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Building a Better Delivery System: A New Engineering/Health Care Partnership (2005)

by Proctor P. Reid; W. Dale Compton; Jerome H. Grossman; Gary Fanjiang; Editors, Committee on Engineering and the Health Care System

This joint study by the NAE and Institute of Medicine (IOM), includes findings and recommendations for building a strong partnership between engineers and health care professionals to address the crises facing health care delivery in the United States.

Quality Through Collaboration: The Future of Rural Health Care (2005)

by Board on Health Care Services (HCS)

Representing nearly 20 percent of the population, rural communities are rich in cultural diversity. However, the smaller, poorer, and more isolated a rural community is, the more difficult it is to ensure the availability of high-quality health services. This report examines the quality of health care in rural America.

1st Annual Crossing the Quality Chasm Summit: A Focus on Communities (2004)

by Board on Health Care Services (HCS)

This report synthesizes the strategies and action plans developed at the of the 1st Annual Crossing the Quality Chasm Summit and presents commitments made by national level organizations or "national champions".

Patient Safety: Achieving a New Standard for Care (2004)

by Board on Health Care Services (HCS), Institute of Medicine (IOM)

A report that describes a detailed plan to facilitate the development of data standards applicable to the collection, coding, and classification of patient safety information. This report addresses key areas related to the establishment of a national health information infrastructure.

Academic Health Centers: Leading Change in the 21st Century (2004)

by Board on Health Care Services (HCS), Institute of Medicine (IOM)

This report identifies actions by Academic Health Centers (AHCs), as well as public policy steps, that will enable AHCs to respond to current trends; it also describes three strategic management systems that all AHCs will need to establish to enable a more coordinated and cohesive system.

Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century (2001)

by Institute of Medicine (IOM)

This report calls for fundamental change to close the quality gap, recommends a redesign of the American health care system, and provides overarching principles for specific direction for policymakers, health care leaders, clinicians, regulators, purchasers, and others.

To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System (2000)

by Institute of Medicine (IOM)

Reports on medical errors and their consequences. Rather than pointing fingers at individual health care professionals, they set out a national agenda, with state and local implications, for reducing medical errors and improving patient safety by designing a safer health system.

The Computer-Based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care (1997)

by Institute of Medicine (IOM)

In its first edition, this text presented a blueprint for introducing the computer-based patient record. This revised edition adds further information to the original text, such as recent developments, privacy and confidentiality issues, the need for training, legal barriers to CPRs, and other key topics.

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