverage their medical expertise by linking the medical expertise of healthcare professionals to efficiently expedite second opinion and consultation requests.
Web site created for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals for medical PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hardware and software.
bullet Companion Technologies
Provides comprehensive information management software and services for hospitals, clinics and physician practices. From electronic data interchange to practice management systems.
bullet Corexmed
Corexmed XMR is a web-based eXtensible Medical Record (XMR) system offered as an ASP service via the internet.
bullet Cybernet Medical
Develops and provides software, hardware, and distributed networking systems for the measurement, analysis, and transfer of physiological and other related data.
bullet dbMotion
An innovative provider of medical informatics. The dbMotion™ Solution enables healthcare organizations to securely share medical information, regardless of the format and the geographical location of the data. Healthcare organizations use the dbMotion™ Solution to share clinical data both internally and externally with other healthcare organizations
bullet DocASSURE
A comprehensive program that uses a set of web tools combined with a support center to guide healthcare organizations of all sizes through every stage of the HIPAA compliance process.
bullet DoctorQuality
Patient safety software and risk prevention solutions for medical errors, adverse events, and medication errors.
bullet DoctorsPartner
A fully integrated technology solution with the following main features: Electronic Charting (EMR); Appointment Scheduling; Complete Billing; Electronic Prescription Writer; Image/Document Management; and Web Technology.
bullet DocuMed
Electronic medical record and outcomes analysis software products and services.
bullet Dr. I-Net
Stores medical records online over the internet and provides connectivity solution between physician, patient, and payer.
bullet Dr. Notes
Software designed for physicians, by physicians that is not only an electronic medical record, it is a clinical management tool that measures treatment outcomes and tracks patients with chronic medical problems until resolved.
bullet DrFirst
Provides electronic prescription management solutions to an interconnected environment of physician practices, IPAs, hospitals, health plans, pharmacies and others. Their system interfaces with most Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records software.
bullet DrKnow™
DrKnow™, "The Physician's Knowledge Manager™", a software solution developed by Medical Software & Computer Systems that includes the following components: Medical Record, Appointment Book, Accounting, Patient Index, Notebook, Patient Demographics, Dictionaries, and Practice Management.
bullet DRS Billing Services
Health care accounts receivable management solution that helps medical, dental, chiropractic and rehab practices with managing costs and improving medical billing services. Their senior-level administrators know the nuances of billing and how to get the bills processed quickly and effectively. They provide affordable, professional, and personalized billing and consultation services, insurance claims, adjustments, inquiries and appeals for small, mid-size and large practices.
bullet eClincicalWorks
Provider of clinical information systems for Electronic Medical Records and integrated Practice Management. Solutions are ideal for small (1-15) provider, multi-specialty and multi-location practice networks.
bullet Eclipsys Technologies
Provides knowledge-driven, process-improving software and related service solutions to healthcare providers, including integrated delivery networks, medical centers and hospitals. Solutions are designed to deliver a measurable improvement in a healthcare organization's (HCO's) workflow and processes, enabling balanced and improved clinical, financial and customer-satisfaction outcomes that support attainment of the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
bullet Electronic Medical Solutions (EMS)
Provides an all in one Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software system for physicians, dentists, and chiropractors that electronically manages patient data, office flow, electronic patient billing, insurance claims, recalls, appointment scheduling, productivity reports, collections, word processing, S.O.A.P. notes, general accounting, employee payroll, prescription writing, fee tickets, voice recognition and much, much more. Also provides a hosted solution for physicians.
bullet Emdeon
A provider of business, technology and information solutions that transform both the financial and clinical aspects of healthcare delivery. At the core of Emdeon’s vision is the commitment to connect providers, payers, employers, physicians and consumers in order to simplify business processes, to provide actionable knowledge at the right time and place and to improve healthcare quality. Their four business segments are: Emdeon Business Services; Emdeon Practice Services; WebMD Health; and Porex.
bullet eMDs
Integrated Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management software.
A user-friendly clinical resource that is designed to be the premier educational website for emergency physicians.
bullet eMedsoft
Develops and hosts a suite of HIPAA ready, web-based healthcare solutions for medical offices to assist with billing, patient data, scheduling.
bullet Emerging Health Information Technology
A wholly owned subsidiary of Montefiore Medical Center, comprised of healthcare executives, technologists and seasoned clinicians, designs, implements and supports healthcare information management solutions for hospitals, integrated delivery networks and medical centers.
bullet Emergisoft
Designs and implements emergency department information systems using HIPAA compliant electronic medical records.
bullet EMR Experts
Provides Electronic Medical Record Software for practices of all sizes and specialties. Easily integrates with existing medical billing software or practice management system. Includes Free EMR demo and EMR ROI.
bullet EncounterNOTES
Provides complete Practice Management software, medical telephony systems, electronic insurance claims, scheduling, Electronic Medical Records using Touch screens, Network Assistance and more.
bullet EnovateIT
A mobile wireless solution integrator that offers solutions for medication delivery systems, computerized physician order entry, clinical documentation, and electronic medical records systems. Among their products are: Mobile and Medication Workstations, Automated Vital Sign Charting Systems, and Computer Fixed Arms and Mounts. CPOE, EMAR and Bedside Documentation  are just a few of the many emerging healthcare applications that are supported.
bullet Epic Systems
Across inpatient, ambulatory, and payor environments, Epic’s integrated systems can link thousands of concurrent users to the single source of relevant clinical, access, and financial information. A comprehensive eHealth suite extends the reach to patient homes, affiliate offices and the world through the internet.
bullet ER Records
Emergency Department Electronic Medical Records System for physicians and nurses. Also, electronic prescriptions and multilingual discharge instructions software.
bullet Ergo Partners
Develops EMR software solutions in collaboration with a team of physicians and nurses. Clinicians experienced in ambulatory medicine, acute care medicine and home health care were the architects of EMR software.
bullet Exscribe
Provides Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, compliance and Internet solutions focused on Orthopedic/Orthopaedic specialties, Musculoskeletal practice, Cardiology and Mental Health. The open systems based software facilitates proper E/M Coding to help physicians increase revenues while protecting the practice. Physicians can save time and money through offering online patient services on their practice web sites. These services streamline the capture of patient history and allow patients to request appointments and prescription renewals online, anytime.
bullet FILEPRO
A full service, HIPAA compliant document management service provider, specializing in offering the insurance, medical and legal fields with a selection of specialized services, customized to fit their needs.
bullet Filopto
A comprehensive, fully integrated professional eye care practice management solution for opticians, optometrist and ophthalmologist providing automated case management, patient scheduling, electronic exam, integrated inventory and dispensing, claims and electronic claims processing with full HIPAA compliancy and a comprehensive optional paperless environment and unlimited custom and pre-built reporting. Completely scalable to any size practice
bullet Foresight eSolutions
Comprehensive practice management solutions (insurance billing, patient billing, reporting, appointment scheduling, insurance authorization tracking, inventory tracking, claims management)  customized to meet the needs of each client.
bullet GE Healthcare
Provides transformational medical technologies that are shaping a new age of patient care. Expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, disease research, drug discovery and biopharmaceuticals is dedicated to detecting disease earlier and tailoring treatment for individual patients. Offers a broad range of services to improve productivity in healthcare and enable healthcare providers to better diagnose, treat and manage patients with conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer's and cardiovascular diseases.
bullet gMed
Provides advanced specialty-based electronic medical records and report writing software using web technology.
bullet Greenway Medical Technologies
A joint venture between a group of healthcare professionals and technologists that is a software and services provider focused on delivering a physician-centric application that integrates a physician practice’s clinical and business functions.
bullet Health Care Analytics
Health Care consulting, data analysis & systems design with recommendations by experienced Health Care and IT professionals.
bullet Health Evolution Partners
A private equity fund focused on realizing value in health care by investing in innovative ways for health care to be financed, organized and delivered. Health Evolution Partners was founded to accelerate inevitable change that is underway in health care. They are focused on empowering companies and ideas that can make health care more efficient, higher in quality and more responsive to consumers.
bullet Health Management Strategies
A medical management, marketing, and managed care consulting firm with experience and expertise in strategic and operational planning, marketing, management and business services for healthcare organizations.
bullet HealthGate
Provides EBM (Evidence-Based Medicine) support tools, applications, and healthcare content to help healthcare providers and payors reduce costs, improve quality, reduce variability of care, and reduce risk and liability.
bullet HealthMEDX
Provider of information system solutions to the extended care market. Solutions address the needs of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, adult day care, CCRC, and homecare. Offers healthcare solutions for workflow and intake/scheduling automation, clinical, financial and administrative functions.
bullet HealthRamp
Develops productivity tools, applications, and services that assist medical professionals with many aspects of their practices. CarePoint provides medical professionals with many useful functionalities, such as access to patient information stored in their practice management systems, updated patient-specific formularies, and the ability to send and receive lab orders electronically. These functions to be carried out wirelessly from a PDA or through a Web browser, with accuracy, speed, and convenience.
bullet HealthTrio
A provider of e-health applications and core business systems for organizations that manage care.
bullet Healthvision
Provides solutions that create a connected healthcare community for physicians, patients and consumers. Solutions include web-based delivery of patient data and clinical applications as well as online health resources that keep patients more informed and loyal to one's healthcare organization.
bullet HIMSS Analytics
A wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) that supports improved decision-making for healthcare organizations, healthcare IT companies and consulting firms by delivering high quality data and analytical expertise. The company collects and analyzes healthcare organization data relating to IT processes and environments, products, IS department composition and costs, IS department management metrics, healthcare delivery trends and purchasing related decisions.
bullet HSS
A highly specialized healthcare content and software company providing off-the-shelf software, education and services for coding, compliance, claims payment and resource measurement.
bullet HTP
Develops software for the healthcare industry that improves efficiency, profitability and service quality for hospitals, insurance companies, physician groups, managed care organizations, third-party administrators and public sector health plans. The company's software also enables secure information exchange through Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs).
bullet Hx Technologies
A health information services provider that enables health information exchange and interoperability by building, operating, and supporting regional health information networks.
bullet ICS Software
Specializes in offering practice management and billing software solutions for small businesses. Their biggest client base is in the healthcare field.
bullet IDX Systems
Provider of software, services and technologies for healthcare provider organizations. Offers a broad range of complementary, functionally rich, and highly integrated healthcare solutions that function across patient care settings and organizational models. Customers span the full continuum of care and include leading hospitals, group practices, academic medical centers and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).
bullet iMedica
Provider of mobile clinical information platforms that optimize the efficiency, reimbursement and quality of ambulatory and rehabilitation medicine.
bullet IMPAC Medical Systems
Provides healthcare IT solutions that streamline both clinical and business operations to help improve the process of delivering patient care. With open integration to multiple healthcare data and imaging systems, IMPAC offers a comprehensive IT solution that includes specialized electronic charting, practice management, laboratory management, and outcomes reporting. Specialized solutions include:  Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Urology, Laboratory, Pathology, Cancer Registry, and Oncology Informatics.
bullet Information Builders - Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Solutions
Provides real-time reporting, business intelligence and integration software and services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, including HIPAA compliance, care management and executive KPI systems.
bullet Ingenious Med (IM)
Provides PDA and Microsoft™ Windows-based software solutions for charge capture and clinical rounding.
bullet Integrated Healthware
Formerly Wang Healthcare, an EMR solution designed by physicians for physicians.
bullet InteGreat
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions provider whose software manages clinical data, including transcription records, lab results and radiology reports, and captures patient health summary data (vital signs, medications, allergies, etc.). All the data can be accessed from anywhere using Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser. The system's modular design enables the most essential elements to be implemented on time and on budget and that the system can expand, as needed.
bullet IntegriMED
An integrated system that uses the real-time efficiencies of the Internet to bring together the clinical and business sides of a practice.
bullet InteliDOX
Develops and delivers Electronic Health Records, Document and Image Management, and Business Office Scanning Solutions to ambulatory care practices of all size and specialties. InteliDOX offers an automated workflow approach to going paperless. Existing client forms are converted to digital format which create a familiar environment for all providers.
bullet InterSystems HealthShare
A health information exchange technology platform that enables the sharing of clinical data across multiple organizations on a regional or national level. Reduces the costs, development time, and risks of building and operating RHIOs and other health information exchanges. Built-in rapid development environment to adapt solutions for unique and evolving requirements.
bullet IQMax
Develops mobile healthcare software solutions that increase the functionality and capabilities of mobile handheld technology. Mobile solutions include an enterprise-ready platform which can be implemented either as an ASP (Hosted solution) or as a premise installed solution. Solutions include mobile dictation and the capture of billable procedures.
bullet iScribe
Provides electronic prescribing products and services for physicians from Caremark.
bullet JMJ Technologies
Develops computer-based patient record/electronic medical record (CPR/EMR) workflow software.
bullet Kryptiq
Provider of interoperability and workflow connectivity solutions for healthcare. Streamlines healthcare communications among patients, providers, pharmacies and health plans with secure messaging, electronic prescribing, disease management and contract management technologies.

Provides integrated imaging, document management, workflow, COLD/ERM, web and CD publishing solutions.

bullet Lifecom
An Online Medical Diagnostic Tool for use by Trained Medical Professionals.
bullet Logician
An Electronic Medical Record system that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to document patient encounters, streamline clinic workflows, and securely exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems.
bullet Logician User Group
This site is independently presented by the Logician User Group for users of Logician, the Electronic Medical Record from GE Medical Systems.
bullet LSS Data Systems
Develops, markets, and supports physician practice management software used by hospitals, healthcare networks, Integrated Delivery Systems, clinics, practice groups, and other healthcare enterprises across the country and around the world. We offer administrative, billing, and clinical solutions to meet the needs of virtually every major type of physician practice and specialty.
bullet Managed OutSource Technologies (MOST)
Develops and hosts a suite of advanced, web-based healthcare solutions. Focused on providing their partners with secure, cost-effective tools that streamline office operations and increase profitability.
bullet Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software
Solution for: Clinic Management, Patient Scheduling, Medical Billing, Electronic Medical Records, Insurance Claim Processing, Clinic Contact Management, and HIPAA Compliance needs.
bullet McKesson (corporate site)
Provider of supply, information and care management products and services designed to reduce costs and improve quality across healthcare.
bullet McKesson Information Solutions
Develops and deploys software solutions and services to improve patient safety and reduce the cost and variability of care as well as to better manage their revenue stream and resources.
bullet MD Consult
Medical Information Service with: full text of medical journals and reference books; practice guidelines; medical news; drug information; MEDLINE; and more.
bullet MD-IT
Natural speech recognition software that creates medical documentation and builds an EMR in one step. MD-IT eliminates transcription cost and delays, enables Internet communication between providers and payors while improving the profitability of a practice.
bullet MDdatacor
Proprietary technology that utilizes vital clinical information from the patient medical record to create life-saving value. The result: actionable information returned to the physician. The proprietary technology that transforms previously inaccessible but highly valuable information, the electronic archives of traditional paper-based medical records, into a searchable, HIPAA-compliant database. They combine the patient medical records and laboratory data received directly from the treating physicians with claims and prescription data.
bullet MDoffice
Seamlessly integrates practice management and medical records to optimize and simplify office and clinical workflow. Instantly access registration, scheduling, charting, billing, accounting and reporting information for multiple practices, providers, facilities and specialties.
bullet MedcomSoft
A software development company dedicated to delivering technological solutions for the healthcare industry. Medcomsoft has introduced a new generation of electronic medical records, powered by a very large medical vocabulary. They design, develop and market software solutions for healthcare providers that change the way the healthcare industry captures, manages and exchanges patient information.
bullet MedeFile International
Specializes in the development of technologies and provision of services that assist their clients in the collection, management, and distribution of key health data including medical records and images. MedeFile International's flagship offering, The MedeFile System®, simplifies the collection, organization, and storage of patients' medical data for easy access by the patient, their healthcare providers and other invested parties.
bullet Medflow
Fully integrated comprehensive solution that successfully automates all of the clinical areas in an ophthalmic practice including: Ophthalmic Medical Records, LASIK Specific Medical Records, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Optical Shop Management, and Contact Lens Dispensing.
bullet Medical Communication Systems (MCS)
"EHR focused product company" with integrated practice management solutions for small/medium sized practices. The product suites consist of patient charting, e-prescription, e-labs/diagnostic tests, diseases management, appointment scheduling, billing and accounts receivable, document imaging, workflow management, and community focused portals for patients, providers, and payers based on Continuity of Care Record (CCR), which can be hosted on servers at secure Data Centers and distributed through an ASP Business Model as well as on servers at physicians' offices, if desired.
bullet Medical Information Technology (MEDITECH)
A software vendor in the health care informatics industry that provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of health care organizations worldwide. The organizations served include hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians' offices, long term care and behavioral health facilities, and home health organizations.
bullet Medical Pocket PC .com
Online resource for medical users of Microsoft Pocket PC and Windows CE PDA devices. Features an index of available medical software, the latest news and reviews, and discussion forums for healthcare professionals using the PocketPC to practice better handheld medicine.
bullet Medical Software Associates
A national developer of medical billing, electronic medical records and practice management software with a range of experience in all healthcare industries, particularly focused on small to medium sized practices.
bullet Medical Software Canada
Canadian Medical Clinic Billing and Scheduling Software: Custom software for medical, chiropractic, optometry, and eye surgery clinics and operating rooms in Canada. Includes voice dictation capabilities and Canadian prescription drug codes.
bullet Medical Strategic Planning
Provides market intelligence information about North American healthcare device and information technology markets. The company conducts extensive, independent, original market surveys and research of US hospitals, Canadian hospitals, US freestanding surgical centers and tens of thousands of US physician group practices, distilling this data and transforming it into useful market intelligence. Through alliances and original research, collects and publishes information on electronic health records (EHR) systems.
bullet Medical Tablet PC .com
Online resource for healthcare related news, software, and hardware information for the Tablet PC.
bullet MedicWare
Fully HIPAA compliant, user-friendly electronic medical records software that helps physicians improve efficiency and enhance patient care.
bullet MedInformatix
Integrated clinical and practice management solutions that enable clients and partners to improve patient care, streamline work processes, meet objectives and bring new products to market in optimum time while cutting costs, reducing risk, increasing profitability and producing significant returns on investment.
bullet MediNotes
Charting Plus EMR solution for small and medium sized practices.
bullet MediServe Information Systems
Provides information solutions for ancillary clinical services in the healthcare industry, specializing in Respiratory Care, Rehabilitation and Emergency Department Information Systems.
bullet MedPlexus
A developer of administrative, financial and clinical software that enables physician practices to improve patient care, increase practice efficiency, reduce costs and streamline information exchange between health care providers, payers, and patients.
bullet Medsphere Systems
Medsphere has enhanced the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA's) highly acclaimed open-source VistA Electronic Health Record to develop Medsphere OpenVista for the commercial market. Medsphere OpenVista, a fully integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), provides a single point of access to all patient care information. Medsphere OpenVista captures and organizes all clinical, financial, and administrative patient data into an always-current lifetime record of relevant healthcare information.
bullet MercuryMD
Healthcare-focused software company that provides hospitals with mobile technology solutions to improve clinical workflow and operational efficiencies.
bullet MicroFour
A medical software development company that specializes in Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records software for healthcare practices.
bullet MicroMD EMR
Developed by Henry Schein Medical Systems with attention to actual clinical workflows in physician offices and detailed understanding of specialty-specific patient care processes. Teams of physicians from the company’s Physician Advisory Council represent many different specialties and collaborate with workflow analysts and developers to formulate clinical pathways and functionality in MicroMD EMR. Regular updates to clinical content, ICD-9 and CPT codes, and the drug database ensure the use of current codes and the most accurate clinical content. MicroMD EMR Version 4.5 is certified by the CCHIT.
bullet MicroWize Technology
Medical software for medical billing and electronic medical records (EMR) and HIPAA compliant medical software for insurance billing.
bullet MisysEMR
Provider of healthcare information systems and electronic medical records (EMR) to physician organizations. Support more than 18,000 medical practice locations and 92,000 physicians in over 55 specialties.
bullet MobiHealth
Offers healthcare enterprises, physicians and clinicians, a suite of mobile clinical products and solutions
bullet MobileMD
The healthcare industry product suite of IntraPrise Solutions, which includes: MobileMD Health Information Exchange; MobileMD Enterprise Health Network; MobileMD Enterprise Access; and MobileMD the Practical EMR.
bullet Mountain Medical Technologies
Home of the XOCDOC Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solution that facilitates the smooth movement of medical practices from paper-based patient record keeping to a fully computerized system.
bullet Nauvalis Healthcare Solutions
A dynamic provider of information management services with a collaborative approach to integrated health information management and expertise in document imaging and storage solutions.
bullet NaviMedix
A full-service provider of online solutions connecting physician offices and hospitals with their healthcare partners. Offers products and services that automate core business processes by enabling real-time interactive communications that enables development of new automated workflow methods with physician offices and hospitals to create a communications environment that is both paperless and phone call-free.
bullet NewCrop
An electronic prescribing system delivered over the Internet. Includes allergy/drug review and managed care formulary. Designed for small medical offices, groups and IPA/medical networks.
bullet NextGen Healthcare Information Systems
Developers and providers of computer-based practice management and electronic medical records systems for medical and dental group practices.
bullet Noteworthy Medical Systems
Developer of healthcare information systems, including Electronic Medical Records. Utilizes a common patient database for all applications that span the entire continuum of care.
bullet OmniMD EMR
A pocket pc and internet enabled specialty electronic medical record (emr), medical transcription, Medical Billing, prescription and scheduling solution.
bullet OpTx
Oncology-specific software and services provider. Develop and implement patient and practice management solutions for large and small oncology practices.
bullet OpenEMR
Mission: Built on a tradition of continuously sharing, changing and improving, the OpenEMR community strives to work together to create a high-quality electronic medical record and practice management system. Through open collaboration, the community is molding a stable, yet continuously improving product, thanks to the efforts of developers across the globe, brought together by their tenacity and the connectivity of the Internet. The community is dedicated to guarding OpenEMR's status as a free, open source software solution for medical practices.
bullet Orion Systems International
A provider of clinical workflow and integration technology for the healthcare sector. Orion's clinical information software meets the information needs of clinical staff and healthcare managers, delivering secure, universal access to healthcare information and helping healthcare providers proactively manage and coordinate patient care across the community. Orion's integration and messaging products streamline the exchange of healthcare data within organizations and between business partners.
bullet PaperlessDoc
Software to help doctors eliminate paper work with HIPAA compliant charting and billing.
bullet PatientKeeper
Provides integrated solutions that support care teams in a single hospital or across an entire healthcare system. Products include: Clinical Results, Clinical Desktop, Charge Capture, Mobile Dictation, ePrescription, and Reference Library.
bullet Per-Se Technologies
Delivers medical business solutions to physicians and hospitals, including business management outsourcing; clinical, financial and resource management software; medical claims transactions; medical claims denial management; print and mail services and other information technology solutions.
bullet PowerMed
Provides complete practice management suite, stand alone EMR, or EMR linked to existing billing software.
bullet Practice Management & Growth Solutions
A full service practice management organization providing office startup & transition services, estimating consulting & management services, and claim reimbursement & billing services.
bullet Practice Partner
Practice Partner, formerly known as Physician Micro Systems, is a provider of integrated electronic health record (EHR), medical billing, and appointment scheduling software.
bullet Praxis
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software that uses a CONCEPT PROCESSOR to speed up charting, while increasing the quality of written output.
bullet Prime Clinical Systems
Develops tools that help medical groups conquer the business challenges encountered in their practices. Since its inception, the company has added many new and innovative software applications – including an electronic medical records system.
bullet Primetime Medical Software
Patient interview software for physician productivity - ultimate medical knowledgebase for computerized patient interviewing of patients.
bullet Provox Technologies
Provider of speech recognition based medical documentation and workflow management solutions for over 33 medical specialties.
bullet Q. D. Clinical
Full-featured electronic medical records package.
bullet QuadraMed
A healthcare information technology provider dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare by providing the most comprehensive range of innovative, highly installable and practical healthcare information technology solutions that increase efficiencies, decrease the possibility of error, and empower clinicians to improve patient care through smarter healthcare technology solutions.
bullet QuicDoc
Comprehensive Documentation and Outcome Assessment Software System for private practices as well as large agencies. Provides tools to assure complete, accurate records are in place, and to measure treatment progress and outcomes.
bullet Ramius
A leading developer of online community systems for virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing. Ramius CommunityZero™ enables organizations, including those in healthcare, to instantly build collaborative networks of online communities to securely exchange, communicate and expand knowledge.
bullet RelayHealth
Provider of secure online healthcare communication services linking patients, healthcare professionals, payors, and pharmacies efficiently, affordably, and securely.
bullet Scanaway
Software program that indexes, stores, and shares all scanned or faxed medical documentation securely, with extraordinary speed, and with HIPAA Compliance.
bullet Skyscape
Provider of interactive, intelligent health solutions for mobile and desktop devices, with a focus on the medical practice and health conscious consumer. Provides fully integrated access to over 270 medical and consumer health references.
bullet Smart Document Solutions
Document management tools that assist facilities nationwide in their health information management efforts of automated release-of-information (ROI), web-based tracking and reporting, and electronic storage.
bullet SmartDoctor
A  fully automated, interactive, expert, medical office system.
bullet SOAPware
An Electronic Medical Record designed for clinics. It is most commonly used in practices of 1-10 doctors. 80% of users are Family Physicians but 30 different specialty clinics are using it in thousands of clinics and in all 50 states. Also provides tools to link to billing systems, hospitals, labs, etc.
bullet Solucient
Healthcare information content company that develops and markets clinical and financial decision support systems used by hospitals, integrated delivery systems, managed care organizations, employers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company's databases and products are used to benchmark clinical performance and outcomes, profile best practices and manage the cost and delivery of healthcare.
bullet SRS Software
A no data entry EMR (Electronic Medical Record) that allows physicians to enjoy an efficient, paperless office without changing the way they practice medicine. Geared toward multi-site, group practices, SRS Freedom Chart Manager™ makes transitioning to a paperless office low risk and affordable.
bullet STI Computer Services
A Medicare Platinum Level Medical Software Developer offering both Practice Management (PMS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems. Specializes in the development, sale, installation, and support of medical computer systems.
bullet Sundblade Medical
Provides integrated computer and software solutions for a diversified population of health care professionals and organizations, from solo practices to groups and clinics, through the integration of billing, scheduling, electronic claims submission, electronic remittance posting, medical records, and office hardware.
bullet SureScripts
A healthcare infrastructure which establishes electronic communications between pharmacists and physicians and enables the electronic exchange of prescription information.
bullet Synitech
Provides solutions for Healthcare Providers, Billing Companies, EMR Software Companies, and Open Source Projects.
bullet Turbo-Doc Medical Record Systems
Electronic medical record system to assist physicians and health care providers eliminate dictation and transcription costs and provide better patient care.
bullet Vista-Office EHR
Official web site of Vista-Office EHR. CMS, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs have collaborated to configure VistA, the VHA’s electronic health record technology, to the private physician office setting. VistA-Office EHR includes the existing VistA functions of: order entry, documentation and results reporting. It also has been enhanced in the areas of: physician-office patient-registration, interface possibility to existing billing systems, and reporting of quality measures.
bullet VitalWorks
Offers high-end, leading technology software solutions to a wide variety of office-based and hospital-based medical specialties, as well as large physician networks and enterprises. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all, “all-specialty” application, VitalWorks offers many specialty-specific applications and services, designed to address their clients’ needs.
bullet WebVMC (Virtual Medical Care)
A fully web-based telehealth monitoring solution that provides the healthcare industry with a complete line of monitoring products for patients requiring disease management. Patients are monitored in the comfort of their own homes and caregivers have access to patient data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
bullet Wellsoft
Developer of Emergency Department Information Systems. Patient Management software handles arrival thru disposition - patient tracking, documentation, order entry, aftercare, prescriptions, follow-up, etc.
bullet WifiMed
WiFiMed is able to offer medical practitioners a solution which allows the saving of time and money by delivering a mobile handheld device (Tablet PC) interfaced through wireless technology to the doctors practice management or electronic medical record applications.
bullet Wolters Kluwer Health
Provides the health market with information via traditional and interactive delivery methods: textbooks, medical journals, bibliographic, reference and pharmaceutical databases, proprietary drug information software, clinical assistance systems, web-based information systems and online continuing education products.
bullet zCHART Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records solution for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.
bullet ZixCorp
Provides solutions worldwide that protect, manage, and deliver sensitive electronic information. Protects organizations from viruses and spam and provides management tools for Web access control and policy-driven email encryption. Also provides electronic prescription management and electronic prescription management services to physicians for better patient care.
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