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Electronic Health Records Introductory Articles
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bullet Ambulatory EMR - Establishing a Business Case
by MedicaLogic
bullet Analyzing Computer-based Patient Records: A Review of Literature
by Tricia L. Erstad, MSN, RN
bullet Are EMRs Right for Your Practice
by Debra C. Cascardo
bullet Background on Electronic Health Records for Small Practices
by Andrew H. Melczer, Ph.D.; Lesley Berkeyheiser; Sue Miller, JD; Mariann Yeager
bullet Continuity of Care Record FAQs
by Massachusetts Medical Society
bullet EHR vs. CCR: What is the difference between the Electronic Health Record and the Continuity of Care Record?
by C. Peter Waegemann
bullet EHR vs. CPR vs. EMR
by C. Peter Waegemann
bullet Electronic Medical Records: 10 Questions I Didn't Know to Ask
by Jaymi S. Meyers, MD
bullet Electronic Medical Records Return on Investment - The Business Case for the EMR
by The AC Group
bullet Electronic Medical Records: Why Their Time Has Come
from Healthcare Informatics
bullet Electronic Patient Records - EMRs and EHRs
by Dave Garets and Mike Davis
bullet EMR - A Big Investment With an Excellent Return
by Neil W. Baum, MD
bullet EMRs: What You Need to Know
by Ken Terry
bullet Having It Your Way
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet HIMSS Electronic Health Record Definitional Model v1-0
by Thomas Handler, MD.; Rick Holtmeier; Jane Metzger; Marc Overhage, MD. PhD.; Sheryl Taylor, RN, BSN; Charlene Underwood, MBA
bullet HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets Toolkit for Healthcare Providers
by Margret Amatayakul
bullet How Benefits Can Outweigh Costs of Electronic Records
by Jennifer Fisher Wilson
bullet Improving Care in Independent Practice
by Richard L. Reece, MD
bullet Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise: A Primer
Eliot L. Siegel, MD; David S. Channin, MD; Charles Parisot; Vishal Wanchoo; Andrei
Leontiev; Michael Henderson; Fred M. Behlen, PhD; Christopher Carr, MA; Joyce Sensmeier, MS, RN, BC
bullet Key Capabilities of an Electronic Health Record System
by Institute of Medicine (IOM)
bullet Making the Move to Electronic Records
by Helen Lippman
bullet Mapping a Changing Healthcare Landscape - Results of a Regional Health Information Organization Survey
Special Advertising Section for Journal of AHIMA and Healthcare Informatics
bullet Patient Data Online and On Time
by Bill Briggs
bullet Physician Adoption of Technology Linked to Providing Benefits
by Barry P. Chaiken, MD, MPH

Physicians Improve Quality of Care, Save Valuable Time, and Increase Reimbursements through EMR System
Microsoft Customer Solution

bullet Prenatal Care: A Strategic First Step Toward EMR Acceptance
by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, FACOG
bullet Public Response to HL7 Ballot 1: Electronic Health Records
by the EHR Collaborative
bullet Roundtable on RHIOs - Industry Experts Build the Case and Define the Roles
Special Advertising Section for Journal of AHIMA and Healthcare Informatics
bullet Saving Money, Saving Lives
by Sarah D. Scalet
bullet Serving Physician Information Needs: A Model for the Transition to an Electronic Medical Record
by Diane M. Carr; Janine Dimitrakakis
bullet The ABCs of CPRs and EMRs
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet The Best of KLAS Performance Ratings for EMRs
from Healthcare Informatics
bullet The Computer-Based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care, 1997 Revised Edition - Summary
by Richard S. Dick; Elaine B. Steen; Don E. Detmer, Editors
bullet The Concept Paper of the CCR (Continuity of Care Record)
by ASTM International, the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), the Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS), and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
bullet The Journey to the Electronic Health Record
by Mary Lu Lander; Angela Daniel
bullet The Need for Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care
by Karen Assar, MLS
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