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About The Provider's Edge, LLC


�To enable healthcare providers to enhance the quality of their patient care and the profitability of their practice or facility through electronic tools and process improvements."

Primary Services
Development of an EHR strategy that best meets the needs of the organization
Detailed analysis of healthcare provider's work environment, including processes and workflow written functional requirements
Recommendations report of the best solution(s) to be implemented, based on the requirements
Selection of the best solution to be implemented, with a report to include:
  Projections for Return on Investment (ROI)
  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Procurement and installation � hardware, software, network

Implementation support, including data migration and conversion (e.g., scanning paper records)
Maintenance, including one-stop HELP desk for questions and problems
Coaching, process improvement, and enhancements - ongoing

Additional Services
Conduct lifecycle planning (e.g., data migration, training, backup/recovery, disaster/recovery)
Mining clinical data (e.g., identify treatment efficacy or disease prevalence)
Mining business data (e.g., insurance reimbursement activity, referring practices/facilities)

Assist with enhancements

Develop strategies to increase clinical trial revenue
Provide off-site backups of critical data, etc.
Provide alternate site operation in case of a disaster
Serve as an Applications Service Provider � system runs off-site and is accessed from the healthcare provider's local workstations


Please contact us to help you successfully develop and/or implement an EHR strategy that best meets your needs!

Qualifications Snapshot
Creative and energized leader that has delivered innovative technology-based business solutions for 30 years in several industries
Proven hands-on management and individual contributor experience that includes all aspects of a full-service environment and spans analysis/requirements gathering, design, development, operations, deployment, and post-installation ongoing support of the environment and end-users
Effective organizational and project leadership
Healthcare Information Technology certificate from HIMSS/University of Connecticut program

Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)

Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Columbia University
Member of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

Click here to download an Information Sheet
of The Provider's Edge
Service Details and Credentials

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