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Electronic Health Records General Articles
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bullet 10 IT Innovators
by Corrine Charais; Charlene Marietti; Stacy May; Lisa Schnirring; Lisa Stammer
bullet A Stepping Stone to the Electronic Health Record
by Carlton M. Cottrell
bullet A Vision of the e-HIM Future
from a report from the AHIMA e-HIM task force
bullet An E-Movement Toward Continuity of Care
by Linda Gross
bullet Building a National Health Information Infrastructure: A Newsmaker Interview With William Yasnoff
by Cathy Tokarski
bullet Combining Voice Recognition Software With EMR
by Neil M. Baum, MD
bullet Community Health Access Net (CHAN) - EMR White Paper
by Community Health Access Network (CHAN)
bullet Competing on Quality
by Alan M. Zuckerman
bullet Computerized Patient Records and HIPAA
by David A. Ginsberg
bullet Converting Nonbelievers
by John P. Glaser; M. Thad Phillips
bullet Developing Quality Standards for EMRs
by Carrie Bauman, MSA, RHIA
bullet Digital Hospitals Move Off the Drawing Board
by Erica Drazen and Jason Fortin
bullet EHR--Elusive Electronic Hardly Ready Health Record
by Alden Solovy
bullet EHR Trends and Challenges
by Jeff Blair
bullet Electronic Medical Records Best Practices - Document Capture
by Joye Burroughs, RHIA
bullet Electronic Medical Records Best Practices - Managing the HIM Dept
by Matt Morris, RHIA; Trevor Snow, RHIA
bullet Electronic Medical Records Best Practices - Using an EMR
by Joseph Bailey, RHIA; Marybeth Besosa, RHIA
bullet EMR Confidentiality and Information Security
by Gary Kurtz, FHIMSS
bullet Federal Health Information Policy: A Case Of Arrested Development
by Jeff Goldsmith; David Blumenthal; Wes Rishel
bullet Financial Modeling for the EHR
by Barbara C. Robbins; Howard C. Werner
bullet Fulfilling the Promise of the PHR
by Gretchen Berry
bullet Gartner Healthcare Key Issues for 2003
by Barry Hieb, M.D.; Cynthia Burghard
bullet Harnessing Information Technology to Improve Health Care
Fact Sheet of United States Department of Health & Human Services
bullet Improving Accuracy in Healthcare Documents
by Debra Williams
bullet Is the EMR Dead?
by Donald W. Rucker, M.D.
bullet Issues in Clinical Transformation
Health Forum panel of hospital executives and industry vendors
bullet Knowledge Management for Clinical Decision Making
by Inigo Urkidi Diez; Itziar Alonso Urbistondo
bullet Leveraging the Electronic Patient Record as a Clinical Data Warehouse
by Craig S. Ledbetter, RN, BSIS; Matthew W. Morgan, MD, FRCPC, MSc
bullet Medical Knowledge Crisis and Its Solution Through Knowledge Management
by OpenClinical
bullet New Technologies Enhance Patient Safety
by Lynn Wagner
bullet Online Patient-Provider Communication Tools: An Overview
by Keith MacDonald
bullet Online Reservations: Letting Patients Make Their Own Appointments
by Neil Versel
bullet Patient Histories: How Computers Help
by Neil Versel
bullet Practical Medical Office Solutions
by Mark R. Anderson, CPHIMS, FHIMSS
bullet Reality EMRs
by Mark Hagland
bullet Return on Investment: Exploring the Elusive ROI
from the Journal of Healthcare Information Management
bullet ROI's Secret Ingredient
by Jack Keen
bullet Serious Business
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet Small Practices Unable To See Benefits of EMRs
by Michael S. Victoroff, MD
bullet The Electronic Oral Health Record
by David W. Heid, DDS; Joseph Chasteen, DDS, MA; Arden W. Forrey, PhD
bullet The Four Cs of Physician EMR Adoption
by Richard L. Reece, M.D.
bullet The Future of HIM: Employer Insights into the Coming Decade of Rapid Change
by Paul Wing and Margaret H. Langelier
bullet The Real Barrier to Clinical IT
by Jeff Goldsmith
bullet The RTE Is a Compelling Vision for the Healthcare Industry
by Jim Klein
bullet The Year of the EHR?
by C. Peter Waegemann
bullet When Disaster Strikes
by Laura Ramos
bullet Who is Behind the Electronic Health Record Initiatives?
by Cheryl Servais, MPH, RHIA
bullet Wireless Health Driven by HIPAA
by Eugene Grygo
bullet Wireless: Just What the Doctor Ordered
by Galen Gruman

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