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bullet 10 IT Innovators
by Corrine Charais; Charlene Marietti; Stacy May; Lisa Schnirring; Lisa Stammer
bullet A Day in the Life of a Medical Record
by John Morrissey
bullet A Dose of RHIOlity
by John Smaling
bullet A Guide to the National Programme for Information Technology
by NHS Connecting for Health
bullet A One-two Punch
by David E. Wertheimer, M.D. F.A.C.P., F.A.C.C.
bullet A Practical Approach to RHIO Formation
by dbMotion
bullet A Shared Roadmap and Vision for Health IT
by John Halamka; Mark Leavitt; John Tooker
bullet A Vision of the e-HIM Future
from a report from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) e-HIM Task Force
bullet Achieving Meaningful EHR Use: Leveraging Community Structures
by Farzad Mostashari, MD, MSc; Micky Tripathi
bullet AHA’s Quality and Patient Safety Agenda
by American Hospital Association (AHA)
bullet American Health Information Community Charter
by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
bullet Anytime, Anywhere Medical Records: The National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII)
by William Hersh, M.D.
bullet As Easy as...E...M...R
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet Attitudes of Americans Regarding Personal Health Records and Nationwide Electronic Health Information Exchange
key findings from two surveys conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of the Markle Foundation
bullet Best Practices in Electronic Health Records
by Margret Amatayakul; Mitch Work
bullet Better Business, More Money
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet Better Care, Lower Cost: Prescription for Value-Driven Health Care
by Michael O. Leavitt, Secretary,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
bullet Beyond Clinical Documentation: Using the EMR as a Quality Tool
by John Morris
bullet Bringing Evidence-based Best Practices Into Practice
by Beth M. Averbeck, M.D.
bullet Building a Business Case for Quality Healthcare
Roundtable moderator: Jim Molpus; Panelists: Francois De Brantes; Maureen Spivack; Daniel Varga, M.D.; Thomas Bartrum
bullet Building a National Health Information Infrastructure: A Newsmaker Interview With William Yasnoff
by Cathy Tokarski
bullet Can a National Healthcare Information Network Work?
by Booz Allen Hamilton and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School
bullet Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care? Potential Health Benefits, Savings, And Costs
by Richard Hillestad; James Bigelow; Anthony Bower; Federico Girosi; Robin Meili; Richard Scoville; Roger Taylor
bullet Caring and Sharing
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet Clinical Information Technology Gaps Persist Among Physicians
by Joy M. Grossman; Marie C. Reed
bullet Combining Voice Recognition Software With EMR
by Neil M. Baum, MD
bullet Community Health Access Net (CHAN) - EMR White Paper
by Community Health Access Network (CHAN)
bullet Computerized physician order entry and medication errors: Finding a balance
by David W. Bates
bullet Converting Nonbelievers
by John P. Glaser; M. Thad Phillips
bullet Current Return on Investment (ROI) Literature for EHRs in Small- to Medium-Sized Physician Offices
by Lumetra
bullet David Brailer's National Coordinator of Health Information Technology Resignation Letter to HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt
by David J. Brailer, MD, PhD
bullet Designing RHIO's that Work: Five Pillars for Broad Provider Adoption
by ProviderLink Incorporated
bullet Developing Quality Standards for EMRs
by Carrie Bauman, MSA, RHIA
bullet Dr. David Brailer's remarks at the 2005 Annual HIMSS Conference
by David Brailer, MD, PhD
bullet Driving EMR Adoption: Making EMRs a Sustainable, Profitable Investment
by Nancy Brown
bullet EHR Investments: The Value Case for Senior Healthcare Financial Executives
by Cerner and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
bullet EHR Trends and Challenges
by Jeff Blair
bullet EHRs and Information Availability: Are You At Risk?
by Jim Grogan
bullet Electronic Health Records: A Global Perspective - Executive Summary
by Steve Arnold, MD, MS, MBA, CPE; Joseph Wagner, MPA, FHIMSS; Susan J. Hyatt, BSc (PT), MBA; Gary M. Klein, MD, MPH, MBA; and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global EHR Task Force Members
bullet Electronic Health Records Documentation in Nursing: Nurses' Perceptions, Attitudes, and Preferences
by Linda E. Moody, PhD, MPH, FAAN; Elaine Slocumb, PhD, RN; Bruce Berg, MD; Donna Jackson, MSN, RN, BC
bullet Electronic Health Records: Just around the Corner? Or over the Cliff?
by Richard J. Baron, MD; Elizabeth L. Fabens, MD; Melissa Schiffman, MD; and Erica Wolf, MD
bullet Electronic Health Records: Synthesizing Recent Evidence and Current Policy
by Lorenzo Moreno
bullet Electronic Medical Records: A Promising Prognosis
by Judith Lamont
bullet Electronic Medical Records Best Practices - Document Capture
by Joye Burroughs, RHIA
bullet Electronic Medical Records Best Practices - Managing the HIM Dept
by Matt Morris, RHIA; Trevor Snow, RHIA
bullet Electronic Medical Records Best Practices - Using an EMR
by Joseph Bailey, RHIA; Marybeth Besosa, RHIA
bullet Embracing Information Technology Is Essential to Health Care Organizations’ Survival Despite Uncertainty about How It Is Evolving
by John Glaser, Ph.D.
bullet EMR Confidentiality and Information Security
by Gary Kurtz, FHIMSS
bullet Federal Health Information Policy: A Case Of Arrested Development
by Jeff Goldsmith; David Blumenthal; Wes Rishel
bullet Financial Incentives: Innovative Payment for Health Information Technology
by Sheera Rosenfeld; Emily Zeitler; Dan Mendelson
bullet Guidelines for Pay-for-Performance Programs
by American Medical Association (AMA)
bullet Harnessing Information Technology to Improve Health Care
Fact Sheet of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
bullet Health Information Technology - Can HIT Lower Costs and Improve Quality?
by The RAND Corporation
bullet Health Information Technology Is A Vehicle, Not A Destination: A Conversation With David J. Brailer
by Arnold Milstein
bullet HIMSS 2005 - 2006 Federal Health IT Legislation Crosswalk
by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
bullet Hospital-Physician Portals: The Role Of Competition In Driving Clinical Data Exchange
by Joy M. Grossman; Thomas S. Bodenheimer; Kelly McKenzie
bullet Identity and Access Management: the Starting Point for a RHIO
by Jonathan Leviss, M.D.
bullet Impact of an Evidence-Based Computerized Decision Support System on Primary Care Prescription Costs
by S. Troy McMullin, PharmD; Thomas P. Lonergan, PharmD, MBA; Charles S. Rynearson, RPh, MS; Thomas D. Doerr, MD; Paul A. Veregge, MD, MS; Edward S. Scanlan, MD
bullet Implementing EHRs Requires a Shift in Thinking
by James Pope, M.D., F.A.C.C.
bullet Implementing Patient Access to Electronic Health Records Under HIPAA: Lessons Learned
by Tiffany Wang; Lisa Pizziferri; Lynn A. Volk, MHS; Debra A. Mikels; Karen G. Grant, RHIA, CHP; Jonathan S. Wald, MD, MPH; David W. Bates, MD, MSc
bullet Improving Accuracy in Healthcare Documents
by Debra Williams
bullet Improving Patient Safety through Information Technology
by C. Andrew Brown, MD, MPH; Jessica H. Bailey, PhD; Margaret E. Miller Davis, MD; Paula Garrett, PhD; William J. Rudman, PhD
bullet Information Based Medicine - Better Patient Care By Better-Informed Physicians
by Frost & Sullivan
bullet Information Technologies: When Will They Make It Into Physicians' Black Bags?
by Anne-Marie Audet, MD, MSc; Michelle M. Doty, PhD, MPH; Jordon Peugh, MA; Jamil Shamasdin; Kinga Zapert, PhD; Stephen Schoenbaum, MD, MPH
bullet Internal Revenue Service Memorandum: Hospitals Providing Financial Assistance to Staff Physicians Involving Electronic Health Records
by U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service
bullet Is the EMR Dead?
by Donald W. Rucker, M.D.
bullet It Takes a Village to Achieve the Benefits of Electronic Health Records
by William Hersh, M.D.
bullet It Ain’t Necessarily So: The Electronic Health Record And The Unlikely Prospect Of Reducing Health Care Costs
by Jaan Sidorov
bullet IT-Adoption and the Interaction of Task, Technology and Individuals: A Fit Framework and A Case Study
by Elske Ammenwerth; Carola Iller; Cornelia Mahler
bullet Justify Before You Buy
by Manuel Lowenhaupt
bullet Knowledge Management for Clinical Decision Making
by Inigo Urkidi Diez; Itziar Alonso Urbistondo
bullet Leveraging the Electronic Patient Record as a Clinical Data Warehouse
by Craig S. Ledbetter, RN, BSIS; Matthew W. Morgan, MD, FRCPC, MSc
bullet Limited Information Technology for Patient Care in Physician Offices
by Marie C. Reed; Joy M. Grossman - Findings from Center for Studying Health System Change
bullet Making the EMR User-Friendly Enough to Use
by Richard Noffsinger
bullet Medical Knowledge Crisis and Its Solution Through Knowledge Management
by OpenClinical
bullet Mobile e-Prescribing: The Killer App for IT Adoption
by bcc: Consulting
bullet More Than a Pocketful of Knowledge
by Darrick Nelson, M.D.
bullet My Turn - Private Industry Can Provide Direction
by Allan Frankel; Carol Haraden
bullet New Technologies Enhance Patient Safety
by Lynn Wagner
bullet Nine Tech Trends
by Fred D. Baldwin;  Kevin Featherly;  Mark Hagland; Frank Jossi; Charlene Marietti; Pamela Tabar; Mary Van Beusekom
bullet Not Paperless Yet? - Strategies for Streamlining in the Short-Term
by Rosemarie Nelson
bullet Nothing but ’Net
by Phil Reynolds
bullet Nursing Informatics of Tomorrow
by Marion J. Ball
bullet On the Horizon — The Next Generation of EMRs
by Aggie Stewart
bullet On the Road to RHIOs
by John Halamka, M.D.
bullet Online Reservations: Letting Patients Make Their Own Appointments
by Neil Versel
bullet “Paper Kills” Should Be Healthcare’s Mantra
by David W. Roberts, MPA, FHIMSS
bullet Patient Care and Safety at the Frontlines: Nurses’ Experiences with Wireless Computing
by D. Chon Abraham, PhD; Richard T. Watson, PhD; Marie-Claude Boudreau, PhD; Dale L. Goodhue, PhD
bullet Patient Histories: How Computers Help
by Neil Versel
bullet Practical Medical Office Solutions
by Mark R. Anderson, CPHIMS, FHIMSS
bullet Preventive Medicine and the Electronic Health Record
by George K. Anderson, MD, MPH
bullet Reality EMRs
by Mark Hagland
bullet Redefining the Patient Record Paradigm
by MedicAlert Foundation
bullet Reducing Medical Errors - IT helps secure the patient safety net
Healthcare Informatics May 2004 foldout
bullet Return on Investment: Exploring the Elusive ROI
from the Journal of Healthcare Information Management
bullet RHIO Nation
by Robin Blair, Editor
bullet ROI's Secret Ingredient
by Jack Keen
bullet Serious Business
by Richard R. Rogoski
bullet Small Practices Unable To See Benefits of EMRs
by Michael S. Victoroff, MD
bullet Standards Work
by Claudia Tessier; Robert J. Horn: Mark Shafarman; Karen Van Hentenryck; Suzanne Bakken; Amy Coenen; Virginia Saba; Stanley M. Huff; Kent A. Spackman; Steven S. Lazarus
bullet Successful Care Management: The New Healthcare Imperative - Combining the human element with technology — for lower costs and better-quality care
by Faye Lindsay; Marilyn Sliepka
bullet Supporting Care Management: The Role of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems
by Lumetra
bullet Taking The Pulse of Health Care Systems: Experiences of Patients with Health Problems in Six Countries
by Cathy Schoen; Robin Osborn; Phuong Trang Huynh; Michelle Doty; Kinga Zapert; Jordon Peugh; Karen Davis
bullet Tap, Tap, Tap to Better Patient Documentation
by Kathleen Waton
bullet The Clinician's Perspective on Electronic Health Records and How They Can Affect Patient Care
by Stephen H. Walsh
bullet The Connecting for Health Common Framework: Overview and Principles
by Connecting for Health
bullet The Electronic Health Record – A Fresh Perspective - A standards development approach for achieving interoperability across disparate EHR systems
by Christopher J. Feahr, O.D.
bullet The Electronic Health Record “Toolbox”
by Michael A Krall, MD
bullet The Electronic Oral Health Record
by David W. Heid, DDS; Joseph Chasteen, DDS, MA; Arden W. Forrey, PhD
bullet The End Of The Beginning: Patient Safety Five Years After ‘To Err Is Human’
by Robert M. Wachter
bullet The Evolution of the Electronic Health Record: A Roadmap for Realizing the Vision
by McKesson
bullet The Four Cs of Physician EMR Adoption
by Richard L. Reece, M.D.
bullet The Future of HIM: Employer Insights into the Coming Decade of Rapid Change
by Paul Wing and Margaret H. Langelier
bullet The HIMSS RHIO Federation - Frequently Asked Questions
by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
bullet The Introduction of Computerized Physician Order Entry and Change Management in a Tertiary Pediatric Hospital
by Jeffrey S. Upperman; Patricia Staley; Kerri Friend; Jocelyn Benes; Jacque Dailey; William Neches; Eugene S. Wiener
bullet The (IT) Doctor Is In: The Role of the State CIO in Health IT
by National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)
bullet The Paperless Medical Office: Digital Technology’s Potential for the Internist
A Discussion Paper of the American College of Physicians (ACP)
bullet The Path to the Future
by Polly Walgren, M.B.A., F.A.C.M.P.E.
bullet The Politics of Electronic Records
by Joseph Goedert
bullet The Strategic Importance of Electronic Health Records Management
by Beth Acker, RHIA; Debra Adams, RN, RHIA, CCS, CIC; Camille Cunningham-West, RHIA; Michelle Dougherty, RHIA, CHP; Chris Elliott, MS, RHIA; Cathy Flite, M.Ed., RHIA; Maryanne Fox, RHIA; Ronna Gross, RHIA; Susan P. Hanson, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA; Deborah Kohn, MPH, RHIA, CHE, CPHIMS; Tricia Langenfelder, RHIA Beth Liette, RHIA; Mary Ellen Mahoney, MS, RHIA; Carol Ann Quinsey, RHIA, CHPS; Donna J. Rugg, RHIT, CCS; Cheryl Servais, MPH, RHIA; Mary Staub, RHIA, CHP; Anne Tegen, MHA, RHIA, HRM; Lydia Washington, MS, RHIA, CPHIMS; Kathy Wrazidlo, RHIA
bullet The Value Of Health Care Information Exchange And Interoperability
by Jan Walker, Eric Pan, Douglas Johnston, Julia Adler-Milstein, David W. Bates, and Blackford Middleton
bullet The Year of the EHR?
by C. Peter Waegemann
bullet Toward a Conceptual Knowledge Management Framework in Health
by Francis Lau, PhD
bullet Virtual Longitudinal Electronic Health Records: An Approach to Quality Improvement
by Lindsy E. Strait, BA, MS
bullet VistA–Office EHR - Fact Sheet
by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
bullet VistA–Office EHR - Presentation
by CAPT Cynthia Wark
bullet Wireless Health Driven by HIPAA
by Eugene Grygo
bullet Wireless: Just What the Doctor Ordered
by Galen Gruman
bullet Wireless Technology Empowers Physicians
by Dave Fiser
bullet Worth the Wait
by Robin Blair
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