ACTT Commitment Form – Anger Management for Positive Results 1 Module

Remember, it is better to commit to less – you can always do more!

This commitment on (MM/DD/YY)             // does not constitute a vow;

I, (First, Middle, Last Name)               ,

am doing the following, bli neder,
from (MM/DD/YY)             // to (MM/DD/YY)             //

In memory of:
As a zechus for –
  a refuah shelaimah for:
  a shidduch for:
  parnassa for:


  daily Anger Management act(s) in a J mood
(ACTT recommends 1-2 acts daily – the ACTT Daily Activity Log has suggestions)
Performing one or more of the following maintenance activities in a J mood
(ACTT recommends a total of 1-2 acts daily – see the corresponding Module Packet for suggestions)
    daily or   weekly Kavanah During Davening act(s)
    daily or   weekly Judging Favorably act(s)
    daily or   weekly Ahavas Chesed act(s)
Learning   minutes daily from (ACTT recommends 5 minutes daily):

The ACTT Anger Management for Positive Results Learning Schedule Book (see ACTT Daily Activity Log)

 Guard your Anger by Rabbi Moshe Goldberger

 The Trail to Tranquility by Rabbi Lazer Brody


(Record your Anger Management for Positive Results, Kavanah During Davening, Judging Favorably, and Ahavas Chesed activities, and check off what you learned, in the ACTT Daily Activity Log)

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