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Electronic Health Records Case Study Articles
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bullet A Physician's Perspective - Deploying the EMR
by David Smith, MD; Lucy Mancini Newell, MBA
bullet Capital Region Healthcare: Cost and Quality Benefits
Case Study: Capital Region Healthcare
bullet Curing Hospitals’ Ills: Leveraging Information Technology to Transform People, Processes and Performance
by C. Ranganathan; Mary Beth Watson-Manheim
bullet Electronic Medical Records Help Physicians and Boost Revenues While Saving Millions
Case Study: Washington Hospital Center
bullet How Electronic Records Work for Three Internists
by Phyllis Maguire
bullet Kaiser Permanente’s Experience of Implementing an Electronic Medical Record: A Qualitative Study
by J Tim Scott; Thomas G Rundall; Thomas M Vogt, John Hsu
bullet Maimonides Medical Center Makes a Quantum Leap with Advanced Computerized Patient Record Technology
by Fredrick Cassera, RPh, MBA; Steven J. Davidson, MD, MBA; Shoshana Haberman, MD, PhD; Allan Strongwater, MD; Ann C. Sullivan, MBA
bullet One Physician’s Journey Into Automation
by Richard H. Blau, M.D., F.A.C.R.
bullet Out with the Old, In with the New
by Mike McBride
bullet Record Rollout for Physicians
by Sandy Harrington, R.N.
bullet Veterans Affairs Secures Wireless Patient Information
Fortress Technologies Case Study
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